engineering options

Engineering: What are your options?

You may be considering a career in engineering or switching what specific field you would like to work in. These careers can range from very hands-on physical tasks to very computer-heavy work. There a plenty of options for you, five of which are outlined below!


Civil Engineers build and maintain our living environment. They work on everything from roads to bridges to buildings. They also construct water and energy systems. In addition to supporting the essential functions of society, they also work to help improve pollution control and recycling/waste disposal.


Electrical Engineers design, test, and maintain the manufacturing of electrical equipment. This could be anything from cell phones to construction equipment. Electrical is a sprawling field, as technology is used nowadays in nearly every aspect of society.


Software Engineers work primarily in programming. In this field, they will analyze the user’s needs and develop software to meet those needs. Software Engineers will ensure the functionality of these programs by fixing and improving the software throughout its use.


Chemical Engineers do work in MANY different areas. They work with everything from food to pollution control to energy solutions. In addition to this, they develop chemicals to improve all aspects of the world around us!


Nuclear Engineers work with nuclear energy and radiation. In addition to designing energy solutions/nuclear reactors, nuclear workers ensure that they are safe, both for workers and the area surrounding the plant.

We have barely scratched the surface of the multitude of engineering fields you can enter. Their work is behind almost every aspect of our lives! If you are looking to change career paths and pursue engineering, check out this article about changing jobs!