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5 Things We Are Thankful for in the Staffing Industry

If you couldn’t already tell, we love being a part of the staffing industry. Our passion is helping others find jobs and assisting them in taking the next steps for their career path! Our employees have the privilege of making significant impacts on people’s lives and careers. We want to name a few things that we are thankful for:

The roughly 3 million contract employees working in the staffing industry

We are so happy to be working with some of the 3 million people in contract/temporary work right now! JSG is thankful for all our contractors, from those who started just last week to those who have been with us for years. Talented and motivated people like you are why we are in the staffing industry.

The numerous clients we get to work with, from healthcare to aerospace

JSG has many amazing clients who we really enjoy working with. Since our various locations across the U.S. and Canada have different industry specialties, we get a taste of working in many different realms. Because of this, we get to work with people who come from all types of experience and different backgrounds, clients, and candidates alike.

The 9 out of 10 employees who said temporary staffing made them more employable

These people pointed out exactly what we love about the staffing industry! Working in a contract role can open many opportunities for extended contracts or full-time permanent work. Contract or temporary work allows one to get valuable experience at great companies. Many contractors also use contract work to fill time when they are between more permanent roles. This occupies time that may otherwise be a resume gap.

Our Salespeople and Recruiters 

Our salespeople and recruiters are some of the rockstars of the staffing industry. They are the key connection points between our clients and their potential employees. Our recruiters work hard to find the perfect fit for a job, and our salespeople deliver award-winning solutions to our clients.

Our expert Accounting, HR, and Safety teams

We would not be where we are today without our shared services teams! They ensure that all contractors and employees are paid, supported, and safe throughout their employment. All our teams are happy to support our employees and keep JSG running smoothly to serve our clients well.

JSG would like to wish you and yours a great holiday weekend. Stay thankful!

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