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How to be Professionally Authentic

It can be difficult to know what approach is appropriate at work these days. Oftentimes, it can depend on where you work. You want to be authentic while remaining professional. “Rules” vary depending on your work relationship with each coworker, but this blog serves as a general guideline for all working relationships. Rules can flex, but it never hurts to err on the safe side!

Be Yourself

There is no need to mask your personality at work—just keep your interactions professional! Tell your funny jokes. Share a story from your weekend. As long as what you are talking about isn’t inappropriate or offensive, feel free to share about your life with your coworkers.

It is especially important to let your personality shine in your interview. Oftentimes, on top of looking for the right skills and experience, companies are looking for the right culture fit. Being yourself will allow them (and you) to correctly assess if you would be a good fit at the company.

Maintain Boundaries

Keep things professional. Work can get serious and intense sometimes! Getting too casual with some coworkers (or even outside vendors) can make it difficult to lay down the law or set expectations when the time comes.

Avoid dumping your trauma on your coworkers. It can be easy to want to share all the details of your life with these people—you spend all day together, five days a week! However, they are your coworkers, not your counselor or your best friend.

Keep Things Real

Be honest—pretending to know what you do not or be something you are not often leads to chaos. When you need help, ask for it. If you aren’t comfortable with how something is being approached, say something! People appreciate authenticity.

Stay true to your convictions and who you are. If a company doesn’t seem like it would be a fit for your authentic self, you may want to pass on that role. Be professional (and yourself) in your interview, and your personality should shine through!

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