Bullhorn Best Practices: Bullhorn for Email

Are you using Bullhorn for Email? You may have noticed the Bullhorn icon in your Outlook desktop app. But what does it do? Well, if you haven’t been using it, the Bullhorn for Email add-in in Outlook is a great feature that allows you to quickly and efficiently add/update records into Bullhorn directly from your inbox. And don’t worry, this cool feature is JSG IT approved!

Using Bullhorn for Email

Using this time-saving feature, you can parse candidates, contacts, and jobs into Bullhorn right from your inbox. It also makes it easy to quickly add notes, tasks, and attach files to existing records in Bullhorn.

For example, if a prospective candidate emails you a resume, you can directly upload it to their pre-existing record in Bullhorn. When viewing the email, all you have to do is press the Bullhorn button within the body of the email to launch the extension. You will type in the name of the contact and then click the resume file under “Email Attachments.” This can be seen in the image below:

Bullhorn Email Attachment

After clicking on the link, you will be taken into Bullhorn where you can complete the necessary steps to update the candidate’s record. From there, you can also easily add a task for that contact to remind yourself of an action to perform at a later date, such as follow up with the contact next week.

Using Bullhorn for email, you can also:

  • Add new candidate records into Bullhorn
  • Makes candidate submissions a breeze (and notates it in Bullhorn!)
  • Add new contact
  • Enter new jobs records
  • Create new notes
  • Attach an attachment to a record (i.e. job offer letter)
  • And so much more!

Bullhorn for Email is designed to make your day easier. You’re making dozens of phone calls each and every day. This extension allows you to save time and make entering data into Bullhorn much more simplistic and efficient.

For questions, please reach out to JSG’s IT Support. If you do not have Bullhorn for Email, you can download the Outlook add-in here.