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What Makes You Stand Out?

How can you differentiate yourself from other candidates? When you are compared to a bunch of other candidates with the same qualifications, what would make working with you unique? How do you stand out?

What skills were most acknowledged at previous jobs?

Reflect on what you were recognized for in previous roles. Did your boss or coworkers notice qualities that stand out? Think about what has made you successful in the past! Identify a few of these skills and provide examples of how they made you successful in the past.

If you have a good relationship with previous employers or coworkers, you may even request a recommendation letter from them to submit along with your applications.

What is your background?

Think about where you come from. What makes your life experience unique, and how have your life experiences helped you build the skills that you now use professionally? Don’t be afraid to pull from personal experience as evidence for what makes you a good employee.

Have you had a passion for this work since you were young? Did you have a total career change partway through your professional life? Reflect on these experiences and how they make you a better worker now!

What makes your experience unique?

What qualities can you bring to a team that are unique to you? Do you have in-depth experience with a process that few others do? Think about the perspective you can bring to a company that few others have. You may have a distinctive perspective on how to improve workflow from your last role.

Share about your previous experiences, your background, and what makes your perspective different! Companies don’t want one homogenous group of people all thinking the same. Show them what you can bring to the table and how your ideas stand out!

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