Living the motto, “Safe Work is Great Work!”

Safe Work is Great Work!

At Johnson Service Group, our goal of ZERO incidents can only be achieved by the success of our employees’ safe work habits. Each employee is expected to observe safety rules, practices, and procedures and to exercise caution in all work activities. We care about contractor safety.

Remember, “Safe Work is Great Work!”

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Best Practices for Safety

When at work and on the job, always:

Learn to Prevent Safety Incidents

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It is the Responsibility of Each Employee to Work Safe

Review the following section entitled PREVENTING WORKPLACE INCIDENTS that provides reminders of unsafe acts and unsafe conditions leading to workplace incidents. Use this information as a basis for knowing how to prevent workplace incidents.

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Report Safety Incidents

In the event you have an incident, the INCIDENT REPORTING PROCEDURES in this toolbox will provide you with the steps necessary to report the incident. Failure to follow JSG procedures may jeopardize coverage of your incident. Contractor safety and health is of utmost importance to us.

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Return-to-Work Policy

Understand our RETURN-TO-WORK POLICY. JSG strives for a speed recovery from injury or illness and wants to ensure you are back to work as quickly and safely as possible.


Incident Reporting

It is the responsibility of each employee to work safe. However, if an incident should occur, it is important all incidents are immediately reported to JSG Safety/Risk Team (24/7 365 days a year) at 1-888-659-8388;

In addition, notify your point of contact at your local JSG branch office. A detailed report of the incident is required and will be completed with you at the time of the incident. If medical treatment is necessary, the Safety/Risk Team will assist to provide care.

JSG has a zero workday loss policy, and all steps will be taken to ensure your safe return to work. Any medical reports or bills should be faxed to 1-866-706-4570. A full investigation of every incident will be taken by JSG; failure to follow proper JSG procedures may jeopardize coverage of your incident.

Please refer to your neon green wallet card for incident reporting instructions.

Preventing Workplace Incidents

Working safely is a condition of employment and each employee is responsible for their safety.

JSG is committed to an “incident-free” work environment. Our goal of ZERO incidents can only be achieved by the success of our employees’ safe work habits. Each employee is expected to observe safety rules, practices, and procedures and to exercise caution in all work activities.

Employees must report any unsafe condition to the appropriate supervisor.

In order to avoid incidents, we must remove the cause. Every cause is a result of an unsafe act or unsafe condition. The following examples are reminders to help you recognize unsafe acts or conditions:

Unsafe Acts:

Unsafe Conditions:

Remember: By recognizing the acts or conditions listed above, you can effectively correct or avoid them. Contractor safety is in your hands!

Return-to-Work Policy

JSG has developed a zero workday loss policy. If possible, JSG expects employees to return to their job immediately after medical treatment. The policy’s purpose is to provide a quick and speedy return to meaningful employment at the earliest date subsequent to any workplace incident or illness, while ensuring contractor safety.

This policy does not mean to substitute for reasonable accommodation under any applicable federal or state laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, etc.

We define transitional employment as temporary modified work assignments suitable to the individual’s abilities, knowledge, and skills. When appropriate and upon approval from the injured worker’s attending physician, we will attempt to offer transitional temporary work assignments.

In some instances, a permanently modified job and/or re-assigned position will be offered in order to ensure qualified employment is available to an injured worker. Permanent job modifications may be the same as transitional temporary work assignments except that the transitional work assignments are temporary in nature. Alternatively, an individual may be assigned to another position that meets restrictions imposed upon the employee by the attending physician.

To preserve our ability to meet market demands and changing conditions, JSG reserves the right to revoke, change, or supplement these guidelines at any time with written notice. The outline above of our return-to-work policy is not intended to be a contractual commitment and it should not be construed so by any JSG employee. This policy is not intended as a guarantee of continuity of benefits or rights. No permanent employment for any term is intended or can be implied by JSG’s return-to-work policy.