Staying Safe at JSG

Here at JSG, safety is of the utmost importance to us. Because of this, our Safety Team (led by Amanda Walton) is constantly seeking ways to keep our employees safe and learn how to best support them if an accident happens on the job. Read on to hear about what our safety team has been up to recently.

Best Practices Training

Over the past month, Safety has attended some events to stay updated on the latest safe work practices. At the end of April, the entire Safety Team attended the Illinois Chamber of Conference training class for Best Practices for Post-Accident Procedures from a Legal Perspective at the Connor Gallagher office. This training covered how to best investigate claims and support workers through legal documentation and communication. The Safety Team will continue to use their processes to maintain a safe and productive work environment for all JSG employees.

Occupational Safety and Health Training

The entire Safety Team also completed the worker occupational safety and health specialist training with the Berkley Labor Occupational Health Program. This four-part training highlighted promoting effective safety programs, as well as identifying and controlling workplace hazards. The program also focused on health & safety rights and responsibilities and workers’ compensation/OSHA.

JSG cares about health and safety!

Safety Team

Safety Team at Illinois Chamber of Conference training

May Highlight: Welcome Back, Linnea!

Our HR department welcomed back a familiar face this past month—Linnea Rummage! For the past year and a half that we were without Linnea, JSG was always in the back of her mind. Dare we say, she missed us. Linnea says that she loves the people at JSG, as well as the opportunities for growth and making an impact. Her passion for service and people is what drew her to Human Resources. We are so grateful to have her back on the team!

Some fun facts about Linnea:
– She loves to read and is currently participating in a book club.
– Linnea is the proud parent of two cats, Harry and PJ (see below).
– She is a college football fan—most Saturdays in the Fall, you will find her watching and rooting for her favorite team (“Go Hawks” – Linnea Rummage).
– Linnea likes to spend her free time with the people she loves, her friends and family. Bonus points if they are going to a concert together.
– She likes to travel. She recently went to Mexico, and you will find her in St. Maarten in early 2023.
– Linnea originally wanted a Fashion Merchandising and Marketing degree but realized she wanted to pursue a degree in Human Resources.
– *EXTRA Fun Fact*: The president of the Society for Human Resources Management club at the University of Iowa (her alma mater) worked at JSG in HR and helped her get a job here in 2016.


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Formatting Your Resume

You may wonder how to effectively design your resume to grab a recruiter’s attention and highlight your experience and skills adequately. Making a resume clear and easy on the eyes can be the difference between getting noticed and skipped over.

Font and Spacing

It may be tempting to want to fit as much information as possible on your resume, decreasing the margins, shrinking the spacing, and lowering the font size to 4. RESIST TEMPTATION. Use a basic and easy-to-read font like Calibri or Times New Roman. Do not use a font size smaller than 10 point. You want the recruiter to be able to read all the information you filled the page with! Keep standard margins and line spacing as either 1.0 or 1.15.

Creative or Plain?

The answer to this question may be different when applying for a job in an artistic field, but in general, keep your resume as simple as possible. Although it may seem appealing to have a “pretty” looking resume, it usually makes it more challenging to read. Stick with simple black and white—if you must, you could use gray if you wanted to separate some text/let it fade into the background (e.g., dates of employment). Remember K I S S: keep it simple, Sandler! (Adam Sandler is NOTORIOUS for his impeccably simple resumes).


You have probably heard the age-old rule—don’t let your resume spill over one page! Is this true? YES. . .and no. If you are newer to the job market, stick to only one page. You CAN go over a page if you have over ten years of experience. If you are struggling to pare down your work experience, take off any experience that is not relevant to the job for which you are applying. Examine your job descriptions and make sure they are as succinct as possible.

 Looking for help with the content of your resume? Check out this previous article we posted about writing an effective resume!


3 Reasons You are Not Hearing Back about Your Application

You have applied to plenty of jobs, but you have yet to hear back from any recruiters. Is there something wrong with your resume? What could you have done wrong? Read below for a few reasons you may not be hearing back about your application.

Bad Resume Formatting/Content

Having a readable resume can be the difference between getting a job and being unemployed. When filling a highly sought-after position, resumes that are difficult to read or understand may be skipped. Always put relevant experience at the top of your resume and add any other experience you deem necessary to still include under an “addition experience” section after it. In each section, put your most recent experience first. Keep things plain and easy to read with a clear font and simple formatting. Check out our previous article about creating an appealing resume.


You may be shooting a little too high for what you are truly qualified to do. Be sure you are applying for jobs that you have met the experience and education requirements for (or have at least come close to). If a job is looking for “{1-2} years of experience in {marketing}” and you have absolutely no experience, chances are that you will not get a call back. If you do not have experience in the field that you are trying to get a job in, it may be beneficial to take some classes or get a certificate in that field. This shows the recruiter that you are serious about pursuing that career and have some fresh experience with the kind of work you would be doing.  

Need for Credibility

Some companies put a lot of weight on references and personal connections. Recruiters want to know that you are a reliable person and employee. Even if it may not be required in the application, it may be helpful to send along a reference from a past employer. It may be beneficial to make a personal connection by phone or email after sending in your resume. Remind them that there is a real person behind that job application!

Job hunting can be exhausting. Don’t let the lack of responses get you down. Use the tips above to send your applications in with confidence and get the job you want!

Engineering: What are your options?

You may be considering a career in engineering or switching what specific field you would like to work in. These careers can range from very hands-on physical tasks to very computer-heavy work. There a plenty of options for you, five of which are outlined below!


Civil Engineers build and maintain our living environment. They work on everything from roads to bridges to buildings. They also construct water and energy systems. In addition to supporting the essential functions of society, they also work to help improve pollution control and recycling/waste disposal.


Electrical Engineers design, test, and maintain the manufacturing of electrical equipment. This could be anything from cell phones to construction equipment. Electrical is a sprawling field, as technology is used nowadays in nearly every aspect of society.


Software Engineers work primarily in programming. In this field, they will analyze the user’s needs and develop software to meet those needs. Software Engineers will ensure the functionality of these programs by fixing and improving the software throughout its use.


Chemical Engineers do work in MANY different areas. They work with everything from food to pollution control to energy solutions. In addition to this, they develop chemicals to improve all aspects of the world around us!


Nuclear Engineers work with nuclear energy and radiation. In addition to designing energy solutions/nuclear reactors, nuclear workers ensure that they are safe, both for workers and the area surrounding the plant.

We have barely scratched the surface of the multitude of engineering fields you can enter. Their work is behind almost every aspect of our lives! If you are looking to change career paths and pursue engineering, check out this article about changing jobs!


Starting Your Online Job Search

Starting an online job search can be daunting. Which websites are credible? Where are the most up-to-date postings? Read below for a list of credible websites you can use to find your next job!


Not only can you network on Linkedin, but you can also search for jobs! Simply click on the “Jobs” tab at the top of the page, and search based on your preferred criteria. Using their tools, you can set up job alerts to notify you about any new openings in your field and geographical preference. Linkedin even has resources for skills assessments, resume help, and interview prep.


Another helpful job search tool is Indeed. In addition to searching for jobs, you can also read company reviews and search for salaries. You can use these tools to be better prepared for interviews and negotiations.


The website CareerBuilder posts available jobs and allows you to upload your resume and collect career advice. The site will recommend jobs to you based on your searches and experience.


ZipRecruiter is another highly rated job searching website. Like the other sites mentioned above, ZipRecruiter has plenty of postings, as well as information on salaries for your position in your area. If you post your resume, recruiters can seek you out for jobs they are looking to fill!


Another notable website you can search on is Monster. Monster allows you to upload your resume and get help with your job search. Recruiters can reach out to you if they are interested in your resume.

Job searching can be intimidating and exhausting—look to the right resources. Get started on that online job search; your next job could be right at your fingertips. Here are some tips on creating a great resume to put out into the recruiting world!

April Employee Highlight: Frank Pytel

After working with Johnson Service Group for an incredible 37 years, Frank Pytel has made the exciting decision to retire this month! Although Dale and Ken Slater are quite convinced that he will simply return to work after a week or two of rest, the Chicago office threw a retirement party to celebrate all the excellent work that Frank has done over the decades that he has worked for JSG.

Frank Pytel started with JSG back in 1985, when the company was just a small operation. He stuck with us as we grew to what we are now—one of the largest staffing firms in North America! We’ve had our share of successes and struggles over the years, and Frank’s contributions to JSG extend far beyond contractor placements and AVM reports.  

Frank is a kind-hearted, intentional person. He was always a reliable resource for both seasoned salespeople and brand-new employees–someone to give advice and bounce ideas off. Frank built strong relationships with both his coworkers and clients. He made a point to understand clients’ exact needs and communicate those to recruiters in order to find the perfect candidate. The office will not be the same without Frank’s stories and jokes!

After his last day on April 15th, Frank will retire to spend more time with his wife of 40 years, Karen, as well as his children and grandchildren. Frank will spend his time golfing, watching sports, and taking frequent trips to Florida and Arizona. We wish him the best for this upcoming season of rest.

Thank you for all your fantastic work, Frank! You will be missed.

Some words from JSG leaders, Dale and Ken Slater:

A lot happens when a person spends over 37 years with the same company… not the least of which is that they become part of your family and you theirs. We wish Frank the best in his retirement and hope that the future for him and his family is filled with many great days and years ahead. Congratulations, Frank!… and THANK YOU!”

February 2022 New Hires

We are excited to introduce some new team members to the JSG family! Please join us in welcoming our newest employees and take a moment to learn a little bit more about each of them.

  • I’m from Memphis, TN and recently in the past year relocated to Dallas, TX to be closer to the TX BBQ(partially true).
  • My background is in national implementation for contingent on-site workforce solutions in the staffing space.
  • I enjoy spending time with my spouse Chelsea and being outdoors with our fur baby Dior getting into anything that allows us to be physically active as a family.
  • I’m a true fan of the game of football(not a cowboy’s fan by any stretch of the imagination for those wondering) and when I have free time, I enjoy attending spoken word performances around the city with Chelsea.

  • I am a Die Hard Eagles and Phillies fan (Also a 76ers and Flyers fan)
  • Prior to working at Johnson Service Group I was an Assistant Tournament Director at Perfect Game USA. (Baseball Scouting Organization)
  • I graduated from Rowan University with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management
  • I have a passion for making websites as a second source of income
  • I love having a good time with family and friends

  • I have a beautiful fiancé Chloe who works in a childcare facility, her future ambitions are to open her own daycare one day. I also have a stunning daughter (thank goodness to Chloe) who just turned two on the 15th of January. She’s a fantastic kiddo and I am glad to be her father!
  • I started my career at a part-time gig during high school working for a call center where I worked retention for 24Hour Fitness. I was nominated for my consistent retention rate and that’s where my love of sales pretty much blossomed. I became a store manager for T-Mobile and managed roughly 5 employees when I was 20. I was #1 in the company in the month of March 2020 when COVID struck. I transitioned out of retail into the insurance world. I realized I loved the desk job life and it suited me well. I took an opportunity as a Territory Manager for an aspiring agent where we created a 12-month road map that consisted of 2 two sales teams (English, bilingual “Spanish”) and two offices in two states. The contract between my Agent and our appointed insurance company was changed dramatically and turned our business from “profitable” to “not profitable” and we sadly had to close our doors.
  • I am pretty avid into Tech and find myself building small to medium size gaming rigs and selling them. I also am working on my own sales book “AACE Your Expectations” where I talk about the 4 key pillars to be a successful salesman within any industry.
  • I am also working with a small startup that is reshaping the way we experience “workcations” and I game on occasion. Love reading! I mentor young aspiring entrepreneurs and help give them the tools to be successful, fills my cup!

Meet Our JSG Spokane Team

Our Spokane office houses a team of Full-Desk Recruiters ready to assist with your staffing needs throughout the United States in a variety of industries. When you partner with our team to find your next team member or career, you’ll work with the same point of contact from requisition to the final offer. Here’s an opportunity to meet our JSG Spokane team and get to know who you’ll be working with!

Connect with me on LinkedIn

I am passionate about finding the perfect match for both my candidates and clients.  I really enjoy meeting new people daily and making a positive impact into their lives and into organizations. At JSG, we value relationships and enjoy earning your trust. Being an industry matchmaker and expert, my mission is to find the best candidates with the industry and technical experience along with the soft skills that will be a cultural fit for your organization.

Connect with me on LinkedIn

This is so much more than just a job for me. I am a people person and nothing makes me happier than making people smile. I am also the mother of a childhood cancer survivor so healthcare recruiting is exactly where I am supposed to be. I now give back to every facet within the healthcare industry placing only the best candidates that are a fit for your team, organization, culture, and communities.

Connect with me on LinkedIn

As an Executive Recruiter, I work exclusively with Banking professionals in Texas. 2022 is poised to be a challenging year for even the best banks to find the top talent that they’re looking for. With our solid recruiting model at JSG, we continue to add measurable value to all of our relationships. Sourcing permanent, temporary, and contract candidates not only keeps our value well rounded but also ensures that our pipeline is full to build your success. Our methods have proven time and time again that we are the best partner to have as a resource for business and talent growth, regardless of any challenge.

Connect with me on LinkedIn

I am a Mining & Heavy Industrial Recruiter for JSG. I have an extensive background in customer service, where I developed a passion for delivering personal and professional service to all my clients. I love the challenge of connecting top-tier candidates with my clients at multiple locations across the United States.

When I am not digging up diamonds in the rough for my clients, I am busy working on the farm and digging up my own crystals in rural Idaho.

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I am a Banking Recruiter in the Pacific Northwest. I have an extensive background in retail sales where I developed a passion for delivering personal and attentive service to all of my clients. I love to work with my clients to solve their staffing problems by taking the time to understand their brand, culture, and team dynamic.

Connect with me on LinkedIn

Recruiting Tomorrow’s Future Leaders – As an Executive Recruiter, I am tasked with the opportunity of staffing the midwest’s most prominent banks and credit unions. Navigating the market can be a little daunting, let me guide you through the process and help you nail your dream career. Even if you aren’t quite in the market, let’s talk about your future endeavors and create a path for your career.

Connect with me on LinkedIn

I am a Recruiter in the Banking industry. I have been recruiting in the banking space for over 2 years and have an extensive past in marketing. I am committed to being a highly personalized recruiter, that takes pride in a passionate and focused approach by developing constant rapport with both my clients as well as my candidates. I have a proven track record of successfully sourcing talent in various aspects.

Connect with me on LinkedIn

I have over 20 years of customer service starting in the restaurant industry, with 15 years of server and bartending experience. I most recently worked in the Industrial Controls and Telecommunications industry as an Account Executive, building new and maintaining existing relationships. I am currently an IT Executive Recruiter for Johnson Service Group, working with the top IT candidates on the market.


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2022 will be a challenging year for companies to find the right talent. JSG has a proven recruiting model that continues to bring this talent to our clients. JSG’s team of recruiters is dedicated to this process and will continue to earn your business in 2022. This team is truly some of the best I have had in my 35+ years of experience. They are led by our office’s A/E of the year and Circle of Achievement winner Dana Belstler. Our verticals in Mining, Pulp and Paper, Healthcare, Banking, Accounting, Finance, and Information Technology show our growth and deep understanding of our focus. Which is to bring our clients the best talent on the market today. I tell customers every day, “In order to bring you the best talent in the market, you have to work with the best recruiters in the industry, and at JSG you have that.”

January 2022 New Hires

  • Raised in North Idaho, currently in Washington with my 8-year-old son and 5 dogs.
  • My last 2 years have been in the recruiting industry, starting with JSG, but before that, I was in marketing.
  • Love fishing, hiking, camping, and all the fun summer stuff when it’s nice and warm!

  • Born and raised in Spokane, Washington. Have a 22-year-old daughter and 9lb. Minpin named Kevin.
  • I’ve spent the last 5 years as an AE in the ICP and Telecommunications industry, and have 20 years of restaurant experience
  • Love everything outdoors, movies, music, sports, traveling, Seahawks football, family and friends

  • I have 27 years of Recruiting, Sales, and Business Development experience.
  • I specialize in hiring many types of Engineering and Manufacturing professionals with an emphasis on the Direct and Contract Recruitment of Aerospace, Manufacturing, Medical, Cosmetic, Commercial and Financial professionals.
  • I’m based out of Calabasas, CA but recruit nationwide.

  • I was originally born outside of Dallas, TX, and moved up to the Chicagoland area when I was 4 years old. So, I have always been a Texan/southerner at heart.
  • I have an amazing son, Devin, who is 18 years old and works at O’Hare Airport and I also have 3 wonderful step-kids.
  • I have a background in Risk/Safety as well as an extensive background in Customer Service.
  • I am very involved with a few charities that provide financial assistance to families that have children battling cancer and organizations that raise money for childhood cancer research.  This is something very near and dear to my heart.

  • I recently graduated from Rowan University in spring 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in business management and a psychology minor. I formerly worked at Enterprise Holdings as a management trainee intern.
  • I vacation in New Hampshire every summer, as I have family up there. We all enjoy swimming, hiking, and enjoying the beautiful summer weather there.
  • I am an avid sports fan, and my favorite team is the Phillies. I also root for the Eagles, Sixers, and Flyers as well. I love to go to as many games as possible.
  • I enjoy staying active and working out at the gym, as well as enjoying time with my family and friends.

  • Most of my career background comes from Recruiting, it can be stressful at times but helping someone get employed has always been really rewarding to me.
  • I’m from South Central LA then moved to SLC, Utah (culture shock)
  • I’m a certified Makeup Artist, primarily in Special Effects

  • Married for 31 years
  • 3 sons, 1 daughter
  • 3 granddaughters, 5  grandsons
  • Play music for fun

  • I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.
  • I’m a huge fan of Disney and hockey, GO Blackhawks!
  • Ran a half marathon back in 2018.

  • I live in a small, charming town in Crete, IL which is south of Chicago about 35 miles.  My family migrated to Chicago over 100 years ago with both sides being from Sweden. Currently, my family consists of myself and a 10# Maltese Dog.
  • My career has been in Accounts Receivable in some fashion or another.  I have had positions in Accounting, Finance, and A/R but all dealt with Accounts Receivable trending, analysis and reporting etc.
  • I love to do yard work in the summer.  I enjoy cooking as I have some recipes leftover from my ancestors.  My favorite is Swedish Sausage which I make every year on Christmas day. Oh, occasionally I make stained glass.