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Use LinkedIn Effectively

3 Ways to Use LinkedIn Effectively

Are you looking for some ways to up your LinkedIn game? We all know the basics—keep your profile up to date, stay professional with your posts, etc. How can you use LinkedIn effectively beyond this?

Access the LinkedIn Blog.

The official LinkedIn Blog is a great place to read up on the latest in quick snippets. On the LinkedIn blog, their contributors give succinct updates on the state of LinkedIn, how you can best use it, and what they are doing in the future.

From their algorithm articles to their feature updates, this is basically your guidebook for killing the game when it comes to effective LinkedIn use! Stay up to date with the LinkedIn blog to keep current on the platform.

Write articles and create a newsletter.

One LinkedIn feature that can often be overlooked is the article/newsletter function. This is a great way to use LinkedIn effectively and share information you may have in one of your areas of expertise without it getting lost among your other posts.

Adding your articles to your newsletter allows others to subscribe and be notified when you post new articles. This creates an easy way for you to compile articles/content you see as valuable for others to revisit.

If you decide to use this feature, be sure to write about something that adds value—don’t write just to write. Find your niche in an area where you can share valuable knowledge with others—you may be surprised by what people want to hear from you!

Make use of LinkedIn Learning.

When you sign up for LinkedIn Learning, your first month is free. Be sure to try it out and take advantage of the free trial. LinkedIn Learning gives you access to over 20,000 online courses. You can access your LinkedIn Learning courses from your computer or mobile device at any time, meaning you can learn on your own schedule.

Companies can even sign up their whole team so they can work on skills together. This can be a great tool to create an environment of continual learning and improvement!

If you are currently working but looking to branch into a new skill or industry, LinkedIn Learning is a great way to gain skills that will set you up well for this transition while you are still working.

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