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Communicating Company Values to Candidates

Communicating Company Values to Candidates

When hiring new employees, it is crucial that they know what your company stands for. How can you communicate your values as genuine, rather than just all talk?

Share employee experience

Typically, it is good to have a candidate interview with more than one person from your company. Use this to your advantage to share information about your values. Encourage whoever is interviewing the candidate to share what they genuinely like about the company and what it stands for. Suppose your employee truly feels like your company reflects your values well. In that case, this will be communicated to the candidate in how the employee speaks about the company.

Cite the action behind your words

Describe for your candidate how the company values play into daily work. You can speak about this when describing what they can expect when working for you. For example, if you value balance, you may refer to how you do not ask employees to work past regular hours. If your company values community outreach, you could mention your company’s monthly volunteer projects. Candidates are wary of companies that spew buzz words without actions to back them up.

Ask their opinion

Good companies care about their employee’s opinions. This can start as far back as the interview process. Ask them what values they like to see in the company they are working for. Share with them what your company sees as important and how that may align with what they value. Not only does this open the door for conversation about company values, but it also signals to the interviewee that your company is willing to take opinions and criticism into account when growing and changing the company.

Your company values should be somewhat evident in how you conduct business. Giving candidates a taste of your day-to-day, having them talk to other employees, and doing a little bit of shameless self/company promotion is all you need to communicate your values to potential employees.

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