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Keeping your Workplace Safe

June is National Safety Month! While safety should be a priority all year, we thought it might be beneficial to highlight a few basic ways to keep your workplace safe. Safety in the workplace can look wildly diverse and require many different precautions depending on the field. 

Bodily Awareness

Listen to your body cues! Being in tune with how your body reacts to your environment and its physical demands can save you (and those around you) from many health and safety problems. If something feels off, take the necessary measures to either fix it or bring it to the attention of your HR or Safety team. See someone who is unlicensed operating machinery? Tell your manager. Experiencing pain from the items you are lifting? Check in with Safety. If something feels off, it most likely means that something is off. Make sure to speak up!

Rules and Regulations

HUGE part of staying safe this month (and the rest of the year) is following all rules, regulations, and laws meant to keep you safe in the workplace. Not only are these guidelines in place to protect you, but they are also meant to protect those around you. You know what they say: “better safe than sorry!” Those holding leadership positions in a company should be especially conscious of following guidelines to set a precedent for others.


Do some research on what you may be at risk for in your workplace, whether it be carpal tunnel syndrome or getting your arm stuck in a baler. It is essential to be aware so that you can take preventative measures to protect yourself and perhaps those around you. Refresh yourself on what your company procedures are when it comes to safety. Ensure that you are following guidelines closely.

A safe workplace is a cornerstone to having a happy and healthy work environment

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