Parsing A Resume in Bullhorn

parsing a resume in Bullhorn

Can you believe it’s already November? I don’t know about you, but it blows my mind that we only have about seven weeks left of 2018! Everyone here at JSG is getting busier by the day as the holidays quickly approach. However, don’t create more work for yourself by forgetting one of the most essential Bullhorn tips: parsing a resume into Bullhorn.

It’s super simple to do, especially when utilizing the Bullhorn for Email function in Outlook. This feature allows you to quickly and efficiently add/update records into Bullhorn directly from your inbox, including attaching resumes to a candidate’s record. Don’t just save dozens of resumes on your desktop or print them out and store them for later. Make your life easier and parse them in Bullhorn. This will streamline the recruiting process and allow you to efficiently store and review candidates for your present and future job orders.

Always run a search in Bullhorn first

Since we are supposed to always add our prospective candidates’ resumes into Bullhorn, the first thing any JSG recruiter should do when working on a job order is to do a search in Bullhorn. Why waste your valuable time doing searches on LinkedIn or CareerBuilder when we have thousands of qualified candidates in Bullhorn?

Additionally, by parsing prospective candidates’ resumes in Bullhorn, you can easily add notes. You can notate important things like the candidate’s availability to relocate or their salary requirements. This way, when you’re looking to fill another job order, you don’t have to waste your time calling a candidate that isn’t even willing to take a job in the salary range or location.

And after speaking with a prospective candidate, you should still add them in Bullhorn even if they aren’t the right fit for the role you’re currently recruiting on. Why? Because they may be a perfect fit for a different role in the future. Or even another JSG recruiter may have a great opportunity for them.

They will get our JSG newsletter

One of the most important reasons for parsing resumes in Bullhorn is to continue to help JSG build our newsletter subscribers. Every candidate in JSG’s Bullhorn database will automatically receive our newsletter each month. And do you know what that means? It means they see all of our latest jobs our recruiters are working on! So, remember, even if they aren’t the right fit for your job now, they may be a great candidate for another role in the future.

How to parse a resume in Bullhorn

If you want a reminder on how to parse a resume, check out this short and helpful video walkthrough from Bullhorn.