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Midwest Staffing

JSG Happenings: Midwest Staffing Conference

Here at JSG, we like to keep everyone updated on what our employees are up to in our different offices across North America. This week, we had a couple of recruiters from our Westmont, IL location attend the Midwest Staffing Conference, hosted by ASA (American Staffing Association) and ISSA (Illinois Search & Staffing Association) in Rosemont, Illinois.

Client Interactions

Our recruiters went through an exercise highlighting the five phases of relationship and how those relate to our clients. This allowed our recruiters to analyze our client relationships and look for ways to improve communication and connection. We want our relationships with our clients to be mutually beneficial. Each party should feel like they have something to gain from the other. We want to ensure that our client companies see us as a positive help and relief, not just a necessary step in hiring.

Candidate Interactions

Our recruiters were reminded that talking to candidates is all about building trust in their partnership. Candidates are looking first to trust their recruiter. We want to build credibility with them, so they trust that we submit them to solid jobs. Creating a positive relationship with our candidates (turned employees) makes for a supportive partnership between contractor and recruiter. We want to find out what our candidates need and be able to provide and support them through it.

Key Takeaway: Partnership

Staffing and Recruiting should be a PARTNERSHIP between the Salesperson and Clients, as well as the Recruiter and the Candidate. These relationships are mutually beneficial. Everyone must work together to see success. JSG wants to ensure that both clients and candidates are happy. We recognize that most candidates and clients are looking to grow, and we want to be a great support throughout the growth process.

JSG is always looking to grow and improve. This is why we put effort into learning and shifting with hiring trends. JSG cares about you and your success!




*photo courtesy of Illinois recruiter Hayley Kancius

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