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Why Protect your Law Firm with JSG Protect?

JSG has recently launched a new offering to our clients called JSG Protect–a cybersecurity system to protect their company and data! Each week this December 2022, we will highlight a different industry that would benefit from using JSG Protect. This week, we want to focus on law firms!

Why are law firms targeted?

Law firms can be very vulnerable to cybercrime! Because of all the sensitive information that law firms handle, there is great motivation for cybercriminals to hold ransomware threats over their heads. Law firms not only have their own data to protect, but they also store highly confidential information for clients that they will have to answer to. A cybersecurity breach could be the difference between a successful law firm and one that is quickly run out of business.

With file storage being almost entirely digital at this point, large firms need professionals to track their security measures. According to the PWC “Law Firms” Survey from 2019, an astonishing 100% of the top 10 law firms suffered from at least one phishing attack that year. 24/7 monitoring is needed to ensure that files are kept safe from bad actors. Companies that have employees working remotely, even just part-time, are at a greater risk for attacks because of the plethora of networks employees are working from. A strong security wall needs to be put in place by professionals.

How to protect against attacks

It is pretty safe to say that if you are not prepared, you will suffer from a cybersecurity attack. It is essential to educate your staff about best practices for keeping your company’s data safe. Password policies, data backups, and staff training are all great steps to keeping your company safe, but the key to being worry-free about your cybersecurity is to partner with professionals like those at JSG Protect. At JSG Protect, we have professionals that analyze your systems to ensure the best use and provide 24/7 active monitoring.

If you would like to learn more about our JSG Protect service offerings, visit our informational page here.

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