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Likeable Job Interview

How to be Likeable in a Job Interview

Oftentimes, the decision between one candidate and another comes down to one thing: likeability. It can be the quality that sets you apart from those with similar skill sets and experience levels.

Follow their Lead

Take hints from the interviewer when it comes to the ~vibe~ of the interview. If they seem to be acting formally during the interview, stay more serious. If they are joking around, take their lead and joke back! In this instance, you are the one coming into their environment, so you should match their energy. Do not get me wrong—you do not need to change your personality. We just want to avoid coming off too serious or goofy for the job.

Accept Offers

People like to help people. This may sound silly, but if you are offered a drink or something to make you more comfortable during the interview process, take it. It makes them feel like they have done you a favor and makes a tiny little connection. It seems small and insignificant, but it helps to humanize you and (somehow) makes you more likeable.

Be Honest

Do not try to fudge things when you do not know the answer. There is nothing less attractive to a company than candidates trying to BS their way through an interview. Remember: our goal is to be likeable. If you do not know the answer to a question or do not understand the question, say so! Alongside that, you can offer what you think your best answer may be. Offering what you DO know shows you have skills and knowledge to show off, even if you do not have a solution to their exact question. In addition to this, it signals to the interviewer that you are willing to admit when you do not know the answer, and you are willing to ask for help when needed.

We know most articles would tell you to “just be yourself” or something like that, but we refuse to say that—too cliché. Plus, you already probably knew that. Go into that interview with confidence—you’ve got this!


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