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How AI Can Help (and Harm!) the Hiring Process for Candidates

While AI tools can be incredibly helpful, do not forget to add your own voice to your resume and cover letter! There are plenty of ways that AI can assist you throughout the job search and hiring process, but be sure that your personality (and humanness!) show through. Companies want to hire people, not robots. That said, check out some ways AI can impact your search. 

Help: Assistance in perfecting resumes and language

AI can provide great help when it comes to writing your resume and cover letter. Websites like Grammarly are a great resource to check your grammar and the tone of your language. You can use tools like Rezi or My Perfect Resume to update and format your resume.

Harm: Ditching good resumes

Companies/recruiters frequently use AI filtering systems, known as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), to sift through the many resumes they receive for their open positions. The problem is that, in many cases, we have no idea how these resume filtering systems work! Some filter based on keywords or experience but could still be trashing resumes of people who would be great fits for the job. Check out this article from The Register to learn more about why.

Help: Narrowing options by keywords

When searching for a new job, AI can assist us quite a bit. It can search through job descriptions for keywords that match what you are looking for. Rather than having to sift through all of the jobs that are in the Marketing field, for example, you could add “hybrid” and “401k contribution” to narrow your search to those that might fit the description of your ideal position.

Harm: AI can miss valuable options because of keyword scanning

Unfortunately, where there is help, there is also some harm. AI is by no means perfect, meaning that it can often miss some keywords. If something is not phrased the right way (i.e., “work from home” instead of “remote”), it may not appear in your search. Though AI is improving with this, it can still miss synonyms and different forms of words.

Use AI to your advantage! Just remember the importance of real human influence.

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