JSG Employee Spotlight: Ben Shirley

Ben Shirley has been a Branch Manager with Johnson Service Group for over 10 years. We took the opportunity to talk with Ben about his time in the staffing industry, and how the Aerospace and Aviation industries have changed during his time partnering with them.

You’ve been in Aircraft Staffing for over 30 years. Tell us about that.

I started in the industry as a recruiter in 1987 and stayed with the company I was with for over twenty years. During my first year, I began supervising and coordinating the recruiting. I quickly became a primary contact for some of our larger clients. Soon after, I transitioned into an Account Executive role. Wichita was an aircraft center at the time, and I developed not only good business contacts in this industry but also great friends.

I have worked staffing with multiple industries but Aircraft and Aerospace quickly became what I enjoyed the most. The office had a division doing in-house engineering and I was fortunate to both learn from them and bring in work for them. Fast forward and JSG was looking to grow. They brought me in for a dinner with the owners and upper management and I felt right at home. I knew I had found a new home.

You work primarily in Aerospace and Aviation – what are some of the recent trends in these industries?

Technology is enabling exciting developments in the Aerospace and Aviation industries. The private sector started moving into spacecraft development a few years ago and now there is research and development starting on commercial drones, small air taxies, and electric powered aircraft. There are a lot of new developments coming in the next several years. The job market is really strong. These growth opportunities have been shining the light back on our recruiting strengths.

What are some of the hobbies you enjoy outside of work?

I have always enjoyed cars and dirt bikes. But if you ask me today, I am a St. Louis Blues fan!!!  We finally got the Cup!!!

June Anniversaries and May New Hires 2019

June Anniversaries

June 2019 Anniversaries

Congratulations to all of our employees with anniversaries in the month of June. We appreciate your dedication to JSG and all of your hard work. Please join us in celebrating our tenured staff!

Bedford, TX

Bridget Uhles – 1 year

Birmingham, AL

Donna Kidd –  9 years

Blue Bell, PA

Rich Hanson –  4 years


Claudia Aristizabal –  1 year

Andrea Bonadeo – 1 year

Westmont, IL

Susan Sproule – 11 years

Cheri Schweiger – 5 years

Linnea Rummage – 3 years

Hayley Kanicus – 1 year

Michael Seibert – 1 year

North Charleston, SC

Tomeka Manigault – 4 years

May 2019 New Hires


May 2019 New Hires

JSG gained some new faces in May. Please join us in welcoming our newest staff members to the JSG team!

Atlanta, GA

Jessika Mauldin

Nichole Smith

Bedford, TX

Joshua Bredemeyer 

Jacksonville, FL

Adam Blue

Spokane, WA

Stephanie Brown

Patrice MacMillan

Ariel Evans

Westmont, IL

Brittany, Busse

Peirce Leavitt

Katie Churnovic

National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month

National Safety Month

Did you know that June is National Safety Month? National Safety Month is observed annually in June and focuses on reducing work-related injuries and fatalities. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), more than 6,000 employees in the United States die from workplace injuries each year. Another 6 million workers suffer non-fatal workplace injuries, costing employers $125 billion annually.

At JSG, safety is one of our top priorities year-round. Through the years, we have made great strides to improve the safety of both our staff members and contractors. In fact, our reported incidents were down 33.5% in 2018 from the previous year. We have thousands of contractors on payroll and it’s our goal to foster a zero-incident workplace. We can only achieve this goal through the participation of every employee in creating safe working environments. After all, that’s why our company’s safety slogan is “Safe Work is Great Work!”

In honor of National Safety Month, here are a few safety reminders to help ensure an incident-free summer in the workplace.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Did you know that slips, trips, and falls are the largest cause of workplace accidents? In fact, there were 849 deaths from slips, trips, and falls in 2016. Many slips, trips, and falls are avoidable with proper care and good housekeeping. Slips, trips, and falls are a common result of things like floor contaminations, lighting inadequacies, wet weather conditions, or objects obstructing walkways. Here are a few ways to properly avoid these incidents:

  • Use floor markings to guide workers through a workspace and to identify safety hazards
  • Implement a 5S System (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain) to ensure good housekeeping
  • Ensure proper lighting to identify safety hazards before they become incidents
  • Use signs and labels to inform workers or potential dangers in the workplace

Working in the heat

Summer is just around the corner. Temperatures are heating up, both in indoor and outdoor workplaces. Millions of workers are exposed to extreme temperature conditions on the job and exposure to the heat can cause serious illnesses. To reduce these heat-related illnesses, be sure you can properly recognize the symptoms of overexposure to these extreme conditions. If you’re not feeling well, tell your supervisor or co-workers and remove yourself from the heat exposure. Additionally, it’s crucial to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water!

Always report safety incidents

According to a recent study by the Accident Advice Helpline, one in six workers fail to report safety incidents. What makes this measure even more alarming is that 23 percent of people won’t report a safety incident because they believe it’s not their responsibility. If you see a safety hazard or dangerous working condition, please report it. Remember, safety starts with “S,” but it begins with “YOU.” If you are a victim of a safety incident or witness one, report it immediately to your supervisor and the JSG Safety and Risk Management Team at 888.659.8388.

Although it’s National Safety Month, workplace safety is crucial all year round. Remember, it’s the responsibility of each employee to work safely and to observe safety rules, practices, and procedures. Safe Work is Great Work!

JSG Employee Spotlight: Krista Portolesi

Krista Portolesi has been an Executive Recruiter with Johnson Search Group, a division of Johnson Service Group, for almost three years. We wanted to take the opportunity to chat with Krista and learn more about her career at JSG. Here’s what she had to say:

You have been with JSG for almost 3 years. Tell us a little bit about your career and your experience working for JSG.

I launched my career in banking, and eventually went back to school to finish my degree. I had a short stint in Marketing and from there, I ventured into sales. As I grew my career in sales, I found myself wanting to dive in even deeper and expand my experience and make an impact on people. Once I learned about the opportunity at JSG that perfectly tied together my background and professional goals, I was extremely excited to help others grow their careers.

In your opinion, what sets JSG apart from other recruiting firms?

Our division, Johnson Search Group, focuses on full-desk recruiting, so it’s nice to work with both candidates and clients. I enjoy being involved in every step of the process from start to finish. I also think we have an outstanding vetting process. We work really hard to ensure that candidates are represented accurately and that our clients’ needs are met.

You work within both the contract and permanent placement spaces, how do you balance?

I like working with contract because it’s a faster process and you’re able to put people to work right away. While permanent placements take a little longer, I love that I get to develop deeper relationships with my candidates and clients.

What do you like most about recruiting for the banking industry?

Because I had a background in banking, I came in with knowledge of the industry. I also enjoy recruiting locally, which allows me to meet with clients and people I’ve placed. The banking industry is so community-focused, so it’s nice to watch each person I place make an impact on their community.

When you’re not busy at work, what do you like to do in your free time?

I love to do stuff with my two kids! They are very active, so we go to the park all the time.

For information about the banking industry, recruiting, and hiring trends, Krista Portolesi is your girl. Connect with her today!

An Interview With President & CEO Dale Slater

An Interview With JSG President & CEO Dale Slater

An Interview With President & CEO Dale Slater

Dale Slater is a native of Broadview, Illinois. He served in the military from 1966 to 1968 and then attended Moraine Valley Community College. Mr. Slater began his professional career in the early 1970s, founding Venture Design, Inc., a manufacturer of electrical control systems for conveying equipment.

In 1979, Mr. Slater entered the Contract Temporary Service business by purchasing K.H. Johnson Co. LTD with his then partner, Louis Bertone. In 1984, K.H. Johnson was rebranded as Johnson Service Group, Inc. As President and CEO, Mr. Slater is responsible for setting strategy and overseeing the general operations and business development efforts for JSG and its operating units.

When JSG was first established, what were your goals?

At first, our goal was simply to survive from week to week, then year to year. As we became established, we focused on thriving and building a family-oriented company that would provide opportunities for employees as well as our own immediate families. We weren’t sure where this journey would take us, but I am quite certain at that time, we didn’t anticipate being where we are today and achieving the growth that we have over these many years of being in business.

What sets JSG apart from other recruiting companies?

Quite simply, the people that we have in our organization and the relationships that we’ve established with both our clients and our contract employees. It’s somewhat ironic that the staffing industry is all about people and although we strive to provide our employees with every technological tool to help them be successful, it still comes down to the people in an organization that determines whether you are going to achieve success or not.

What are your future plans and vision for JSG?

With the recent refinancing, the company is now poised for generational growth and management. It’s our intention to still strive to provide opportunities for employees to grow professionally, personally, and financially.

In your words, can you explain your vision of “one voice?”

“One Voice” is a vision for a more structured management style and organization. The key to this strategy’s success will be to balance the company’s entrepreneurial roots against a more structured management process. We also hope to improve our internal JSG communication top-to-bottom. I get a sense that our employees are looking for more insight into the direction of the company going forward and the goal is to provide an on-going clear vision and voice.

What have been some of the biggest milestones for JSG since it’s inception 35 years ago?

Reaching $100+ million in revenue in 2011 certainly was a significant milestone. The Canadian expansion that began in 2014 was important. Now, with 2019 revenues expected to exceed $400 million, refinancing the company and positioning it for generational management and growth is perhaps the most significant milestone yet.

JSG has experienced incredible, yet steady, organic growth throughout the United States and Canada. Tell us a little bit about your strategy to get it where it is today.

Our strategy has always been to hire great people and provide them the opportunity to prosper and achieve success. As I’ve stated previously, the people within our organization and the relationships they have built differentiate JSG from the competition. We continue to pursue that strategy today.

JSG has been named to three of Staffing Industry Analyst’s prestigious lists for the past five years (Largest U.S. Staffing Firms, Largest U.S. Engineering Staffing Firms, and Largest Canadian Staffing Firms.) What does this recognition mean for the company?

It simply provides public awareness of the successful execution of our strategy. All our employees share in that recognition. I’ve never been a person who is big on outside recognition, so it hasn’t been something I have focused on. However, when I pause to consider those accomplishments, it’s exciting to see what we’ve been able to achieve over our more recent history.

Can you share a story of when you realized your work was making an impact?

Trying to isolate one moment in time over a period of 35 years in business is very difficult to do. JSG started with 5 staff employees and about 15 contract personnel. Currently, we are well over 200 direct staff employees and pay approximately 3,000 contract personnel on a weekly basis. When I look at the longevity of our personnel, a good amount being with us over half the years we have been in business, it definitely makes me realize that we have, and continue to, make an impact on many lives. It’s a great story.

Where do you see the trajectory of the talent industry going over the next few years?

Just-in-time talent will continue to grow as the generations of people strive for work-life balance. Whether an individual is transitioning to retirement or a young person is seeking career choices, the staffing industry is a vehicle for those people to make lifestyle choices appropriate to their unique circumstances.

How has the team you’ve built impacted the growth of JSG?

We have always made our best effort to hire talented individuals that we believed could make a positive impact on our company. That strategy has never changed. The team we have today represents the successful execution of hiring the right people and asking them to impact the company. Its structure also supports the creation of what JSG is today: a generational organization.

June Is National Safety Month

Celebrating Contractor Safety – June Is Safety Month!

June Is National Safety Month

It’s no secret that safety is a top priority here at JSG. That’s why we are beyond excited to announce the “Making Safety Personal” employee contest!

In order to be eligible to win a $20 Amazon gift card, simply put your creativity to the test by concocting a fun and meaningful safety slogan. Send your brilliant ideas to our resident safety expert, Amanda Walton, (awalton@jsginc.com) with the subject line “CONTRACTOR SAFETY SLOGAN.” Please feel free to get creative and include a slogan (or two!) and a graphic image.

Here are a few examples:

Submit Your Safety Slogan

If you have any questions, please contact Amanda Walton at 630.282.7761

June Is National Safety Month

Celebrating Safety – June Is Safety Month!

June Is National Safety Month

It’s no secret that safety is a top priority here at JSG. That’s why we are beyond excited to announce the “Making Safety Personal” employee contest!

In order to be eligible to win a free lunch for your entire branch, simply put your creativity to the test by concocting a fun and meaningful safety slogan. Send your brilliant ideas to our resident safety expert, Amanda Walton, (awalton@jsginc.com) with the subject line “SAFETY SLOGAN.” Please feel free to get creative and include a slogan (or two!) and a graphic image. The branch with the most safety slogans and “Making Safety Personal” submissions will be named the winner of the JSG National Safety Month competition!

Here are a few examples:

Submit Your Safety Slogan

If you have any questions, please contact Amanda Walton at 630.282.7761

LinkedIn Reactions

LinkedIn Reactions Best Practices

LinkedIn Reactions


Many of you have probably seen LinkedIn’s new reactions. Like Facebook, a LinkedIn reaction is a new way to “like” a post, video, or image on LinkedIn. Instead of just liking a post, you can now engage on LinkedIn in five different ways:

  • Like
    • The default and traditional option to like a post.
  • Celebrate
    • Congratulate a co-worker, colleague, or a professional milestone, such as getting a new job or welcoming a new team member.
  • Love
    • Expresses that the post is heartwarming, resonates with you, or makes you feel an overall sense of appreciation or happiness. Good examples of this are thanking a past mentor or saying goodbye to a co-working leaving the company.
  • Insightful
    • Expressing that a post was insightful, made your think, offered a new idea, or shared a great point.
  • Curious
    • Expresses that you’re intrigued by a thought-provoking question or idea; expresses that you’re curious and want to learn more.

Now, these new reactions might seem fun or cute, but we must remember, LinkedIn is a professional networking tool. Many of us use LinkedIn to source new candidates and find new clients to engage with. Since every single one of us is representing Johnson Service Group, it’s essential that we use these new features appropriately.

Here are some best practices for using LinkedIn’s new reactions:

  • LinkedIn isn’t Facebook. We must keep our profiles and engagements professional.
  • Refrain from using unnecessary or excessive “love” reactions. Using this reaction can generate the wrong impression.
  • When in doubt, just use the traditional “like” button

Here’s how to use LinkedIn’s new reactions:

When on a desktop computer, simply hover your cursor over the “like” button and the five different reactions will pop up for you to select.

On a mobile device, press and hold the “like” button on a post to select the reaction you would like to use.

To learn more about these reactions, please reach out to the Marketing Team or check out LinkedIn’s Help Center for more details.


DocuSign Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who is the “recruitment specialist” in the recipient’s section of my document?

A: The term “recruitment specialist” (RS) is a general place holder name for that specific role. The RS could be someone at the branch office who is filling in information before the envelopes go to the new hire. The RS could also be the person completing section 2 of the I9; either the branch office or the authorized representative. The recruitment specialist does not always need to be a recruiter or the branch office.

Q: Can I re-verify a rehire on a paper I9 or do I have to do re-verify in DocuSign?

A: If the rehire previously completed an I9 on paper (wet signature), you may re-verify them in section 3 of that I9 (if the original I9 is an outdated version, you will need to complete section 3 on an updated version and attach it to the original). You may also choose to send the rehire a new I9 to complete via DocuSign. If you choose to send a new I9 via DocuSign, you will need to complete a new E-Verify. If the rehire completed their original I9 through DocuSign, you may complete section 3 via DocuSign through the forwarding technique.

Q: How do I make a correction to a document before a signer sees it?

A: You can make a correction, delete/add a document before the recipient signs after the document has been sent out for signature. To make a correction, go to the manage tab and find the document you need to correct. Click on the document, this will bring you to a new page where you can click the correct button. Once you are in the correcting phase you can add additional templates, delete templates, and add or change recipients as needed. Keep in mind you can only make corrections before the signer has signed.

Q: How do I get a document uploaded into DocuSign?

A: HR, IT, the California branch, the Atlanta branch, and the Westmont branch are the only people that have administrator access to be able to upload documents. If you need a document uploaded into your account, please ask HR or IT first. If someone in those departments is not able to help, you may reach out to the other DocuSign admins for assistance. Once your document is uploaded into DocuSign, please log in and view it for accuracy before sending it out for signature; if you need something adjusted, please ask.

Q: The contractor and/or authorized representative made a mistake on the I9. How do I correct it?

A: If a mistake is made on the I9, the entire I9 will need to be re-done, starting with the contractor. In order to avoid mistakes, be sure to provide the contractor and authorized representative with ample instructions. You could also send a couple of examples via email so both the contractor and the authorized representative know how to complete the I9 in multiple scenarios.

Q: I just need one document from the new hire paperwork, how do I extract it?

A: When you are in the template, you can move pieces of the template around or delete pages you do not need if you just want one or a couple of documents.

Q: How does my new hire finish the packet without signing up for direct deposit?

A: The direct deposit form is optional. If the signer clicks the signature field in the direct deposit form, it makes the form mandatory. The signer can completely skip that page and finish their document if they do not click the signature field. If the contractor does not want to enroll in direct deposit, they must do a visa pay card.

Q: How do I put the DocuSign documents together with the start sheet, etc.?

A: Once your documents are signed, you will need to download them into a PDF. Once they are downloaded, you need to print as a PDF; this will “unlock” the documents and allow you to delete, move, and add other documents. You will need Adobe Pro in order to edit the documents; if you don’t already have this version of Adobe, please contact the IT department.

Q: I have a technical issue with DocuSign who can help me?

A: If you have a technical issue with DocuSign, you can reach out to our IT team. If it isn’t something that IT can help you with, you should reach out to DocuSign Support. You can browse the community for answers to your question or pose a question yourself.

You can call DocuSign Support or submit a ticket and request that they call you. Here is the link: https://support.docusign.com/s/

labor market

First Quarter Roundup: The Labor Market is Still Going Strong

labor market

Spring has finally sprung, and the first quarter of 2019 has come and gone. There was a lot of speculation that the labor market was going to slow down this year. However, the job market is still roaring, and we’ve had 102 consecutive months of job growth. In fact, job gains have averaged 180,000 over the past three months.

Average hourly wages also were much better than expected. Over the last 12 months, the average hourly earnings rose by 3.4 percent, a rate that we have not seen since April 2009. This drastic growth in wages illustrates that employers are still struggling to find qualified workers and that the market is getting even tighter.

If you’re still struggling to attract candidates in this tough market, here’s a few things you can do to improve your chances of finding top talent.

Candidates want a faster process

We cannot stress this enough. Regardless of where you’re located or what industry your organization operates in, you must streamline your hiring process. Identify and eliminate any unnecessary steps in your hiring process. With more job openings than unemployed people in the US, candidates have plenty of options to choose from.

The average hiring process in the US takes about 23.8 days. Take some time to examine your hiring process and see how the average length of your hiring process stacks up with the national average. If you’re dragging your feet or taking too long to contact, interview, or even onboard candidates, you may run the risk of being ghosted. Many candidates will choose whichever offer comes in first, which may even be your competition. Even if they have accepted your job offer, if you’re waiting weeks and weeks for their first day, you run the risk of losing them to another company who will start them immediately. To mitigate this, make your decisions quickly and reduce snags in your process.

Great company culture attracts candidates

Company culture is becoming more important for candidates. Employers need to demonstrate a great company culture to attract and retain great candidates. This is important to note because Millennials will soon be the largest demographic in the workforce. By 2025, Millennials will make up nearly 75 percent of the workforce.

With that being said, Millennials care more about company culture than any other demographic. In fact, on average, Millennials would be willing to take a $7,600 annual pay cut to work at a job with a more desirable culture. This generation wants better work-life balance and employers who are more involved in the community. To ensure you retain your younger employees, make sure you take a good look at your company’s culture; see if there are places where you can make changes to attract this demographic.

Work with a recruiter

If you are struggling to fill your critical positions or retain employees, it may be time to seek out some help. At JSG, we will take the weight off of your shoulders. Our comprehensive screening process thoroughly evaluates the candidate’s technical ability, interpersonal skills, and reliability to ensure each candidate we present to you is a perfect fit.

If you want some help navigating this competitive labor market, reach out to one of our professional recruiters today!