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Employers: Hiring Trends to Follow

The market is constantly changing, and keeping up with hiring trends is crucial to attracting the best candidates. Many employers are no longer only hiring for hard skills or expecting candidates to simply come to them. Trends are changing, and candidates expect more from their interviewing experience.

Personal Recruiting Experience

Candidates are looking to trust their recruiters these days. It is essential that as someone enters the hiring process, whoever they are speaking to builds trust and sells themselves to the candidate. When the candidate trusts their contact at the company, they also trust their opinions (a.k.a. why they should work for the company, why they may be a good fit, etc.). Candidates do not want just to be thrown into the hiring machine; they want to be treated as human and recognize the person on the other side of the phone as human as well.

Employer Image

Candidates are looking to work for companies with values they believe in. Candidates want to see a well-branded company with a clear mission as well as defined goals and values. Is the company staying up to date? Is their brand kit sharp? Do the words in their mission/goals/values have meaning, or are they all just buzz words? Candidates have increasingly begun to look for more out of the companies they decide to work for.

Soft Skills

Hiring and retaining employees with good soft skills is essential to creating a healthy culture in which candidates will want to work. While some hard skills are critical for a position, good soft skills can make up for places where hard skills are lacking. In many cases, it may be better to have a quick learner without a hard skill than an employee who possesses that hard skill but lacks communication skills and takes a while to catch on to new tasks. Allowing some flex in your hard skills and going after the soft skills is key to hiring the right candidates to foster growth in your company.

Keeping up with candidate trends allows your company to grow steadily and stay relevant in the hiring community.

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