Santa Claus

JSG is More Similar to Santa Claus Than You Might Think

Santa Claus

Once a year, Santa Claus gets to spread Christmas spirit and cheer to all the good boys and girls across the world. He has an army of elves helping him prepare for the big day and a team of reindeer to guide his sleigh through the night. But do you know what the best part about Santa is? He gets to bring everyone together and spread joy to all the good boys and girls.

Does this sound at all familiar? Who else gets to spread joy to well-deserving people? Well, here at JSG, we get the privilege of matching great candidates with fantastic organizations 365-days a year. You may not have ever put the two-and-two together, but Johnson Service Group is a lot like Santa Clause, and here’s why.

Instead of building toys, JSG builds relationships

At the North Pole, hundreds of elves are building toys for Santa to deliver to children around the world. At JSG, our recruiters and account executives are busy building lasting relationships with employers and building upon our current ones.

We pride ourselves on fostering strong relationships with our clients and truly understanding their hiring needs. We consider ourselves matchmakers by finding talented candidates that want to go and work with well-respected companies.

Instead of making a list, JSG checks our clients’ needs (twice)

As we all know, Santa makes a list (and checks it twice)! Instead of making a list, we help our clients find candidates that meet all of the requirements on their candidate “wish list.” We take the time to understand what our clients need.

Whether it’s a software engineer, automation technician, or even a pipeline project manager, we ensure we thoroughly understand the needs of each and every one of our clients before we ever submit a candidate to them. With this practice, we know exactly what they’re looking for, so we can assure our clients that we’ll find the candidates they truly need. Just like when Santa checks his list twice!

Instead of one day of gifts, JSG spreads joy year-round

Santa is a great guy in all, but he only delivers presents ONE day a year. In contrast, JSG delivers presents 365-days a year. Each day, we have the privilege of changing the lives of candidates in the U.S. and Canada. We get to help hardworking people find the next step in their careers and help them find jobs that fulfill their dreams and put food on their tables.

Our entire staff gets to come to work knowing that they’re directly having a positive impact on the lives and careers of thousands of candidates each year.

Instead of Santa’s little helpers, JSG has a great support team

Speaking of our staff, we may not have elves working at JSG, but we have a fantastic group of employees that make it possible for us to help candidates find their next position (and sometimes even their next home). Our employees don’t make toys at Santa’s workshop, but they play an integral part in helping JSG’s clients find the candidates on their Christmas list.

From our family to yours, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Accept Job Offer

How to Get a Candidate to Accept Your Job Offer in This Tight Market

Accept Job Offer

With this year being at an all-time low for unemployment rates, companies, like you, are being pushed to give higher wages, be more willing to relocate, and overall do a lot more to get and have great candidates take their job offer. And since the market is so great for candidates, companies are seeing a huge increase in ghosting from candidates when given an offer letter and even after accepting it.

But there are a few things you can do from your companies perspective that will keep those great candidates from leaving and going to another “better” opportunity.

Move Quickly

Moving quickly is a huge way to keep candidates on the hook and not looking for other positions. This way you can decrease the likelihood of them having counter offers, that will take them away from your position.

The killer of all deals is time. If you don’t move quickly, you will almost always lose the candidates you want to another company that is moving quicker. Even though the job market is great, candidates are still wanting to move quickly, and will not just wait for your company if they have another job offer on the table.

Be Unique

Make sure to juice up your company. Do you have a great company culture? Do you help employee’s support charities? There are tons of different things that make your company special. So, showcasing your best attributes will only keep candidates interested in your company and hopefully pass on other interviews and job offers. When you have a candidate that is excited about your company and morally loves what you do, almost nothing will keep them from accepting your offer.

Make Personal Connections

Making your company and people they will be working with accessible, is pertinent to keeping candidates on the hook. When they are in contact constantly with people they will be working with, they will want to stay on board with your company. It helps make them feel important and every person enjoys that feeling. So, instead of backing off after giving an offer, make sure to check in and have those personal connections with your candidates.

Opportunities for Growth

This is an important one to make sure you hammer into candidates you want to hire. Everyone wants to grow and well, earn more money. So, if you can explain to them how climbing the ladder works, it will help them realize how they can grow in their career. Explaining how promotions work and what they can expect helps them not be blindsided when they want to ask for promotions. And in turn, makes them more excited to work with a company that is so upfront. Being honest with growth potential and promotions will help you, in the long run, find great employees who want to stay. And keep your retention numbers even higher.

Overall, these tips can and will help you retain talent that you are dying to have. In today’s job market a lot of companies are hurting because there are not enough people to fill their open positions. And when you find a good candidate you do not want to lose them over small mistakes. If you keep in mind these tip’s you’ll be on the road to success with hiring great employee’s, who accept your job offer and you’ll have fewer candidates ghosting your company.


Let JSG Make Your Thanksgiving Holiday Easier


During this time of year, we are often asked to reflect upon what we’re thankful for. Many of us are thankful for our careers, family, or our friends. Throughout the year, JSG has many things to be thankful for, including our latest SIA awards.

However, what we are truly grateful for is the scorching hot job market! Over the last two months, the unemployment rate hit a 49-year low of 3.7 percent. And throughout the last 12 months, the number of unemployed Americans has decreased by 449,000, or a rate of 0.4 percent.

Candidates are loving this job market

This is absolutely fantastic for candidates! Many Americans are happy to say they’re extremely thankful for a new career opportunity they secured earlier this year. But this is a completely different story for many employers out there.

With such a competitive job market, employers are battling to attract qualified, talented candidates to come and work for them. And even if they get a candidate to accept a job offer, many employers are faced with candidates failing to show up on the first day of work. The market is so hot that candidates have options (and lots of them!).

Employers are feeling the pain of this tight market

And if you are one of these struggling hiring managers, you are not alone. 60 percent of companies are experiencing longer fill times for vacant positions. What makes matters worse is that nearly 51 percent of candidates continue to search for other opportunities AFTER accepting a job offer.

So, while you are waiting for pre-employment screening and paperwork to get finished up, candidates are still looking for other opportunities. If something better shows up, many candidates don’t have a problem with jumping ship to the better opportunity. And many of which are doing it without so much as a heads-up email.

Let JSG work for you this Thanksgiving season

Workers around the country are thankful for the bountiful job opportunities. For hiring managers, not so much. The holidays can be the most stressful time of year. Go take a much-needed break, spend time with your loved ones this holiday season, and let JSG take some of that stress off your plate. That way you have more room to breathe (and for more of that delicious turkey on your plate!).

Happy Thanksgiving to all our wonderful clients and candidates. And if you need help filling your critical roles this holiday season, reach out to us. After all, that’s not just what we do, but it is also what we love to do.

job market

Hiring Trends Employers are Struggling with in Today’s Job Market

job market

With the Labor Department reporting that there were over 7 million job openings in the month of August 2018. And with the unemployment rate remaining at 3.7 percent in October 2018, it shows that the market isn’t slowing down! Currently, the nation has more than one job opening for every unemployed person. This means companies need help filling their critical roles as soon as possible, in hopes of grabbing the most skilled and experienced candidates before their competitors do.

With the job market on fire, it’s a great time to be a candidate. But when it comes to employers… It’s hard enough task to find candidates with the right skills, but it’s even more challenging to be able to get them to take the job once offered. Hiring managers are becoming over-worked and stressed as they struggle to fill their critical roles. But thankfully, there are things employers can do to find those candidates and get them to actually show up on their first day of work.

Need Help in this Tight Job Market? You’re Not Alone!

As an employer, you’re probably feeling the pain from this candidate-driven market. With more jobs available than unemployed workers, it makes it hard to find the right candidates for your open positions. But that’s not the only thing you have to worry about anymore! There a growing number of excuses for why your candidates are ghosting you. Candidates are no longer able to relocate or they received another job offer, and of course, there’s the dreaded accepted the job offer but don’t show up for the first day of work.

If this makes your head spin, you’re not the only one. In fact, 60 percent of employers across industries are experiencing longer fill times for vacant positions due to the tight hiring environment. And what makes things worse is almost (23 percent) of employers have seen delays in filled positions up to three weeks or longer!

This is a struggle for all hiring managers currently because 55 percent of candidates give up and move on to other opportunities after just two weeks of not hearing back from a company. Which means moving quickly is important but with how busy everyone is, it’s almost impossible to be able to move this quickly, without help.

JSG Will Be The Difference

This job market for most companies is too crazy to deal with alone. But that’s what we here at Johnson Service Group do best. We have talented and skilled recruiters who are ready to help your company find the perfect candidates as quickly as possible. We have a proven track record that will help you streamline your hiring process and get you the right candidates when your team needs them. If you’re ready to partner with a firm that will put your needs first, reach out to us today.


5-Second Rule

It Only Takes 5 Seconds to Change Your Career Path

5-Second Rule

When it comes to making a change and impact in your career it all comes down to just 5 seconds. Our brains are wired to keep us safe and comfortable. And when you think about it, it makes sense. We like feeling safe and comfortable.

But when it comes to being successful and different, does being comfortable help us get there? This question could be up for debate, but most career gurus would say comfortability is the success killer that holds us back from achieving our goals. And to fix this, all it takes is the 5-second rule.

The 5-second rule

The 5-second rule is all about disciplining yourself. It’s about making that decision you don’t necessarily want to do but know you should do, within 5 seconds. Because after those 5 seconds are gone, you’ve decided to stay in your comfortable box and not make a change.

This 5-second rule can change how you work and your productivity. Not every day is going to be fun or easy. Not every day will you want to do that monotonous task that isn’t due till the end of the week, but you know you should just get it done sooner than later. There are tons of excuses you can make and when you do, you choose to be ordinary. You choose to be safe.

But in those 5 seconds, you can also decide to be great. You can decide to take a risk that could end up being one of the best things for your career.

How to implement the 5-second rule

To implement this rule all you need is self-discipline and to think about what you’re wanting to accomplish and how you will get there. You will not be successful or achieve your career goals if you do not work hard for them. Nothing you’ve accomplished thus far in your life has just fallen into your lap, you worked hard for it.

And if you can start to think about how the 5-second rule can change the way you make decisions to help you achieve your goals, you’ll start to realize the only person holding you back from accomplishing them, is you. You can decide if you want to work late today so that you can get that proposal done for work early instead of procrastinating.

You’re able to decide to discuss with your boss about that raise instead of choosing not to when you have the opportunity. You can change the course of your career in literally 5 seconds.

Be daring and step outside your comfort zone

The whole idea of this rule is to help everyone get past themselves. We are our biggest roadblocks at times. Especially, when it comes to sticking to what we are used to or stepping outside of our comfort zone.

Taking these little steps can help you grow not only in your career but also in your personal life. While 5 seconds may not seem like a lot amount of time, it can be the difference between you reaching your goals and you not. Which are you wanting to choose?

4th Quarter

5 Ways to Conquer the Busiest Quarter of the Year

4th Quarter

When you think about the end of the year, or in career terms 4th quarter, your palms get sweaty… And you may start to think about all of your upcoming projects. Projects you need to get done in less than 3 months. But that’s not even half the stress! You also have to worry about all the holidays and family commitments you have during this time… So, let’s be honest, this is a very stressful time of the year!

And with it being the craziest time at work and home, it’s important to be organized! Especially, so you can stay sane.

Make timelines

With 4th quarter projects being some of the most important, you must ensure to keep track of them in a way that helps you be successful. And well, of course, finish them on time! Using timelines to achieve this helps you put each project in order from most important and time-consuming, to easiest. This way you stay on top of your projects in a manner that keeps you from getting distracted. And it helps you achieve your projects in a timely fashion.

Stay organized

At work, you need to stay organized. Keep your working space clean and hold yourself accountable for daily tasks and timelines. This will help you feel accomplish and keep you from wasting valuable time. Because as we all know, the 4th quarter flies by and you need to be ready for more work to be added to your plate at any time. So, if you’re organized, you’ll be prepared to take on anything and accomplish it during the 4th quarter rush.

Keep a to-do list

Keeping a to-do list year-round is a great idea! It not only helps you stay on track at work, but it helps you accomplish what you need to do off the job as well. During the end of the year with holidays every month, it’s important to keep yourself as organized and prepared as possible. A to-do list helps you hold yourself accountable as well as helps you from forgetting the little things that will turn into big things IF forgotten.

With this time of the year being crazy at work and at home, doing everything in your power to stay on top of it will help you conquer 4th quarter the way you’re hoping to.

Ask for help

When we get busy we get stressed out and sometimes we forget that we’re a part of a team. If things are just getting overwhelming, it’s okay to ask for help. Deadlines are daunting, especially in the 4th quarter. So, taking the time to realize where you are at in projects and realizing you can’t do it alone is not a bad thing. If anything, it shows how hard you’re working and that you really want to get this certain task done on time.

Asking for help shouldn’t be looked at as a negative. So, if you need it, make sure to ask!

Take breaks

Whether this is taking a Friday off just to de-stress, doing a weekend trip, or taking more breaks during work. This will help your productivity immensely. Everyone forgets that being overworked doesn’t mean better products. It’s actually been proven to decrease the end product of your work. Take your breaks! And enjoy them.

4th quarter is just one quarter of the year. And even though it’s usually the busiest, it can be the most rewarding. Especially, if you know how to stay organized and take the time for yourself and life. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to conquer the 4th quarter with flying colors and you may actually enjoy it!

online dating

How Recruiting is Like Online Dating

online dating

I met my husband online 10 years ago and as a Sr. Technical Recruiter, I approached the world of online dating with my skills as a successful recruiter! Like me, many of us have been through the excitements of online dating. Whether you are single, married, or in a long-term relationship, you never stop courting in the recruiting world.

Just like online dating, you post your new polished resume on the job boards, your LinkedIn profile is updated, and you click that button that says you are open to a new opportunity and then boom! You’re inundated with recruiters sending you emails and InMail’s! What to do next? How do you weed them out? Just like online dating sites that are built around this same concept, these same types of profiles gives those looking for a “partner” the opportunity to get a sneak peek into you as a prospective candidate. And this is how online dating and recruiting are alike.

Before that first call/email reply:

Your excitement at the recruiter’s response can easily become overwhelming. Like with online dating, you need to research them and ensure they are sincere in their interest in you!

  • Check out their LinkedIn Profile
  • Go to their website
  • Look at the company’s social media
  • Google

Do they have relevant jobs matched to your skills? Is their website informative? Do they have recent content or reviews that resonates with your standards? If so, then it’s time for that first email or call!

You wait anxiously for a reply; like dating, you hope they call soon! The call comes and suddenly you are on the first date! This is a time for discovery, finding out whether you want to move forward toward a business relationship. In recruiting, the first date is the interview. The interview gives you both an opportunity to see if there is a match.

Before you talk about the job, introduce yourself, share why you wanted to meet. Like having your first conversation with a potential date, you need to listen and engage. Spend at least 15 minutes on the phone sharing your successes or schedule a face-to-face coffee and be honest about what you are seeking in the job market/potential job being shared.

Signs of a good first interview/ date are:

  • Good eye contact-in person/video
  • Ease of conversation
  • Knowledge of the company
  • Knowledge of the position
  • Appropriate dress and demeanor
  • Honest answers

Some things that turn Recruiters off:

  • Coming off as arrogant
  • Complaining about past relationships (past jobs, in this case)
  • Extended uncomfortable silences
  • Extended gaps in resumes – without explanation

If you determine that the job is not going to be a fit, there is no need to ask for a second date. It’s important to let the recruiter know that you are not interested so you can let them move on to the next candidate. Offer to set them up with a colleague who you know is a right fit! If it doesn’t feel right at this time, maybe it will in the future! Stay in touch!

If it went well and you want to see the other person again, then it’s time to follow the next steps in the recruiting process. After the first date, it’s time for you to assess everything that has occurred up to this point. In recruiting, after the initial interviews, recruiters will present you to their clients for consideration. Depending on the clients’ feedback, recruiters should contact you as to whether or not the hiring manager would like to continue with the hiring process.

Then you have that MATCH! You undergo background, credit, and drug check procedures. Upon successful completion of these checks, its official – you can announce it to the world! Update your LinkedIn profile, tell colleagues, friends, and family, and put in that long-awaited two weeks’ notice.

So, there you have it. Online dating and recruiting are similar. As you already know, my first date went extremely well, and I hope to have a first date with you soon!


How to Decrease Your Odds of Being Ghosted By Candidates


Candidates are no longer just ghosting recruiters; They are ghosting employers by simply not showing up for their first day of work. But that’s not the only thing they are doing. They are also completely ghosting interviews. Ghosting is a trend that has become very prevalent in today’s job market due to candidates having options (and lots of them!). And apparently, it’s easier to just not show up for an interview instead of saying you found another opportunity.

Why are candidates ghosting?

Some say it may be a form of payback. More than 52 percent of employers have not contacted candidates back for jobs after three months. This can leave a bad taste in candidates’ mouths and in turn, may correlate to candidates not feeling bad about ghosting interviews, recruiters, or even job offers.

In the long run, ghosting is probably not the best game plan for those looking for jobs. But in this market, they can, and are, playing dirty.

What is making ghosting a normal thing to expect?

With the job market being the best it has ever been in 18 years, candidates know they have options. And ghosting an interview, in their eyes, is better than getting offered the job and ghosting once the offer is made for a better position.

Job seekers find it weird to cancel. It may just be the way of the land now with people not wanting confrontation. It’s easier to just not show up than to explain they are looking or found something better. Ghosting will stay prominent if the market stays like this, but there is a way companies can combat losing great candidates to other offers.

How companies can avoid being ghosted

Companies are not being as proactive as they can be to avoid ghosting. They are still moving slow on candidates and are not meeting the salary expectations that top talent feels they deserve. Especially, in this market where they know, they can most likely find a job that will pay what they’re looking for.

To avoid ghosting, focus on shortening your time from when a candidate applies to when they are hired. This will help you catch the candidate’s attention and gives them less time to find other opportunities. It also shows you’re interested and proves that you believe they are a top-notch candidate. This will make them feel important and want to connect more with what your company has to offer.

How Johnson Service Group can help you

Another way to avoid ghosting is to work with a recruiting firm that knows how to keep things moving and find the best talent for you. Here at Johnson Service Group, we pride ourselves on our relationships with our candidates and our clients. Our process helps us find you the talent you’re looking for but also ensures we do our diligence on trying to find candidates that will be less likely to ghost.

Overall, ghosting is a habit we will most likely have to deal with for a while. But having a process that keeps things quick and organized will help you fill your critical positions with great people. Reach out to Johnson Service Group today to see what we can do to help your company see less ghosting and attain more hires.

Passive Candidates

The Best Candidates (And the Hardest to Attract) Are Passive Candidates

Passive Candidates

Yes, we mean currently employed candidates! Who are usually, just casually looking at available job opportunities. You probably understand the logic of why passive candidates are the best candidates for your open positions. But how do you impress them enough to leave a comfortable job for a new one? Well, with 6.7 million open jobs and only 6.2 million available workers, we know your search must start somewhere when it comes to recruiting passive candidates. And here is how.

Why Passive Candidates are the Best

When you know that someone is already employed you know a few things: They have strong skills, they’re creating value, they are willing to do the job, and are gaining the experience, the open positions like yours, need. They are the candidates you want applying to your jobs, and ultimately, the ones you want to hire. But to convince and attract these types of employee’s is difficult.

They normally are comfortable with where they are at, but with the help of a recruiter, you can tap into the passive candidate demographic.

Why Focus on Passive Candidates?

Passive candidates are 122 percent more likely to want to make a big impact on your business. They are hard-working and looking for an opportunity to grow in their career. These candidates have the skills, experience, and knowledge of what being a successful employee is. And for any company, this is the most desirable candidate.

study from LinkedIn, states that 75 percent of the people an organization would hire aren’t even looking for a new job. And for critical roles, 95 percent of the people you’d want to hire also aren’t looking. So, what does that mean? That the best candidates out there are not even on the market.

Why are Passive Candidates the Hardest to Attract?

With recruiting someone who’s already employed, you must know how to approach them. Most people are comfortable with their job, location, and money. Recruiting passive candidates is hard because they are content. They do not need a job and do not feel the burden of having to find one immediately.

But, that does not mean they aren’t casually looking for other opportunities! If they have the option to move up, start their dream career, move closer to family, or have more of a work-life balance, they more than likely could be willing to take another position. It’s just all about timing, which recruiters know well.

How a Recruiter can Help You Reach Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are still on the market, just in a different way. 85 percent of workers worldwide are open to new positions! That’s pretty good odds of being able to find the person you’re looking for. They just need to be approached in a different way, which is where a recruiter comes in.

When partnering with a Johnson Service Group recruiter, you’re guaranteed we are working in the passive candidate market. As you know, they are the best candidates for a company and that’s what we’re here to do. Our recruiters are here to help our clients and candidates find the perfect fit, and in today’s market, it can be difficult. But with our knowledge of the job market and with access to the best candidates, we’re sure to find you the best person for the job. Let’s work together.

job market

Traditional Recruiting Methods Aren’t As Effective in This Tight Market

tight market

The national unemployment rate ticked down to 3.9% in July 2018. By the end of July, 157,000 jobs were added, totaling 6.66 million job openings across the nation. This marks the third highest number in history.

The U.S. job market is the healthiest it is been in years, and as a result, companies are having difficulties finding the talent they desperately need. In this booming job market, candidates have options. Hiring managers are struggling to attract (and retain) qualified candidates. Traditional recruiting methods are unfortunately not as effective for many organizations.

Candidates are going rogue

This is the hottest job market in decades, and candidates are taking full advantage of the plethora of job opportunities. Candidates all across the nation are entertaining multiple offers. In fact, 20 percent to 50 percent of job applicants and workers are no-shows.

Qualified candidates are literally going dark on hiring managers and employers are feeling the frustrations. Candidates are accepting job offers and interviews and blatantly not showing up because they have a better offer in the works. Employers are so desperate that they are resorting to hiring candidates with little to no experience. To put this in perspective, 87 percent of employers have reported hiring “few or no qualified applicants.” Traditional recruiting methods just aren’t locking down the candidates that employers need.

It’s costing employers

With such a tight job market, filling positions isn’t the only difficult task for employers. Filling critical roles in our current job climate is hurting employers financially. The Harvard Business Review estimates that up to 80 percent of employee turnover is from poor hiring decisions. And on average, businesses spend nearly 33 percent of a worker’s base salary in replacement costs.

Organizations are spending millions of dollars trying to retain qualified employees. With a predicted 28.6 percent of workers leaving their jobs by the end of the year, companies are desperate for top-talent that is willing to stay put.

Partner with a professional

With today’s intense job market, it’s becoming more and more difficult to obtain the talent employers are searching for. Placing job openings on the careers page on your company’s website or listing your vacancies on job boards just isn’t going to cut it.

At JSG, we work solely for our clients to find them the best candidates for their positions, so they don’t have to. We understand that you are busy. Let us take one item off your HR department’s already busy plate and help you fill your most critical positions.

With JSG’s expertise in our current job climate, we can help your company fill your critical positions. By partnering with an expert, we take the stress out of recruiting so your team can focus on all their other tasks at hand.

Traditional recruiting methods won’t cut it