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Strategic Staffing: Building Personal Connections for Long-Term Partnerships

What does it look like to partner with JSG? We want to give you a peek into what goes into our relationships with clients.

Lee Gesme has been working as a salesman here at the JSG Chicago location for over 4 years. He is a valued member of our team and brings fun and motivation to the office. We sat down with Lee to talk about his relationships with clients and reflect on his recent visit with our long-time partner, Georgia Nut.

Lee makes a consistent effort to visit job sites and meet face-to-face with clients. This helps him to better understand the client and what they are looking for when it comes to hiring. Dressed in a hairnet, beard net, and smock, Lee toured the Georgia Nut facilities to get the full picture of who they are as a company. Visits like these equip him to continue producing strategic staffing solutions that serve his clients in the most effective way possible.

“For me, it is about building relationships.” – Lee Gesme

Lee cares deeply about forming good working relationships with his contacts. Visiting sites and being able to have casual conversation with his clients allows Lee to ask questions to get to know them and their company better.

“[I like to] be open and keep that dialogue going.”

Lee likes to keep communication open so that he can work with clients to find ways to best synchronize their processes with JSG’s staffing offerings. It is all about getting to know who you are working with. He likes to let his gregarious and goofy personality show through when he meets with them. He finds that this allows working relationships to flourish and adds a personal touch to the work he does.

 “It really helps me determine how they work with PEOPLE [. . .] We have a better understanding of what type of environment they are going into.”

Through these onsite visits, Lee gets a better grasp of the company culture so that he can work with our recruiters to find employees that will be a great fit. Lee finds it essential to learn how each company works with and retains employees. This way he can get a feel for what type of person they should be looking for so that they can recruit the best fit for our clients.

This is an example of one of the many partnerships JSG prides itself on. With the number of employees Lee and the rest of the team have successfully placed, we are sure that JSG can find the right fit for you.

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