JSG Happenings: Bullhorn Engage Conference

This past month, a few of our wonderful employees attended the Bullhorn Engage conference in Boston. This was the first Bullhorn in-person conference since 2019— Nicole, Juan, and Uma were glad to be back and networking with other great people in staffing!

Addressing Business in a Post-pandemic World

Business is changing faster than ever, and JSG wants to keep up with the latest business practices and hiring trends. This conference discussed what has been happening and what we should expect in the near future when it comes to hiring. Bullhorn scheduled space for attendees to speak about their hiring experience and how they have learned from it. This allowed different companies to work together to give and receive advice from each other.

Using and Improving Technology

Speakers spent a large part of the conference discussing how we can use technology to amplify our hiring processes. They stressed the benefits of automated systems and combining this tech with very intentional personal contact. JSG sees GREAT importance in having good relationships with our candidates. We genuinely care for those we are walking alongside through the hiring process. We are rooting for their success—it is key that we communicate our willingness to invest to all of those we work with.

“Meet[ing] the Moment”

Our representatives joined over a thousand attendees in listening to 44 different speakers brought in by Bullhorn. All of these staffing attendees came together to act on the conference’s theme, “Meet the Moment,” and learn the best ways to reach candidates while keeping up with the latest in hiring. JSG is committed to providing the best experience for both candidates and clients throughout the hiring process!

Stay tuned to hear more of what Johnson Service Group does to give YOU the best experience!

JSG Happenings: Midwest Staffing Conference

Here at JSG, we like to keep everyone updated on what our employees are up to in our different offices across North America. This week, we had a couple of recruiters from our Westmont, IL location attend the Midwest Staffing Conference, hosted by ASA (American Staffing Association) and ISSA (Illinois Search & Staffing Association) in Rosemont, Illinois.

Client Interactions

Our recruiters went through an exercise highlighting the five phases of relationship and how those relate to our clients. This allowed our recruiters to analyze our client relationships and look for ways to improve communication and connection. We want our relationships with our clients to be mutually beneficial. Each party should feel like they have something to gain from the other. We want to ensure that our client companies see us as a positive help and relief, not just a necessary step in hiring.

Candidate Interactions

Our recruiters were reminded that talking to candidates is all about building trust in their partnership. Candidates are looking first to trust their recruiter. We want to build credibility with them, so they trust that we submit them to solid jobs. Creating a positive relationship with our candidates (turned employees) makes for a supportive partnership between contractor and recruiter. We want to find out what our candidates need and be able to provide and support them through it.

Key Takeaway: Partnership

Staffing and Recruiting should be a PARTNERSHIP between the Salesperson and Clients, as well as the Recruiter and the Candidate. These relationships are mutually beneficial. Everyone must work together to see success. JSG wants to ensure that both clients and candidates are happy. We recognize that most candidates and clients are looking to grow, and we want to be a great support throughout the growth process.

JSG is always looking to grow and improve. This is why we put effort into learning and shifting with hiring trends. JSG cares about you and your success!




*photo courtesy of Illinois recruiter Hayley Kancius

JSG Named To Three Of Staffing Industry Analyst (SIA) Lists

For the seventh consecutive year, Johnson Service Group has been named to three of the Staffing Industry Analyst (SIA) lists. This year, these lists include: 

  • Largest Staffing Firms in the U.S.
  • Largest Engineering Staffing Firms in the U.S.
  • Largest Staffing Firms in Canada

“Although these awards reflect revenues from last year, the team at Johnson Service Group, Inc. has shown their ability to succeed in challenging times and remain a leader in the North American Staffing Industry. We thank everyone whose efforts played a part in these accomplishments and look forward to even better days ahead,” commented Ken Slater, Executive Vice President of JSG.

“This is a notable achievement for our company and speaks to our consistency and adaptability in these interesting times. These awards are a direct result of the hard work and dedication put forth from each one of our JSG team members,” said Dale Slater, Founder, and CEO of JSG.

In joint appreciation, Ken Slater and Dale Slater shared, “We thank you all for your continued efforts and wish all of our JSG family health, happiness, safety, and success… now and in the future.”


Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) is the global advisor on staffing and workforce solutions. This year’s report for the Largest Staffing Firms in the United States features 175 staffing companies; that is an increase from the 157 firms included last year. To make the list, each firm must generate at least $100 million in revenue in 2019. 

“The 175 companies in this year’s report represent 63.5% of the market and with a combined revenue of $97 billion indicate an industry well-positioned to weather the impact of the pandemic,” said Barry Asin, SIA President. “As the U.S. navigates and recovers from the current disruption, many organizations will look to utilize temporary and interim workers to meet shifting demand and maintain an active and agile workforce.” Moreover, the additional 18 firms making SIA’s list this year illustrates the growth of the staffing industry. 


It is our commitment to provide our clients and candidates with world-class service and diversified offerings to fit their evolving needs. JSG has the flexibility to work with each client to develop a staffing or consulting program that meets their individual and unique needs, ensuring consistent, quality service – regardless of service options required. 

JSG’s culture is centered around 5 core values – people, community, safety, environment, and ethics. We are committed to conducting business in a socially responsible way. Our reputation for integrity and excellence is upheld by our deliberate observance of laws and regulations, and conscientious regard for the highest standards of conduct and personal integrity.

The entire JSG team works diligently to maintain our present position as the most effective cross-industry staffing solution available. We work hard, we work together, and we work for you.

September 2021 Anniversaries and New Hires

September 2021 Anniversaries

Congratulations to all of our employees with anniversaries in September 2021. We appreciate your dedication to JSG and all of your hard work. Please join us in celebrating our tenured staff this month!

16 Years

Darryl Dixon

9 Years

Tina Brumfield

8 Years

Jeff Rowe

7 Years

Jason Landa

6 Years

Priscilla Torres

Sharon Tinker

4 Years

Craig Brooks

Jennifer Cariola

Grace Pender

Katie Bright

Brittany Gamboa

3 Years

Stan Crawford

Chris Brien

2 Years

Laura Rudder

Chris Hendry

1 Year

Michael Burcie

Matt Owens

Welcome To Our Newest Team Members

September 2021 New Hires

Also, we gained some new faces this month. Please join us in welcoming our newest JSG team members!

George Hamel

Taylor Clark

Nicole Wilkowski

Faron Fry

Michelle Baeg

Lauryn Davis

Andrew Ryback

Alison Coats

Jennifer Cumbie

August 2021 Anniversaries & New Hires

August 2021 Anniversaries

Congratulations to all of our employees with anniversaries in August 2021. We appreciate your dedication to JSG and all of your hard work. Please join us in celebrating our tenured staff this month!

13 Years

Linda McCarron

11 Years

Fred Williams

Cynthia Razo

8 Years

Carmen Cabrera

7 Years

Greg Thullner

Harry Snyder

Kimberly Getty

5 Years

Ric Flores

Beth Seyler

Nicole Shenberger

Michelle Figari

4 Years

Debra Silva

Terry Peak

2 Years

Liana Hafner

Kevin Browne

Leigh Griffith-Seebach

Tim Simper

1 Year

Alexa Black

Igor Gitman

Richard Hanson

Welcome To Our Newest Team Members


Also, we gained some new faces this month. Please join us in welcoming our newest JSG team members!

Koby Spicer

Kaylee Moore

Michael Garay

Chelsea Florea

Caycee Pope

Lily Bracy

Shaun Coyle

Bertina Cannon

July 2021 Anniversaries & New Hires

July 2021 Anniversaries

Congratulations to all of our employees with July 2021 anniversaries. We appreciate your dedication to JSG and all of your hard work. Please join us in celebrating our tenured staff this month!

9 Years

Derek Rix

7 Years

Michelle McMahan

6 Years

John Burke

5 Years

Marie Mireles-Brown

4 Years

Thomas Zetusky

Amanda Hrdina

Meredith Jacobson

3 Years

Danielle Harris

Abbey Emrath

2 Years

Lee Gesme

Erica Johnson

Gabriella Hoeflich

Brook Williams

1 Year

Brenda Smith

Kevin Sullivan

Jason Bhula

Tyanne Bashore

Sharda Byrd

Ivonne Care-Garcia

Welcome To Our Newest Team Members

July 2021 New Hires

Also, we gained some new faces this month. Please join us in welcoming our newest JSG team members!

Luke Duncan

Blake Fry

Michael Diaz

James Moore

Marisa Blakenship

Madelyne Valvis

Candice Downs

Karli Foody

Cardin Pierre

Briseida Alfaro

June 2021 Anniversaries & New Hires

June 2021 Anniversaries

Congratulations to all of our employees with anniversaries in June. We appreciate your dedication to JSG and all of your hard work. Please join us in celebrating our tenured staff this month!

13 Years

Susan Sproule

3 Years

Hayley Kancius

Claudia Aristizabal

2 Years

Gloria Salgado

1 Year

Kary Connolly

Welcome To Our Newest Team Members

May 2021 New Hires

Please join us in welcoming our newest JSG team member in May!

Cameron Jones – Jacksonville office

Johnson Service Group, Inc. Appoints Greg Thullner Chief Operating Officer

Johnson Service Group, Inc. (JSG), a leader in staffing solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Greg Thullner to Chief Operating Officer (COO). Thullner has been with the company for 6 years.

Thullner brings over 30 years of experience in the Engineering and IT Services sector with a proven track record of leadership, strategic thinking, and business acumen. Having driven business development growth strategies globally over the course of his career, Thullner will be responsible for the leadership and management of the JSG teams in Canada and the United States. He will be charged with spearheading the development, communication, and implementation of effective growth strategies and processes.

“Throughout my tenure at Johnson Service Group, I have learned that JSG is a company with a proud history and a solid track record of performance founded on the spirit of entrepreneurship. I am very excited and honored to be starting as Johnson Service Group’s Chief Operating Officer,” stated Thullner.

“We feel strongly about and are committed to taking this next step in continuing to evolve JSG and position this company for the future,” shared Ken Slater, Executive Vice President of Johnson Service Group. “This is a continuation of our promise to align JSG with the vision of being a generational company with one clear voice and mission,” continued Dale Slater, CEO and President.

About Johnson Service Group

Johnson Service Group, Inc. is a North American staffing and recruiting services company with over 35 years of experience in providing quality engineering and technical professional services to companies throughout the United States and Canada. With over 30 offices, we’ve worked hard to establish our present position as the most effective cross-industry staffing solution available.

Media Contact

Patrice MacMillan

Director of Marketing




JSG Aviation Job Fair in Arlington, TX

JSG Aviation Job Fair

We have some exciting news! Johnson Service Group is hosting our very own Aviation Job Fair Saturday, August 18th! We have hundreds of positions that need to be filled immediately and we will have hiring managers on site. We will be providing more details about the positions, scheduling job interviews, and possibly hiring candidates on the spot if you’re a great fit.

Some of the jobs we are currently looking to fill are:

  • A&P Mechanics
  • Avionics Technicians
  • Quality Inspectors
  • Interior Installers
  • CNC Machinists
  • And much more!

Can’t attend the job fair? Don’t worry! We are accepting resumes to those who are unable to make it. If you aren’t in the Arlington area, don’t hesitate to apply! We have job opportunities in numerous locations, including Jacksonville, Tampa, Dallas, Greensboro, and Tulsa.

Bring your resumes and come meet the team. We look forward to seeing you all there! Watch our video below for more information.

When: Saturday, August 18th

8:00AM – 1:00PM CST

Where: Hilton Arlington

Arlington Texas

2401 E. Lamar Boulevard 76006

Apply Now

Aviation Job Fair Information

Meet Katie Kuebler, JSG’s New Corporate Recruiter

JSG is excited to introduce our new Corporate Recruiter, Katie Kuebler! Katie has been a Senior Technical Recruiter with JSG for almost 5 years.  She knows our company inside out and brings a wealth of expertise in recruiting top candidates. Prior to joining JSG, Katie was an Account Manager/Business Development Consultant with CareerBuilder, where she gained experience with building lasting relationships and developed a love for the world of recruiting. She graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts & English.

Learn a little more about Katie and join us in welcoming her to the team!

Katie Kuebler JSG Internal Recruiter

How long have you been with JSG?

Since April 2013

What made you decide to make the switch to being our corporate recruiter?

Funnily enough – when I originally applied to JSG it was for the corporate recruiting role. At that time, however, I was transitioning from a business development role at CareerBuilder and did not have enough actual recruitment experience to hit the ground running. Now that I’ve gotten several years of recruiting under my belt, when the corporate recruiting position opened again I jumped at the chance. Helping our clients find the best quality talent out there was very rewarding, but I’m even more excited to apply all that I’ve learned to recruit talent that will benefit our company and culture directly.

What’s your favorite thing about working for JSG?

My co-workers. Our Chicago team is a fun, feisty bunch and they make the daily grind a lot easier. I feel lucky to have gotten to work alongside and learn from some awesome, talented people here in the Chicago office. I very much look forward to getting the opportunity to learn more about and work with our other offices as well.

What’s your favorite thing about being a recruiter?

The opportunity to help someone better their current situation. Whether it’s better benefits, a better work environment, more money, or career advancement – knowing I helped someone make their life better in some way is very fulfilling to me.

What do you like to do away from the office?

I just had my first child, a baby boy, in October – so spending time with him is my absolute favorite thing to do. I also love trying new restaurants, Netflix & chilling, and playing old-school video games like Mario Kart.

Katie Kuebler Baby

What inspires you?

My son and getting to experience the world freshly through his eyes. Everything is so new and exciting for him and it makes you realize how much you can take for granted in your daily life.

If you could learn one random skill, what would it be?

Card counting. I’d moonlight as a Blackjack shark at the casinos. Babies are expensive!

How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

I try my best to make the most out of each work day so that when I’m home I can really focus on being home and present.

What’s on your wish list for your future with JSG?

Now that I’m getting the opportunity to step into the Corporate Recruiting role, I’m excited to partner with all of our offices more closely to help them achieve their hiring goals and pipeline candidates where applicable so our recruiting efforts are more proactive than reactive. I also hope to bring a fresh perspective to this role to make the recruiting process more seamless and to market JSG as a choice employer in our key market areas.