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3 Ways to Make Your New Hires Feel Welcomed

For anyone, starting a new job can be intimidating. Companies must make an effort to make their new hires comfortable and welcomed, as well as give them the tools to succeed in their new role!

Make sure they know what to expect.

Before they arrive on their first day, provide them with a general schedule of what is expected of them during their first week with you. It doesn’t have to be detailed, just enough so that they have a general idea of their tasks for the day.


“Monday – Meeting with HR, Safety Training, Set up employee account, Train with Kelly.”

Provide the answers to basic questions BEFORE they have to ask.

New employees may feel a little funny asking about the length of their lunch break or the PTO policy on their first day of work, but information like this is important for them to know! Be sure to provide them with a document or packet that includes information on paid holidays, PTO, break or appointment policies, benefits, and so on. Providing them with something that they can look back on as a reference also saves time in the long run!

If possible and applicable, providing step-by-step instructions of some detailed tasks they are responsible for can help them get more comfortable in their role and allows them to be less reliant on those training them.

Familiarize them with the space.

Give your new employee a solid tour of the facility! Make sure they know where the bathroom is, as well as the break room and the kitchen. Show them where the supplies are and who to contact if there is a problem with anything in the building.

When giving employees a tour, be sure to introduce them to their coworkers. Not only does this help the new employee become better acquainted, but it lets your other employees know that there is a new person to keep an eye on and get to know!

Making an employee comfortable in their first few days on the job is a surefire way to make sure that everyone starts out on the right foot. The employee will feel welcomed, and it will show that you are prepared as an employer.

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