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Insurance and JSG Protect

JSG has recently launched a new offering to our clients called JSG Protect–a cybersecurity system to protect their company and data! Each week this December 2022, we will highlight a different industry that would benefit from using JSG Protect. This week, we want to focus on insurance!

Why are insurance companies targeted?

The short answer to this question is—insurance companies are where the money and data are! Insurance companies have sensitive data pertaining to both their current and potential clients. This is a goldmine of information for cybercriminals to hold for ransom. Because the purpose of insurance companies is to pay out clients when they are in need, a cyberattack that brings down the whole system is not an option. Insurance companies cannot lose the trust of their clients, or their market value will plummet. Because of this, when insurance companies are infiltrated, many end up paying the ransom demanded of them in order to avoid service outages. The average cost paid by insurance companies that experience cybersecurity attacks is around $130,000

How can you protect your business?

Sometimes when you are unprepared for a cybersecurity attack, you do not realize it until it is too late. Get protections set up for your company, so you never have to wonder if your data is safe. Educating your staff about best practices for keeping your company’s data safe is essential. Password policies, data backups, and staff training are all great steps to keeping your company safe, but the key to being worry-free about your cybersecurity is to partner with professionals like those at JSG Protect. At JSG Protect, we have professionals that analyze your systems to ensure the best use and provide 24/7 active monitoring.


If you would like to learn more about our JSG Protect service offerings, visit our informational page here.


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