Spotlight On: Northeast

Introducing JSG Northeast

JSG Northeast (NE) is a team focused on service and results. The team serves the tri-state area with locations in Pittsburgh and Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, and Haddon Heights, New Jersey.

We are a one-stop staffing solution provider for each client’s individual needs from temporary staffing to finding the one unique individual for your executive level positions. Being a private company gives us the autonomy to drive success based on client need. Get a better idea of our process and how we work with our business partners with the best talent on the market.

My team understands how quickly needs can change and how important it is to be flexible during those changes. We approach business from a personalized perspective that includes a single-point-of-contact, on-going communication, and delivering on our promise.” – Ed Zetusky, Sr. Vice President, NE Region

Northeast Client Flexibility

Pharmaceutical Client:

A relationship cultivated over 12 years provides much opportunity to grow together. Named preferred provider in 2010, JSG expanded its footprint from engineering and validation to additional professional positions such as sourcing, HR, marketing, administrative/clerical, and accounting/finance.


Medical Device Company:

Personalized service is the name of the game and growing based on performance is how JSG became a preferred talent supplier and frequently the sole supplier for our medical device client. JSG’s relationship started with serving one location and has grown to six different locations across the U.S. The growth changed our dynamic from a preferred staffing relationship to a managed service provider within one year of inception. Personalized service means building relationships based on trust and stellar execution.


Indirect Spend Outsourcer:

JSG started the discussion with this outsource service client to  support a very large client across 17 states. We designed a solution that exceeded their needs which moved very quickly.  After execution at first site they engaged us for new client implementation across additional areas. This has led us to become their managed service provider beginning in August 2017. The key success is based on our single point-of-contact, transparency and constant communications.


Government Transportation Organization:

Going into the non-private sector means strict adherence to guidelines & requirements. JSG’s flexibility in providing the ultimate service to this organization requires providing diverse skill sets from talent management professionals to graphic design.


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