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Why JSG Is Successful

We are successful in our long-term client relationships because we match the right resource, technology, approach, and solution to the need, thus delivering increased value to our clients. There’s no backlog when working with us. We work in real time to create customized staffing solutions to fit your needs.

For 40 years, JSG has provided industry leading staffing solutions to many of the most respected companies in the world. We take pride in delivering qualified and competent people and solutions with the intent of ensuring our clients’ businesses are successful. JSG takes the time to ensure accurate screening, training, evaluation, and verification of our candidates to ensure they are best prepared to add value to our customer’s organizations.

At JSG, we’re committed to building and maintaining the trust of all stakeholders and the communities in which we work. We recognize the importance of consistency—that’s why regardless of the service offering, our team ensures a long-lasting partnership between account representative and client. Our service model remains consistent as well, so clients know what to expect every step of the way.

We’re committed to earning and building confidence with our clients by providing the very best qualified and competent people, with the highest standards of safety, quality, and integrity.

JSG Corporate Overview

  • Established in 1984
  • 33 offices located throughout the United States and Canada
  • Work in all US states and Canadian provinces and territories
  • ~200 internal staff members, ~3,000 contractors
  • Preferred provider of staffing solutions to fortune 1000 companies
  • Industry-focused

Our Continuum of Staffing Solutions

  • Contingent staffing & direct placement
  • Managed service provider (MSP)
  • Managed IT & technical outsourcing
  • Project delivery
  • Pre-project planning

Types of Staffing Solutions

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Contract/Project Staffing

At JSG, we understand that your staffing needs range from short- to long-term, and can be largely project-driven which is why we offer comprehensive contract staffing services. We deliver customized staffing solutions by the person, project, or team.

There are many benefits to contract staffing including:

  • Increased access to individuals with specialized skill sets you require.
  • The ability to hire for specific projects and for certain lengths of time.
  • Transfer of human resource and compliances responsibilities.
  • Reduced recruitment costs.
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Direct Hire Staffing

At JSG, we know that in today’s labor market, recruiting candidates with a high level of specialization is more challenging than ever before.

We understand these challenges and optimize the market to bring companies the right talent by carefully navigating the field of candidates with our expert tools and almost 40 years of experience. Our recruiters bring knowledge and experience that give our clients a competitive edge.

Some advantages of direct hire staffing:

  • A team of recruiting experts with specific industry knowledge to find individuals with specialized skill sets you require.
  • Access to a database of over 1 million candidates
  • Cost savings on recruiting overhead
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MSP and Payroll

To streamline and gain efficiencies with our clients, JSG offers a Managed Service Provider (MSP) Program. A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is an outsourced agency that manages the contingent worker program of a client company by managing its preferred staffing agencies.

MSP services include:

  • Quarterly and yearly business reviews
  • Single point of contact for all hiring managers’ staffing needs
  • Fewer calls, emails, conversations
  • One timesheet, expense system, invoice
  • Consistent terms, conditions, and program compliance

JSG’s payroll services allow your company increased flexibility in hiring, mitigates co-employment exposure, and reduces unemployment costs, workers compensation claims, administration costs, and termination expenses.

Advantages of JSG’s Payroll Service Plan:

  • Ability to manage costs on a per-project basis
  • Travel and per diem costs can be managed
  • DoD secret clearances obtained

JSG Strategic Accounts

Today’s highly competitive times demand bold strategies as companies address their workforce management, technical consulting, and talent shortage needs. In our Strategic Accounts portfolio, we focus on building value-driven relationships with companies in growth industries. As talent experts, we understand your industry and talent needs. JSG’s senior level resources can provide guidance on your national workforce challenges by offering higher value staffing services such as direct hire, large volume staffing services, project/SOW solutions, IT technical solutions as well as RPO and MSP programs and master vendor management.

To address your talent and workforce management needs, contact us to discuss our strategic solutions for you!

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