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Real Estate and JSG Protect

JSG has recently launched a new offering to our clients called JSG Protect–a cybersecurity system to protect their company and data! Each week this December 2022, we will highlight a different industry that would benefit from using JSG Protect. This week, we want to focus on real estate!

Why are real estate companies targeted?

Real estate companies hold not only their customers’ and clients’ sensitive information but also their own valuable information on their own listings and even prospective buildings. There is a gold mine of information that cybercriminals are just waiting to get their (virtual) hands on. They know the data real estate companies are holding is sensitive and often pertains to high net worth/high profile individuals. This gives cybercriminals even more incentive to target real estate. 

Another thing that makes cybercrime on real estate so unique is a hacker’s ability to literally control a building. With the dramatic rise in IoT devices and smart homes, hackers can find a way into the internal web of the building and control it remotely. This could mean shutting down HVAC systems, locking doors, etc. This could shut down entire businesses and even pose a danger to employees. 

Cybercriminals will hold all of these factors mentioned over companies’ or individuals’ heads until they get what they demand. 

How can real estate companies protect themselves?

It is pretty safe to say that if you are not prepared, you will suffer from a cybersecurity attack. It is essential to educate your staff about best practices for keeping your company’s data safe. Password policies, data backups, and staff training are all great steps to keeping your company safe, but the key to being worry-free about your cybersecurity is to partner with professionals like those at JSG Protect. At JSG Protect, we have professionals that analyze your systems to ensure the best use and provide 24/7 active monitoring.


If you would like to learn more about our JSG Protect service offerings, visit our

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