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3 LinkedIn Essentials that You May be Overlooking

As you know, your LinkedIn profile is a place for networking—looking for jobs, connecting with peers, and updating your professional accomplishments. Make the most of it! Don’t forget to consider these three things when editing your profile:

Professional-Looking Headshot

A good headshot uploaded to your LinkedIn Profile goes a LONG WAY! It signals to recruiters and potential employers that you care to make yourself look presentable and professional.

Try to avoid using a selfie if possible—have someone else take a photo of you (whether on a phone or a camera) in a place where the background is plain or blurred. Wear basic professional clothing that does not distract from YOU. Aim for soft lighting that brightens your face.

If you opt to use AI, look out for a few things. Make sure there aren’t weird inconsistencies going on in the background. Check to ensure your teeth and hands are anatomically correct (these are usually the worst offenders). If you fail to look out for these issues and they end up on your profile, it may look sloppy or careless. Sometimes, when these AI “headshots” are too polished, they look fake. Try to choose an option that looks the most like you—people want to see who you are!

A Clear Picture of Who You Are and What You Do

Be sure to include what you do and are capable of in your profile! Include any certifications you have received, programs or machinery you have worked with, and other relevant experience, whether it be courses taken or internships. Potential employers want to be able to quickly look at your profile and see if you are qualified—make it easy on them!

Make your “headline” short and sweet. Avoid abstract, flowery language. Instead of “inspiring others through creative writing,” say, “Editor and Freelance Writer.” Sometimes, abstract language like this can make it hard for recruiters to take you seriously.

In the “About” section, keep things simple. Start with a few sentences explaining what you do/your experience. Here, you can also expand a bit on who you are but start with your professional description first. While who you are is important, companies will first want to see your experience.

Your Volunteer Experience

This may seem unnecessary, but including your volunteer experience on your LinkedIn profile gives potential employers a fuller look at who you are. Not only does it show your care for a particular community or cause, but it shows motivation and engagement.

If you have been volunteering at the same place or in the same field for a long time, this shows consistency and dedication. If you hold any leadership roles, whether on a volunteer team or in your religious community, this can speak to your ability to lead and collaborate with others.

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