December Anniversaries

December Anniversaries and November New Hires

December Anniversaries

Congratulations to all of our team members with anniversaries in December! Please join us in celebrating our tenured staff for their dedication and service to JSG. We love having you on the team.

JSG Anniversaries

Atlanta, GA

Dennis White – 10 years

Dawn Fossati – 2 years

Mario Miranda – 1 year

Bedford, TX

Candace Pham – 10 years

Jamie Tran – 9 years

Ana Blanco – 1 year

Chicago, IL

Nicole Clark – 1 year

San Jose, CA

Cathy Kennedy – 5 years

Celeste Glascock – 2 years

Spokane, WA

Tracy Isakson – 4 years

November New Hires

We gained some fresh faces in November here at JSG, and we’d love for you to join us in welcoming them to the family!

JSG New Hires

Atlanta, GA

Kylvin Carter and Sarah Black

Blue Bell, PA

Stephen Harwan


Kyle Hill

Chicago, IL

Brent Davis

Haddon Heights, NJ

Justin Taylor

North Charleston, SC

Liana Presti

San Jose, CA

Kevin Fedor


Enroll in JSG’s 401(K) Plan Through Transamerica Today!


JSG is pleased to offer to its employees a 401K investment option through Transamerica Retirement Solutions. Transamerica is a well-known and respected provider with more than 70 years in the retirement services industry. They offer a wide selection of quality investment choices from over 35 leading investment management companies.

Why should I enroll in JSG’s 401(K) program?

  • Tax advantages: You can contribute a certain percentage of your income towards 401(k) on a pre-tax basis. In other words, the amount you contribute to your 401(k) is exempt from current federal income tax, so it lowers your taxable income.
  • It’s painless: JSG automatically deducts your contributions every time you are paid. You don’t need to remind yourself to write a check.
  • Financial responsibility: In the end, an individual is responsible for his or her financial future, no one else.

Please view the following video (10 min) to learn more about JSG’s 401(k) plan:

How do I enroll?

Simply send an email to requesting to be enrolled in the 401k plan.

IT Team

Behind the Scenes: Meet Your JSG IT Team

IT Team

After almost 7 years working at JSG, Stu Shipinski has decided to take his career in a new direction. Stu’s family has decided to relocate to Arizona. We thank Stu for all of the efforts he has put into growing our I.T. Department from a single person (Stu) sitting at a folding table answering calls to what it has developed into with his hard work, assistance, and guidance.

We all wish Stu the best in his future endeavors. Enjoy the warm weather!

Welcome, Uma!

JSG is excited to announce another big change to the IT Team. Please join us in welcoming Uma Suthan to the role of Vice President of Information Technology – North America. He will join the JSG family next week.

As Vice President, Uma will provide leadership in building and supporting JSG’s IT infrastructure processes. He’ll be partnering with the sales, recruiting, and back office teams to take our infrastructure to the next level. He will also be tasked with using technology to better align JSG’s business and operational functions in supporting the growth of our business throughout North America.

With more than 25 years of information technology experience, Uma has led organizational transformation through the strategic adoption and management of IT solutions, as well as navigated and resolved enterprise-level governance issues. He joins JSG after serving as Director of IT at CDI Corporation (a Global Staffing Solutions company) for over 15 years. Previously, he was an IT Manager at ASSET, an IT Staffing organization.

Please join us in welcoming Uma to the JSG Team!

Our IT team is here to help

Our IT Support team includes Krishna Nalla and Michael McGough. If any IT related issue or question should arise, feel free to contact them at the Support Desk at (630) 590-6545 or email IT Support at You can also reach them via Skype at the username itsupport.

Darryl Dixon

Darryl Dixon and the Atlanta Team Make JSG History

Darryl Dixon

Earlier this year, Darryl Dixon and his team reached an impressive milestone for JSG. He and his team achieved over 800 contract workers on payroll. We sat down with Darryl to ask him how his team has been able to continue to reach such success and how they will build upon this success into 2019.

What has helped your team continue to grow throughout the year in this tight job market?

One of the main reasons the team has continued to grow is the emphasis we put on client satisfaction which has helped our team to reach this milestone. By establishing goals that align with the strengths, interests, and experience of our team, it improved our overall business strategy. This gave us the opportunity to truly be successful because we created realistic expectations and were able to hold each other accountable as a team.

How does your team plan to continue this momentum through the rest of 4th Quarter and into 2019?

As a team, we encourage one another to “change your thoughts.” If we stay comfortable with where we are at, we won’t be able to grow our success and reach our goals. If we desire change, success, and growth, it will require us to think differently. This year has shown us by stepping outside of our comfort zones, we are able to accomplish our goals and continue to achieve success.

What makes your team different that has allowed you to achieve such great success?

As a team, a conversation that we often have is finding your “core genius.” This is about focusing on the skills each team member excels at, honing them, and utilizing those skills to grow as a team. By leveraging our individual strengths, it gives us the opportunity to successfully place talented candidates with our clients. The team is constantly being challenged to meet and/or exceed client expectations which seems to encourage their competitive spirit.

“My belief is: Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

San Jose Halloween

Happy Halloween from JSG

This year, JSG offices around the nation were feeling very spirited! Thank you to those who shared their fun Halloween pictures. Check out some of the spooky costumes and decorations from the JSG team!

Spokane, WA

Spokane Halloween

Irvine, CA Office

Irvine Halloween

San Jose, CA Office

San Jose Halloween

Onsite Tesla Team

Tesla Halloween

Calabasas, CA Office

Calabasas Halloween

parsing a resume in Bullhorn

Parsing A Resume in Bullhorn

parsing a resume in Bullhorn

Can you believe it’s already November? I don’t know about you, but it blows my mind that we only have about seven weeks left of 2018! Everyone here at JSG is getting busier by the day as the holidays quickly approach. However, don’t create more work for yourself by forgetting one of the most essential Bullhorn tips: parsing a resume into Bullhorn.

It’s super simple to do, especially when utilizing the Bullhorn for Email function in Outlook. This feature allows you to quickly and efficiently add/update records into Bullhorn directly from your inbox, including attaching resumes to a candidate’s record. Don’t just save dozens of resumes on your desktop or print them out and store them for later. Make your life easier and parse them in Bullhorn. This will streamline the recruiting process and allow you to efficiently store and review candidates for your present and future job orders.

Always run a search in Bullhorn first

Since we are supposed to always add our prospective candidates’ resumes into Bullhorn, the first thing any JSG recruiter should do when working on a job order is to do a search in Bullhorn. Why waste your valuable time doing searches on LinkedIn or CareerBuilder when we have thousands of qualified candidates in Bullhorn?

Additionally, by parsing prospective candidates’ resumes in Bullhorn, you can easily add notes. You can notate important things like the candidate’s availability to relocate or their salary requirements. This way, when you’re looking to fill another job order, you don’t have to waste your time calling a candidate that isn’t even willing to take a job in the salary range or location.

And after speaking with a prospective candidate, you should still add them in Bullhorn even if they aren’t the right fit for the role you’re currently recruiting on. Why? Because they may be a perfect fit for a different role in the future. Or even another JSG recruiter may have a great opportunity for them.

They will get our JSG newsletter

One of the most important reasons for parsing resumes in Bullhorn is to continue to help JSG build our newsletter subscribers. Every candidate in JSG’s Bullhorn database will automatically receive our newsletter each month. And do you know what that means? It means they see all of our latest jobs our recruiters are working on! So, remember, even if they aren’t the right fit for your job now, they may be a great candidate for another role in the future.

How to parse a resume in Bullhorn

If you want a reminder on how to parse a resume, check out this short and helpful video walkthrough from Bullhorn.

Email Signatures

How to Update Your JSG Email Signature

Email Signatures

Here at JSG, we get to help our clients and candidates every day. So, having consistent branding in everything we do is essential for portraying our mission and company values. Today I am going to go through the steps to ensure you have the properly branded JSG email signature and if not, how you can fix it in less than 5 minutes. The Marketing Team is here to help all of you be successful and we hope this video and walkthrough can help your teams continue to grow!

1st Step – Office 365 One Drive – JSG Docs

To get to our official email signature document, you first need to the Marketing folder in the JSG Docs. To get to the correct folder, check out the Document Libraries. From there, you will click on the JSG Common folder and find the one that says Marketing. From there, you will see all of the marketing documents that are there to help you with almost anything you need! The next thing you will do is find the document that is titled “2018 Email Signatures” and click on it.

2nd Step – Download Email Signature Document

From here you will want to download this file onto your computer. You’re unable to copy over the correct format by just copying within SharePoint, so you must make sure to download it.

3rd Step – Copy and Paste in Email Signature into Outlook

Once you have it downloaded, all you need to do is copy it. There are two different options to choose from (one with your office address and one without). Once copied you will need to head to your Outlook. Once in your email, you will head to File –> Options –> Mail –> Signatures. Once there, you click “new” and paste in the copied email signature.

When you paste in your signature, be sure to right-click and select “paste as plain text” to keep the original formatting. Then all you need to do is fill in your information and press save!

4th Step – Check to See That it Works

Once you’ve saved your new email signature, test it out to make sure it looks correct and works. If everything looks good, you’ve done it!

Thank you all for watching and reading this email signature step-by-step guide to help you have the correct email signature here at Johnson Service group. If you have any questions, need any help, or have other videos you’d like us to do, please reach out to Matthew or me at any time!

Matthew Bennett:

Nicole Clements:

Vacation Time

HR Highlights: Vacation Accrual and Contractor Open Enrollment

Vacation Time

How Do I Access My Vacation and Sick Time!?

Currently, HR manually tracks all sick and vacation time for staff employees. If you need to know your sick and vacation availability, please send an email to HR Corp or anyone in the HR department.

Vacation and sick time are accrued evenly throughout the employee’s anniversary year. Each employee earns a total of 10 vacation days and 5 sick days each year. In other words, one day of vacation is accrued every 5.2 weeks and one day of sick time is earned every 10.4 weeks (except for California employees). Unused vacation time rolls over from anniversary year to anniversary year; any sick time not used will be lost.

It is highly recommended that you keep up with your sick and vacation availability and you check it before planning any vacations. The HR department calculates sick and vacation time on a monthly basis to maintain consistency.

2019 Contractor Open Enrollment

Contractor Open Enrollment is currently taking place: November 5 – 23, 2018. During this period, contract employees can add/drop/make changes to their Century Healthcare (CHC) coverages. To do so, they simply need to call CHC directly at 888-232-9431 during the Open Enrollment period. (Note: Paper enrollment forms will not be accepted). Updated CHC plan and pricing information for 2019 can be found in the Employee Benefits section of the Employee Toolbox on the JSG website.

If contractors have any questions related to Open Enrollment, please direct them to for assistance.

Open Enrollment

It’s That Time Again! 2019 Contractor Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment

It’s almost time for Johnson Service Group’s annual contractor Open Enrollment! JSG is excited to announce that we will continue to provide five Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant medical plan options and supplemental benefits (dental, vision, short-term disability, and optional life) through Century Healthcare (CHC).

Read all the details below to ensure you select the best choice for your benefit needs!

When is JSG’s Open Enrollment?

JSG’s annual Open Enrollment is November 5, 2018, to November 23, 2018. During this time, employees can add, drop, or make changes to existing coverage or enroll for the first time.

Note: If you don’t make any changes during the Open Enrollment window, your existing CHC coverages will automatically carry over into 2019.

What date will the benefits selected during this year’s open enrollment be effective?

Any changes or additions made during this time will apply effective December 24, 2018.

What medical plans are being offered?

Century Healthcare continues to provide five ACA compliant medical plan options:

  • MEC Basic — The most affordable way to satisfy your individual responsibilities under the ACA. This plan covers a list of Preventive Services covered at 100% through in-network providers. Some of these services include routine physical exams, annual well women exams, well baby/childcare exams, routine lab and x-rays, immunizations, cancer screenings and more.
  • MEC Plus (Value, Select and Premier) — The Value, Select and Premier MEC Plus plans have been offered by JSG for several years now. These limited fixed indemnity plans are designed to help take care of the basic medical care needs of insured employees and their families. These plans also cover preventive care at 100% when using an in-network provider.
  • MEC Enhanced Advantage Plus — Designed to cover only the benefits that the vast majority of the population uses regularly and includes office visit/specialist copays. New to this plan in 2019 is a hospital confinement/ICU component. Preventative care is 100% covered when using an in-network provider.

Century Healthcare offers a package of services and fixed indemnity benefits that pay benefits for specified medical services and is designed to help take care of the basic medical needs of insured employees and their families. These plans pay in addition to any other insurance in force and are not Medicare Supplement plans. All premiums for CHC medical, dental, and vision benefits are deducted from weekly paychecks on a pre-tax basis.

What supplemental coverage is offered?

Century Healthcare oversees all supplemental coverages. Options include MetLife Dental insurance, Davis Vision insurance, The Standard Short-Term Disability insurance, and Optional Life insurance. Supplemental coverage is offered “a la carte” style, meaning you have the ability to enroll in just one of the options or all of them!

How do I enroll?

Please call CHC’s Enrollment Center during the Open Enrollment window at (888) 232-9431 between the hours of 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM Central Standard Time (Monday – Friday).

Click here for more information on JSG’s plans and for pricing information!

Know all your options

We’ve told you when JSG’s annual Open Enrollment takes place and have given you the details. However, did you know that JSG also has portable major medical insurance available through the Healthcare Solutions Team? There is no waiting period to enroll and these plans are individually tailored to your personal needs! For more information, contact the Healthcare Solutions Team directly at (866) 934-9013.

Don’t forget about the Marketplace Open Enrollment, too! Marketplace Open Enrollment begins November 1, 2018, and ends December 15, 2018.  For more information, check out:

Does JSG offer minimum value plans?

Employees considered Full-Time Eligible (FTE), as defined by the Affordable Care Act, will be eligible for a Minimum Value (MV) Bronze medical benefit through Century Healthcare. FTE employees are defined as those employees who have completed a twelve-month measurement period and have worked a total of at least 1,560 hours. FTE employees will be notified of their status via US mail and email.

Any FTE employee who does not wish to enroll in the MV Bronze plan must submit a signed waiver via fax (630-655-4689) or email ( If you have not received a Full-Time Eligible mailing prior to the start of Open Enrollment and you believe you may be eligible, please contact the JSG HR Department at:

Bullhorn for Email

Bullhorn Best Practices: Bullhorn for Email

Are you using Bullhorn for Email? You may have noticed the Bullhorn icon in your Outlook desktop app. But what does it do? Well, if you haven’t been using it, the Bullhorn for Email add-in in Outlook is a great feature that allows you to quickly and efficiently add/update records into Bullhorn directly from your inbox. And don’t worry, this cool feature is JSG IT approved!

Using Bullhorn for Email

Using this time-saving feature, you can parse candidates, contacts, and jobs into Bullhorn right from your inbox. It also makes it easy to quickly add notes, tasks, and attach files to existing records in Bullhorn.

For example, if a prospective candidate emails you a resume, you can directly upload it to their pre-existing record in Bullhorn. When viewing the email, all you have to do is press the Bullhorn button within the body of the email to launch the extension. You will type in the name of the contact and then click the resume file under “Email Attachments.” This can be seen in the image below:

Bullhorn Email Attachment

After clicking on the link, you will be taken into Bullhorn where you can complete the necessary steps to update the candidate’s record. From there, you can also easily add a task for that contact to remind yourself of an action to perform at a later date, such as follow up with the contact next week.

Using Bullhorn for email, you can also:

  • Add new candidate records into Bullhorn
  • Makes candidate submissions a breeze (and notates it in Bullhorn!)
  • Add new contact
  • Enter new jobs records
  • Create new notes
  • Attach an attachment to a record (i.e. job offer letter)
  • And so much more!

Bullhorn for Email is designed to make your day easier. You’re making dozens of phone calls each and every day. This extension allows you to save time and make entering data into Bullhorn much more simplistic and efficient.

For questions, please reach out to JSG’s IT Support. If you do not have Bullhorn for Email, you can download the Outlook add-in here.