IT Insight: DocuSign, Firewall, and Indeed


Our dedicated IT department has a few announcements they would like to make. Here’s what’s who need to know.


Johnson Service Group is currently in the process of transitioning to DocuSign. DocuSign provides electronic signature technology and digital transaction management services for facilitating electronic exchanges of signed documents. For more questions, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Firewall Upgrades

The IT department is currently working on upgrading our firewalls. The new enhanced security will allow us greater protection of network traffic, and the ability to prevent suspicious attacks. The tool also alerts us of any suspicious activities from your individual computer.

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to call the IT Service Desk at 630.590.6545

Indeed and Bullhorn

The IT department would like to send out a friendly reminder of our new Indeed job posting procedures.

Our organic feed (free feed) to Indeed has been terminated by Indeed. We have since signed up with Indeed for their job sponsorship program. This program prioritizes our jobs to be listed in Indeed’s search results. In order to get your jobs to publish to Indeed, you need to enter the department tag at the bottom of your job description before clicking the “publish” button in Bullhorn.

Here’s how to tag your jobs for Indeed.

WHO publishes:

JSG employees who have access to the “Publish” button in Bullhorn.

WHAT is a tag:

A tag is a unique identifier within your job description (eg: #D100 of #D200 or #D999). You should enter #DNNN at the end of your job description to publish your job at Indeed. Your tag and cost per click are attached to this tag and each tag is unique to your department.

WHY tag:

By tagging the job with your correct department tag, the job will automatically be published to Indeed when you press “Publish” in Bullhorn.

HOW it works:

The unique identifier is #DNNN (NNN is the Dept number with no space). A unique identifier must be a set of characters not found anywhere else on our job record. Insert the unique identifier text into your job description to “tag” your job to publish it on Indeed. Remove the unique identifier when you no longer want to publish that job on Indeed.

How to Promote Your Jobs on LinkedIn

When it comes to selling to a company or recruiting for job orders, LinkedIn is a tool that can exponentially expand your reach to prospective clients and candidates.  When promoting and posting your specific jobs on LinkedIn, here are some best practices to help expand your reach.

Step 1: Find a Picture or Video

When you include a picture or video in your job posting, it adds something that catches people’s eyes and keeps them interested. On LinkedIn, it helps your ability to reach more people. When you add a picture on any post, your post is 12x more likely to be seen. And if you add a video, 5x more people will interact with it over any other LinkedIn post. This is essential when sharing a job because whenever someone likes, comments, and shares your post, it also is shared with their networks. Which then becomes this domino effect of how many people could possibly see your post.

Step 2: Write a Short & Sweet Post

The next thing you want to do is provide a short and concise description of the job in your post. You want to add the job title, location, and maybe one or two things they need to have to be a qualified candidate. You also want to make sure to put in your contact information, as well as the link to your specific job posting. This way they can contact you if they have questions or can head straight to the link to apply. Below are a few examples of great job postings on LinkedIn!


Step  3: The Marketing Team is Here to Help

If you need help with finding a picture, would like a job skin, want to have us make you a video, need some ideas on what to say, we are always here to help! Our job is to make your lives easier and help you find great candidates and clients. So please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need anything. Also, if you’re wanting to use pictures for your jobs, make sure to use royalty free ones. Below are approved sites you can take pictures from and not have to worry about stealing someone else’s work!




Step 4: Share your Post

And the last thing to do is share your post. Once shared on your page, it will start to gain traction. Remember, we’re a team. The more we support our co-workers’ jobs as well as our own, the more people learn and know about Johnson Service Group. And before you know it, people will start to reach out to you, both clients and candidates, to see if they have an opportunity to partner with you.

We hope this helped you when it comes to how and what you should post when you’re posting a job on LinkedIn. It doesn’t need to be difficult. And with these tips, we hope they make marketing and candidates about your jobs more exciting and fun. LinkedIn is a great platform and if used to its potential, it could really help you find the people you are wanting to find.

4 Reasons to LOVE Working With a Recruiter

With Valentine’s Day only a few days away, it’s important to remember there are so many things to love in this world. Whether it’s loving your line of work or a recruiter who will help you fall in love with your career again. You never know what Valentine’s Day could bring! But this year it will bring the knowledge of why you’ll love working with a recruiter.

Career Match-Makers

Think about it. Recruiters are out to find the BEST candidates for their clients. This means if they reach out to you, they feel you have amazing potential and that should be a big compliment. Recruiters are the perfect match-makers for you because they don’t cost you a thing and could help you find the company and job you’ve been dreaming of. Doesn’t sound like a bad deal to me! Once they reach out to you about a position, hear them out! You never know what great opportunity they found for you!

Hiring Managers Love Recruiters Help

If you’re wanting your resume seen nowadays, having a recruiter in your corner is a surefire way for that to happen. Being in a candidate-driven market, where unemployment is some of the lowest we’ve seen in a long time, hiring managers are struggling to keep up. Instead of being able to focus on that stack of resumes they need to look through, they are being spread way too thin doing other’s jobs because they don’t have enough people. It’s this endless cycle unless you’re working with a recruiter.

Recruiters are hired by companies to help them fill their critical needs. Which means if they’re reaching out to you, you can almost bet that your resume will be reviewed before it ever would have been if you applied online. Loving a recruiter may seem impossible, but in today’s job market, they could be your one in into a great company you’ve been eyeing!

Recruiters Have the Connections

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” pertains to recruiters more than probably any field out there. They know the people and companies and what they’re looking for. Again, they are that match-maker everyone can fall in love with and appreciate. Because they do not just help you find a job, they help their clients find a great employee. So, it’s important that they have these connections and trusting in them is easy when you know they are the connection person.

They Are Passionate About Helping You

When it comes down to it recruiters love helping people. They enjoy the fact that they get to place qualified people with companies who care and it’s a process that pays them in more ways than one. They are passionate people who understand the importance of enjoying what you do and not staying somewhere that makes you miserable.

So, if you’re ready for a move and to fall in love with a recruiter who understands your needs, reach out to us today and check out the exciting opportunities, we have on our Job Board!


Bullhorn Best Practices: Customizing Your Start-up Menu


Bullhorn is a fantastic tool that helps keep us organized and on task. It gives us the opportunity to check on our clients, candidates, tear sheets, task lists, and so much more. But you already knew that. However, did you know that you can create shortcuts in the Bullhorn “bowling alley” (the left-hand start-up menu) to quickly access all of this data? This little trick will save you a lot of time and make using Bullhorn even easier. Here’s how to customize your bowling alley to streamline your day.

Step 1: Press Preferences

First of all, after you log into Bullhorn, and press Menu. Once you have the Menu pulled up, press preferences at the bottom of your screen.


Step 2: Start-up Screens

Once you are in the preferences, scroll down to “Start-up Screens.” This is where you will type in the different shortcuts you want in your bowling alley. Type the fields slowly and when they auto-populate, click them. In this example, I have added Contact list and Submission List to be added to my bowling alley.


Once you’ve added all the fields you would like in your bowling alley, press “save” at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Log out of Bullhorn

Once your start-up screen additions have been saved, log out of Bullhorn and log back in. Once you log back in, these new start-up screen fields will be in your Bullhorn bowling alley, as you can see below.


Step 4: Add Filters and Customize Fields

Once you have you start-up fields customize in the bowling alley, you can add filters and customize the fields to your liking. When you close Bullhorn, your progress is always saved, so you shouldn’ have to customize these fields again! And just like that, your Bullhorn is customized to save your valuable time throughout the day.

background check

Oh No, My Candidate Has Hits on Their Background Check. What Do I Do?

background check

First, the background check can only go back seven years; anything outside of seven years should not be on the report or considered when making an employment decision.

Send to HR Immediately

When a candidate’s background check comes back with negative results, you should first check with the client to see if they will accept someone with the specific convictions. If the client does not want to employ the person based on the results, the background report and authorization should be sent to HR immediately.

After HR is receives the background check and authorization, the candidate should be informed that their start date is on hold because HR has further questions about the background report and will be sending an email. HR will then send the candidate a pre-adverse action letter. This letter informs the employee that there have been negative findings and gives them five (ten in California) business days to contact HR and/or the background company to dispute the convictions. The recruiters/salespeople involved with the case are BCC’d on the email so they are aware of where the HR is in the process.

What if They’re Already Working?

If the contractor is already working (pending the results of the background report) they should be pulled from the client until the background issues are resolved or until they’re permanently let go. It’s very important that the contractor understands that they are not terminated during this process but they are not scheduled to work. We do not terminate them until the adverse action is sent out.

Once HR sends the pre-adverse action letter, the candidate should only have contact with HR. If the person reaches out to anyone in the branch office, please direct them to Linnea.

When the Conviction is Not Resolved

If the candidate does not resolve the conviction within the allotted business days, they are officially not able to start with JSG. At this time, HR will send an adverse action letter to the employee informing them that we will not be moving forward with employment.

This policy is in compliance with the procedures listed in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). If you have any further questions about the adverse action process, please contact HR.


Bullhorn Tips: Best Note Taking Practices


Adding notes in Bullhorn is an essential way to retain and know details about all of the interactions you have with candidates and clients. It’s a way to stay organized, trace your steps, and know when and where conversations happened. As we enter 2019, it’s imperative we all pay more attention to the tools we have that will help us be successful. Notes are an important part of this conscious change, and here’s how we can implement them better!

Note Email Notifications

Emailing notes is a great way to keep someone on your team in the loop when something changes with a candidate! It will include the note action, who the note is about, the update, as well as share the whole note. Here is what it will look like:

Using this tool will help you stay organized and feel more prepared throughout the recruiting process.

Tagging Records Within Notes

Tagging is a great way to link back to other records you have within Bullhorn. Whether it’s a name, phone number, ID all you have to do is write out the following in the note: @[record name] or @[record phone number] or @[record ID]. When you tag a record, it will automatically be added as an Additional Reference. This then is turned into a hyperlink that will open into a new Bullhorn tab when clicked.

How to Recover a Note You Were Working on

It happens to the best of us! We accidentally close out of our tab or all of a sudden, our internet browser crashes. Well, good news! Bullhorn automatically saves notes you started in draft mode. So, if you were working on it, just head to your drafts and you should be able to locate it. But be careful. Bullhorn will only keep your note drafts if you create them in the note tab NOT the preview slideout.

Hopefully, this month’s Bullhorn tips have been helpful and we look forward to seeing these tips in action this new year!


January Anniversaries and December New Hires


Congratulations to all of our team members with anniversaries in January! Please join us in celebrating our tenured staff for their dedication and service to JSG. We love having you on the team.

January Anniversaries

Atlanta, GA

Raquelle Shanette and Kathleen Rouse – 6 years

Dena Lyerly – 3 years

Bedford, TX

Ben Shirley – 10 years

Birmingham, AL

Don Franks – 12 years


Amanda Monaco – 1 year

Chicago, IL

Katherine Netko, Kathleen Stevens, Brittany Czischki, and Kyle Hardin – 1 year

Haddon Heights, NJ

Elana Dunkin – 3 years

Irvine, CA

Foster Zembraski-Gonzalez – 3 years

San Jose, CA

Jim Beckley – 10 years

Knoxville, TN

Greg Howard – 7 years

Bertina Cannon – 5 years

Spokane, WA

Perry Paden – 6 years

Tracey Smith – 4 years

new hires

We gained some fresh faces in December here at JSG, and we’d love for you to join us in welcoming them to the family!

December New Hires

Bedford, TX

Micah Methvin

Jacksonville, FL

Austin Mckeever

LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn Profile Best Practices

LinkedIn profile

With the New Year upon us, we thought it’d be a perfect time to go over LinkedIn Profiles and how each of you can optimize them. We know it can be sometimes difficult to do all this extra stuff. However, as we move even more into the digital world, especially for staffing and recruiting, it’s essential that we are presenting ourselves and the JSG brand in the best possible light. So, with that being said, here are the 5 tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile and help you increase your engagement with both clients and candidates.

First Step: Profile Picture

Did you know that a profile picture on LinkedIn will lead you to be seen 20x more than without one? And! You will have 9x more people accept your LinkedIn requests. Overall, profile pictures are one of the first things people see on your profile. If it’s non-existent, blurry, or non-professional, it could definitely hurt your prospecting abilities

Tip for if you don’t have a professional picture yet:

Cell phones nowadays have just as good or even better picture quality as digital cameras. So, all you have to do is grab a co-worker or partner, find a good background (white walls or outside are perfect), and then have them take a picture of your chest up while holding the phone horizontally. This will be a great picture to use and is super easy! Again, if you need any help with cropping or editing your photos, you can always reach out to the Marketing team.

Second Step: Cover/Header Photo

LinkedIn has the option for everyone to choose a header picture. This is a great opportunity for you to pick an industry-related photo or one that’s JSG branded. We have plenty to choose from here.

And we’d love to help you with customizing them or finding you a specific picture if you’d like. A header picture is just another opportunity for you to sell yourself and gain even more engagement on LinkedIn.

Third Step: Optimize Your Headline

Your headline on LinkedIn is the 120 characters you have to explain (in a short and quick way) what you do and where you work. This is an exciting opportunity for you to get creative but also be concise! Along with your profile picture, this will be the first thing people can see and read when you ask to connect with them. So, ensuring that what you do is easily presented is important!

Fourth Step: Good Summary

A summary on LinkedIn is your chance to shine to those checking out your profile. This is where you want to explain who you are, what you do, the skills you have acquired over the years, and the passion you have for your job. LinkedIn has become a great place for staffing firms like us to reach our clients and candidates so ensuring your summary illustrates the best of you and what you do can be more impactful than you think. If you need help coming up with a captivating or fun summary, please reach out to us on the Marketing team.

Final Step: Link Your Media

LinkedIn offers a great option to link articles, websites, videos, and anything else you’d like in your summary. This is a way for you to share more about your expertise in blogs, company videos, and even JSG accolades! So, if you’re looking for more things to add to this portion of your summary, we’d love to help!

LinkedIn Best Practices are all about helping you master your LinkedIn profile; it’s just another tool for you to successfully engage with prospective clients and candidates. As the Marketing team, we’re here to help you and JSG be as successful as possible. So again, if you ever need help, we are here!

commuter benefit program

JSG Commuter Benefit Program

commuter benefit program

The Commuter Benefits Program is designed to help JSG staff employees save time and money when they use public transit for their commute to work. The best part? It works for all public transportation, such as train, subway, bus, vanpool, etc. As part of the program, funds are deducted weekly from employees’ paychecks on a pre-tax basis and transferred to a commuter account.

With funds loaded onto a commuter card, employees can then use the card to pay for their daily commute to work. The program is available to all staff employees at any time during their employment with JSG.

Pros of the JSG Commuter Benefit Program

  • Allows JSG staff employees to reduce their monthly commuting expenses for public transit
  • It’s a federal tax benefit, and thus, contributions are excluded from state and local taxes
  • It makes travel to/from work easy and convenient

If interested in enrolling in the Commuter Benefit Program, please reach out to JSG’s Human Resources Department at (630) 655-3500 or at


‘Tis The Season for Giving at JSG

During the holiday season, our JSG team loves to give back. Many of our offices around the United States and Canada partner with local communities and charities to help share the spirit of giving. Here’s how some of our offices here at JSG gave back to the community.

The Chicago Office Donates Presents and Hosts a Food Drive


Our Chicago office adopted several families from the Naperville, IL area. The team donated presents and wrapped them for families who wouldn’t have otherwise had gifts for the holidays.

Chicago Office Food Drive


The team in Chicago also hosted a food drive and donated the food items to a local food pantry.

North Charleston, SC office spends the day at Low Country Food Bank


Our team in North Charleston spent an afternoon volunteering at local Low Country Food Bank helping prepare for the busy holiday season!

Tampa, FL office spent the day volunteering  Metropolitan Ministries


The Tampa Team volunteered for Metropolitan Ministries who are local, grassroots, donor and volunteer-fueled community nonprofit. They provide practical solutions for poor and homeless families and individuals throughout Tampa Bay.  We volunteered in their Kitchen for meal prep for their locations.

Johnson Search Group in Spokane, WA donates gifts for Toys for Tots

Each year, the Johnson Search Group team has a gift exchange. They draw random names and give the person they draw a gift they think they would have liked as a kid. They wrap up all the presents and do a gift exchange at their office Christmas party. Afterward, they donate all of the toys and gifts for Toys for Tots.