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Searching for Remote Work?

Are you looking for a remote position? Need help figuring out how to even start your search? You need to nail down a few things to make for a smooth search. There is plenty of fully remote work available. Read on to learn how to find the right one for you!

Determine your schedule and flexibility.

Do you need to be fully remote? Are you willing to do a bit of traveling for work? Do you need flexibility that allows you to work outside of the standard 9-5? Determine what your remote work needs are before starting your search. Setting these boundaries will enable you to filter through jobs more quickly and set your sights on jobs that work for you!

Search for a remote job online.

The best way to find remote work is to search for the job you are looking for and include the words “remote,” “online,” or “work from home.” Some positions may pop up that do not have “remote” listed as their location, but do not immediately dismiss these! Make sure to read through job descriptions to determine if the job is remote.

It doesn’t hurt to search with the word “hybrid” either! Some positions may be nearly fully remote but listed as hybrid because they require you to meet with your team in person quarterly or monthly. If this is something you are open to, try a few “hybrid” Google searches as well. Often, job search websites allow you to filter jobs by “remote” or “hybrid” – use this feature to your advantage!

If you are flexible on what type of job you could be working and need help determining where to begin your search, check out this list of common (and highly rated) jobs that often have remote options from Monster.com.

Consider new certifications.

You can open more remote work possibilities by taking a class or two or obtaining some basic certifications. Courses in coding or SEO can set you up nicely for working technical and support jobs. Do not overlook certain positions just because you are not qualified! There may be a simple way to gain the necessary certifications and experience.

Remote work is more available than ever! Your next job could be a click away. Check out JSG’s current openings here or learn more about us on our website. Happy hunting!

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