Cathy Kennedy

JSG Employee Spotlight: Cathy Kennedy

Cathy Kennedy

Cathy Kennedy is a Director of Business Development at Johnson Service Group. She’s been with JSG for over five years in our San Jose office and has an extensive background in sales. We sat down with Cathy to get to know her better and learn a little more about her role at JSG.

You have an extensive background in sales. Tell us a little about your sales career.

I started my sales career at Better Office Systems (now known as Ikon) selling copiers. After about 10 years, I made the transition into the staffing industry as an area sales manager. After a few years, I ended up back in the copier business.

However, after some time, I realized I wasn’t passionate about the industry anymore. After selling thousands of copiers, I didn’t feel as satisfied each time I made a sale. As a result, I made the transition back to the staffing industry as a Director of Business Development for JSG and I’ve been here for over five years now. I have truly developed a passion for helping my clients find great candidates.

What’s different about working for JSG than the other organizations you’ve been a part of?

I love working for JSG. I have the opportunity to run my own business. My position is much more hands-on than the other sales jobs I had in the past. I fell in love with being able to help my clients find great candidates for their teams as well as help people make their next career move. It’s really rewarding helping people find new job opportunities.

At JSG, I have the opportunity to build partnerships with my clients and candidates. I personally know each of my contractors. Having these relationships helps me retain my business and keep them working. JSG offers tons of flexibility and the harder I work, the more successful I will be.

What’s an interesting part of your job that most people don’t know about?

At JSG, I have the opportunity to do a little of everything. I’m kind of a mixed bowl. I am the single point of contact for my clients and get to work directly with the hiring managers. We have great relationships and trust one another, which allows us to quickly fill their critical positions. Essentially, I am an extension of HR.

And with the unemployment rate being only 2.8 percent in the Silicon Valley, I also get the opportunity to help our team recruit when I have some spare time.

Jeremy Johnson

JSG Employee Spotlight: Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy Johnson is an Account Executive in the Mining & Heavy Industrial industries at Johnson Search Group, JSG’s direct placement division. He works out of our Spokane, WA office and has been with JSG for 1 and ½ years now. We had the pleasure to interview Jeremy about what it’s like to work at Johnson Search Group and how it’s changed his whole perspective on the impact you can make on other’s careers.

You have a very diverse career background. Tell us about yourself and what you do at Johnson Search Group.

I’ve always been a very hands-on person with a tech background. I pursued an electrical engineering degree which I enjoyed because I was able to work with my hands and see things come to life. But I wanted something more, which sent me to recruit. Recruiting allows me to make a bigger impact on others, which is a big part of who I am. In my other positions, I was able to impact a few people during my daily responsibilities. But as a recruiter, I’m able to make a big impact on my clients by finding them the talent their organization needs. I also get the opportunity to impact the career of great candidates and help find them new career paths.

What’s the #1 reason you enjoy coming to work every morning at Johnson Search Group?

I love the dance of it all. Having the opportunity to navigate in this career and the chance to be successful every day keeps me excited and ready to take on the days’ challenges because you can always make a difference. I have the opportunity to pick and choose the clients I work with which allows me to partner with companies I truly believe in. And that not only helps me be successful and enjoy what I’m doing but the freedom I have here at Johnson Search Group is really something not a lot of positions give you.

You Recruit for the Mining & Heavy Industrial Industries. What do you like about it?

I love it. Getting to come back and work in an environment I grew up around is truly exciting. My dad and grandad worked in a tungsten mine when I was younger, so I learned a lot about what it takes to be a miner. And my other grandpa worked in the paper industry. It’s crazy to see my passion revolve around a world I grew up in and fell in love with.

I was taught early about good work-ethic and it has made me the man I am today. And helps me every day when it comes to recruiting because I’ve learned the importance of understanding how the measure of a man is in his merit.

Are there any trends that you see happening in the Mining world this year?

Definitely! Competition for great candidates will only get tighter. Just like we saw last year with instrumentation and electrical professionals. I feel like this year it will be more with oil and gas companies though because they are trying to increase their in-house production instead of using other companies. We saw this in frack sand plants, which in turn, has led to even greater talent shortages.

My focus this year will be helping my clients retain their candidates because that is a big thing all mining companies need and will continue to be a big issue because of talent shortages. If I can help my clients retain and gain great candidates, then I will only be able to help grow their trust in what I can do for them in 2019!

Linnea Rummage

JSG Employee Spotlight: Linnea Rummage

Linnea Rummage

Linnea Rummage is a Human Resource Generalist at Johnson Service Group. She works out of our corporate office in Chicago and has been with JSG for almost 3 years. We sat down with Linnea and learned a little bit more about her and career with JSG.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I graduated from the University of Iowa (Go Hawks!) in 2015. I have a heavy background in retail and after college, I worked for the HR department for a hotel for about a year. Afterward, I moved back to the Chicago area where I’m from and have been working for JSG for nearly three years.

My background in retail has helped me develop a passion for customer service, which I have the opportunity of providing every day as a member of our HR team.

You work for our busy Human Resources department. Tell us a little more about your role at JSG.

I currently help manage all of the payroll for staff employees as well as pre-employment screening and paperwork. Anytime we have a new internal hire, I process all of the paperwork and ensure the onboarding process finishes smoothly.

I recently started managing I-9 employment eligibility verification compliance. We have to ensure each of our branches are following I-9 procedures, so I am working with all of our offices to make sure we are complying with all of the necessary rules.

What’s unique about working for a Human Resource department at a Staffing & Recruiting firm?

The fact that JSG is so spread out makes working for the HR department at JSG unique. We have branches all over the country and each branch runs differently. Different states have different laws, so we have to ensure we are flexible and following all of the laws accordingly.

We don’t work much with the contractors directly. This is unique because, in other companies, everyone is usually familiar with HR but because of the nature of our business, we just don’t interact with contractors, unless they request to speak with JSG corporate HR.

Do you and the HR team have any goals for 2019?

Our goal is to continue to provide excellent customer service for our staff and contract workers. We want them to know that the HR team is here to help and make the onboarding process as efficient as possible

We are also working diligently to streamline some of the paperwork and procedures by doing them more electronically. This will allow us to make hiring procedures more efficient and get our new employees onboard quicker!

Marla Kilgore

JSG Employee Spotlight: Marla Kilgore

Marla Kilgore

Marla Kilgore is a Sr. Recruiter from our Knoxville, Birmingham, and Nashville offices. She has been with JSG for over 10 years and has a tremendous amount of industry experience. We sat down with her and learned a little more about her time with JSG and her impressive career as a recruiter.

You have nearly 24 years of experience in the Staffing and Recruiting industry. What has kept you working in this field for so long?

I’ve been in the Staffing industry since 1995. During the early years of my career, I specialized in perm staffing for engineering. I then moved to another recruiting firm after two years at JSG. After four years with that firm, I decided to return to JSG and have been working here for over 10 years collectively.

What do you enjoy about being a recruiter?

What I enjoy about staffing is the ever-changing environment. Helping candidates find new career opportunities is so rewarding. I love being able to follow the careers of the candidates I have placed. I have a story I reflect on often. I once placed a great candidate with one of our clients. Since I placed him, he has received five different promotions within the company. I have had the privilege of staying in touch with him and watching his career grow. Which again has solidified my passion for recruiting.

You worked for JSG for two years and moved on to another opportunity. What made you decide to return to the JSG family in 2011?

In 2011 after a brief departure, I decided to return to JSG. I love the flexibility that JSG offers to their employees. The company genuinely cares about your success and wants to watch you succeed. The people at JSG are incredible and our leadership team is great.

JSG is also a leader in recruiting for engineering roles which are my specialty. My brother is also a civil engineer, and it has helped strengthen my background in the industry. Engineering positions are also very fun to recruit on because they have so many different skill sets, depending on the type and role.

You’ve had a very successful career in the Staffing and Recruiting world. What are you hoping to accomplish in 2019?

My goal is to place as many people as I can. I want to help JSG as well as myself be successful throughout the year by placing hardworking candidates with our great clients. I work remotely but have the opportunity to work with several different offices throughout the company. It’s my goal to help each office source talented candidates and help them launch their careers.

February Anniversaries

February 2019 Anniversaries and January New Hires

February Anniversaries

Please join us in celebrating our staff with anniversaries in the month of February! We appreciate your dedication and service to JSG. We love having you on the team. Congratulations!

February Anniversaries

Atlanta, GA

Maribel Gomez – 9 years

Kathina Williams – 3 years

Ed Galenza – 2 years

Moieshae Burroughs – 1 year

Bedford, TX

Dan Geil – 10 years

Birmingham, AL

Sandra Roberts – 3 years

Blue Bell, PA

Allen Mudalel – 22 years

Chris Aiello – 8 years

Chicago, IL

Kimberly Kennedy and Nick Yacobi – 2 years

Knoxville, TN

Marla Kilgore – 8 years

North Charleston, SC

Miranda Jones – 7 years

January New Hires

We gained some fresh faces in January here at JSG, and we’d love for you to join us in welcoming them to the family! Welcome to the team!

January New Hires

Atlanta, GA

Rachel Cottone

Lauren Miller

Aretha Allen

Bedford, TX

Angelica Hernandez

Chicago, IL

Mallory Witry

Houston, TX

Andrea Shank

North Charleston, SC

Taylor Graves

Jamie Tran

JSG Employee Spotlight: Jamie Tran

Jamie Tran

Jamie Tran is a Regional Account Manager at JSG. She works out of our Bedford, TX office and has nearly 15 years of experience in the Staffing & Recruiting industry. We sat down with Jamie for a few minutes to get to know her a little better.

You’ve been with JSG for almost 10 years. Tell us a little about your time with the company.

I’ve been in the Staffing and Recruiting industry since 2005. In 2009, I started working for JSG as a Sr. Technical Recruiter. Several years later, I transitioned into my current position as a Regional Account Manager in 2013.

The transition was a little daunting at first, but I’ve grown to love my role here at JSG. I genuinely enjoy interacting with our clients and love fostering our relationships with them. Our office’s specialty is Aerospace; however, we service many different industries.

You have a ton of experience in the Staffing & Recruiting industry. How has the industry changed over the years and what are your thoughts on the tight market we are currently seeing?

In the world of recruiting, we currently have more resources than we have ever had before. New job boards and social media has really made a huge impact on our recruiting efforts over the years. We have more avenues to reach out to candidates which makes it easier to find that “purple squirrel.”

The candidate-driven market we are currently in forces us to be more creative with our recruiting methods. It has also helped us place an emphasis on retention of our current contractors and clients. Our office motto is “smile and dial.” We have to build great relationships with our clients and candidates and have strong, personal communication with them.

What are the goals for you and your team this year?

Every year, we strive to perform better. Our team continuously works to provide exceptional customer service to both our clients and our candidates. We want our candidates to be part of the JSG family for the long-term and continue to help them find their next assignment or position.

Lindsay Pate

JSG Employee Spotlight: Lindsay Pate


Lindsay Pate

Lindsay Pate is a Market Director here at Johnson Service Group and works out of our Charleston, SC office. She has been with JSG for over 13 years and offers a wealth of knowledge in the staffing and recruiting industry. We sat down with her to get to know her and her team a little bit better. Here’s what she had to say.

Tell us a little about your time here with JSG and your office in Charleston.

I started working for JSG in October of 2005 for the Charleston, SC office. The office opened up just six months prior to me being hired as a Staffing Coordinator. When this office was established, it was created to service our aviation efforts. Since then, it has evolved into specializing in the IT, Engineering, and Professional Services industries.

A few months after working at JSG, I became a recruiter, which is where I found my passion. Through the years, I have been promoted to a Senior Recruiter, a Branch Manager of our office, and I now serve as a Market Director.

You’ve been with JSG for over 13 years. How has the company changed through the years and what’s kept you here for so long?

It has been interesting to watch JSG and the Charleston office evolve through the years. When I first started working, we didn’t even have an IT or a Marketing department. Over the years, JSG has done a fantastic job streamlining processes and remaining competitive in the staffing & recruiting industry.

I worked for another staffing firm briefly before my tenure with JSG. I wasn’t sure I would enjoy a career in the industry, but JSG reignited my passion for recruiting; the company gave me the opportunity to grow as a recruiting professional. The leadership at JSG is fantastic. I have had the opportunity to work with great leaders throughout the years and Mike Measures, our Senior Vice President, is a tremendous asset to our team.

What are your goals for you and your team this year?

Our goal is to be the best. We take pride in the relationships we have developed over the years and it’s our goal to continue to foster partnerships with both our clients and candidates. We have the right people and if we continue to be faithful to our commitment of service excellence, we will have an incredible year.

Maribel Gomez

JSG Employee Spotlight – Maribel Gomez


Maribel Gomez

Maribel Gomez is an Account Manager for Johnson Service Group. She has been with JSG for nearly nine years and has over 20 years of experience in the Staffing & Recruiting industry. Maribel specializes in recruiting for the Aviation industry and works on-site with one of our clients in Florida. We sat down with her to get to know her a little better. Here’s what she had to say.

You’ve been with JSG for nine years this February. Congratulations! Tell us about your time here with JSG.

I started working for our JSG Atlanta team in 2010 as an On-site Coordinator. About three months later, I transitioned into a recruiting role in the Aviation industry and have been doing that ever since. I currently work on-site with one of our clients in Florida.

You’ve been with JSG for almost a decade. What do you like about working with JSG and what’s kept you here?

I love working for JSG. Johnson Service Group has allowed me to continue to grow and take on more responsibility throughout my time with the company. At my previous position, I was an on-site coordinator and wasn’t allowed to grow within the company. JSG and the Atlanta team instills trust in me and has allowed me to grow as a professional, which has allowed me to become an even better recruiter. The leadership is great, and I love coming to work every single day.

Why do you like working in the Aviation industry so much?

I’ve worked in the Aviation industry for nearly 22 years. My husband works in Aviation, as well as my son. Even my father-in-law and brother-in-law work in the industry, so you can say it’s a family affair. The Aviation industry fascinates me and has always just made sense to me. I enjoy being able to recruit in an industry that I understand well because it allows me to find the right candidates for my clients. My expertise in the field gives me the ability to source candidates who are going to make a tremendous impact for our clients.

What are your goals for you and your team in 2019?

We want to become the #1 staffing provider in maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) in the Aviation industry. My team and I want to continue to offer superior customer service to our clients and candidates. We want to continue to find talented candidates for our clients as well as ensure our candidates are part of the JSG family for life. It’s our goal to help our contractors find new job opportunities once their contract is finished. We want to keep our contractors working and partner with them throughout their careers, helping them and their families find great jobs throughout the country.

Kyle Hill

JSG Employee Spotlight: Kyle Hill

Kyle Hill

Kyle Hill is the Manager of Field Resources for JSG Professional Services ULC, JSG’s Canadian division. Kyle works out of our new office in Magnolia, TX and has been with JSG for about three months. We sat down with Kyle and got to know him and his team a little bit better. Here’s what he had to say.

Your team in Magnolia, TX is one of the newest additions to Johnson Service Group. How is everything going so far?

The last three months have been an adventure. I’ve had to put on my entrepreneurial hat as David Traicoff, Business Development Manager at JSG, and I start to build and grow the new office here in Magnolia. We’ve been meeting with lots of prospective clients, making tons of phone calls, and just trying to hit the ground running.

We earned a large payroll contract over the holidays and we are currently working on gaining a few more.

You have extensive experience within the Oil & Gas industry and with pipeline construction. How have these skillsets helped you with your new role here at JSG?

I’ve worked in the Oil & Gas industry for over 15 years. After working in this industry for many years, it has built a lot of character and has allowed me to foster great relationships with many different people within the industry. I am able to reach out to people because they know me and trust me because of my character.

Throughout my career, I have developed tons of experience with safety and training within the Oil & Gas industry. My background has tremendously facilitated my transition into the Staffing & Recruiting world within the Oil & Gas field down here in Texas.

What are your goals for you and your team for 2019?

Our goal for 2019 is to continue to grow our office here in Magnolia and obtain more clients. We just hired a new HR Admin to help us run the office more efficiently; we are excited to keep growing our business throughout the year and look forward to a great 2019!

JSG Employee Spotlight: Steven Harwan

Steve Harwan is a Senior Technical Recruiter at Johnson Service Group. He has over 30 years of recruiting experience and works for our Blue Bell, PA office. We sat down with him and asked him a few questions about his impressive career in the staffing and recruiting industry. Read what Steve had to say!

After two long stints with other recruiting firms, what made you decide to join the JSG team last year?

I started as an engineering recruiter a “few” years ago. As a result, I have developed a strong background in recruiting for engineering roles. I have worked with both Ed Zetusky and Mike Adelman, Senior Vice Presidents of JSG, in the past. After having a conversation with Ed and Mike and after some organizational changes with the firm I was working for previously, I decided to make the transition to JSG.

It’s been an excellent leap so far! JSG’s expertise in the engineering industry is a great match for my background and skillsets.

You’ve been in the staffing and recruiting industry for over 30 years. How has it changed over time and what changes are you currently seeing in the industry?

Over the last couple of years, it’s become more difficult to find people interested in contract work. With the current state of the job market, workers have numerous job opportunities at their disposal. We have to be more creative when trying to attract contract workers.

And with technology changes throughout the years, the way we communicate with clients and candidates has drastically transformed. It’s easier to build relationships with both clients and candidates now that we have many different communication methods, such as texting and emailing.

What are some of the keys that have made your career as a recruiter successful over the years?

One thing that has helped me be successful in my career is having the mindset that you can get it done and that you can always find somebody. Whether it’s finding a talented candidate or partnering with a new client, if there is a will, there’s a way.

Another key to my success is always let people know that you are looking. You have to continue to reach out to people and if you consistently do that, you will eventually find the right people for the job.

Connect with Steve on LinkedIn!