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5 Entry Level Jobs in Healthcare

5 Entry Level Jobs in Healthcare

Are you looking to work in healthcare, but you are unsure where to start looking? It is an exciting field with many diverse options! Read on for a few job options to get you started in this extensive field.

Certified Nurse Assistant

Known as a CNA for short, a Nurse Assistant is a great jumping point for someone interested in working directly with patients. While being a CNA requires some coursework and a certification exam beforehand in order to be licensed for work, one can usually complete it in 6 months to a year.

Dental Hygienist

This is a (generally) low-pressure job, but that does not mean that it is not fast-paced! Dental Hygienists perform cleanings, administer anesthesia, give specific treatments, and take X-rays, among plenty of other responsibilities. You must be licensed by the state in which you will be practicing. Dental Hygienist responsibilities can vary based on level of education, as one can get up to a master’s degree in dental hygiene.

PT/OT/ST Assistant

Often, one can become an assistant to Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, or Speech Therapists. This person works under the licensed therapist and assists in monitoring patients and their progress, in addition to helping them with exercises. You must be licensed to be an assistant, as you are aiding in one’s healing or growing when their bodies are in very malleable states!

Healthcare Administrator

An entry-level Healthcare Administrator position would include quite a bit of work with billing and managing accounts and authorizations. An administrator will also ensure that the office is following all necessary regulations. This is an excellent position for those looking to enter the business side of healthcare. Typically, a Healthcare Administrator job (or one similar) requires a bachelor’s degree in business, healthcare administration, accounting, or a related field.

Lab Technician

A position as a Lab Tech can be very stimulating, and not all require a degree in a science-related field! A Lab Tech typically does work involving data entry, specimen processing, data collection, sample collection, tool/lab preparation, analysis, and much more. There is an extensive range of types of laboratories that one could work for as a technician, making options diverse.  

Healthcare is an exciting field with many options. There are a plethora of paths one could take of which we have not even scratched the surface. Interested in what healthcare positions JSG is hiring for right now? Check out our open jobs!

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