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Recovering from Application Burnout

Applying for new positions can be exhausting. It can feel even more tiresome when waiting to hear back from recruiters. You may feel burnt out or discouraged, but don’t get too down! There is a way to reenergize (and prevent further burnout)!

Identify your stressors.

What are your main stressors? Is it unemployment? Discontentment in your current job? A mixture of issues from your personal life and professional life? Categorizing what is causing your burnout will help you deal with it head-on. Make a list of what is causing your burnout/stress, and come up with a few ways to slowly chip away at each thing. Some stressors aren’t “fixable”—that is ok! Think of ways that you can bring yourself some rest in the midst of the stress. Creating lists and goals makes things more doable—instead of feeling like there are endless things to do, you can work on realistic tasks that help you reach your goals (like editing your resume, working on a cover letter, prepping for an interview).  

Take care of your body.

Pushing your body to the limits while already feeling burned out is only going to make you less productive and fill your brain with fog. Make sure you get enough sleep. Get up and move at some point during the day. Instead of brainstorming at your desk, go for a walk to get your brain and body moving. You can make voice notes on your phone about your best ideas as you walk. This allows your mind to flow freely with thoughts before having to put words down perfectly on paper. Eat well and take deliberate breaks from working on applications. Work hard for an hour, take 20 minutes to eat a snack, spend time in the sun, or read a book.

Actively prioritize.

What is the most important thing for you to get done right now? While it may be easy to distract yourself by endlessly searching for open positions, it is important to prioritize what you want to get accomplished. Will having an updated resume motivate you to finish up applications? Get editing! If you have multiple applications floating around half-done, rank them, start with your top job, and work down from there. Making lists and sticking to goals keeps you from feeling overwhelmed. Once you accomplish what you set out to do for the day, allow yourself to rest! Prioritizing your physical and mental health is key!

Looking for a job is rarely going to feel like a walk in the park. Give yourself some grace, set goals, and don’t lose sight of your health. Keep these tips in mind to make your job search a little easier.

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