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What is Recruiting, and Why Should You Consider It?

Here at JSG, we work with a lot of recruiters. We ARE a lot of recruiters. Our physical makeup is 45% recruiter! Anyway, you get the point. WE LOVE RECRUITING! Let’s take a look into what exactly goes into recruiting and why you may want to consider joining us as a recruiter here at JSG.

Newbie Friendly

Recruiting is a great job for someone coming right out of school or looking for a change of pace. We look for people who show motivation and communicate well. Recruiting is a teachable skill that can easily be picked up by someone ambitious. Not only is it rewarding, but it can also be exciting.

Room for Growth

There is plenty of room for growth in the recruiting world. Because recruiting allows for commission on top of your salary, you can control your growth. The more you recruit, the more you earn. This opens opportunities to specialize in recruiting for certain types of jobs. You can identify what positions you succeed in hiring for and hone in on those skills.

Team Dynamic

In recruiting, you are naturally working with a team. You must work alongside the salesperson to review candidates and send them to your client company. Working with your fellow recruiters can help you to refine your recruiting techniques. You can share candidates you come across that may be perfect for their open position. At JSG, we work with each other; we don’t compete against each other. This fosters a great community dynamic that leads to success for all.

Recruiting is an exciting career path that can lead to great success. It allows you to work alongside other ambitious coworkers to achieve your mutual goals. If you are interested in recruiting, check out our open positions here at JSG!

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