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3 Reasons You are Not Hearing Back about Your Application

You have applied to plenty of jobs, but you have yet to hear back from any recruiters. Is there something wrong with your resume? What could you have done wrong? Read below for a few reasons you may not be hearing back about your application.

Bad Resume Formatting/Content

Having a readable resume can be the difference between getting a job and being unemployed. When filling a highly sought-after position, resumes that are difficult to read or understand may be skipped. Always put relevant experience at the top of your resume and add any other experience you deem necessary to still include under an “addition experience” section after it. In each section, put your most recent experience first. Keep things plain and easy to read with a clear font and simple formatting. Check out our previous article about creating an appealing resume.


You may be shooting a little too high for what you are truly qualified to do. Be sure you are applying for jobs that you have met the experience and education requirements for (or have at least come close to). If a job is looking for “{1-2} years of experience in {marketing}” and you have absolutely no experience, chances are that you will not get a call back. If you do not have experience in the field that you are trying to get a job in, it may be beneficial to take some classes or get a certificate in that field. This shows the recruiter that you are serious about pursuing that career and have some fresh experience with the kind of work you would be doing.  

Need for Credibility

Some companies put a lot of weight on references and personal connections. Recruiters want to know that you are a reliable person and employee. Even if it may not be required in the application, it may be helpful to send along a reference from a past employer. It may be beneficial to make a personal connection by phone or email after sending in your resume. Remind them that there is a real person behind that job application!

Job hunting can be exhausting. Don’t let the lack of responses get you down. Use the tips above to send your applications in with confidence and get the job you want!

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