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5 Entry Level Psychology Jobs

Are you a recent psychology graduate trying to figure out what you can do with your bachelor’s degree? Never fear—JSG is here to help. Check out the five options below to launch your career!

Psychiatric Technician

Psychiatric Technicians work in psychiatric hospitals, residential care homes, or other healthcare facilities. They care for people with mental illnesses or developmental disabilities. Most of their time is spent moving around and on their feet. They assist with the patient’s daily activities, administer medication, and monitor & record their condition. A psychology degree can set you up well to work with people in this way.

Social Service Specialist

A social service specialist executes social services for patients of various backgrounds and needs. These people can be children, families, veterans, people with mental illnesses, the elderly, homeless populations, and many others. Social Service Specialists work to provide support and care plans for these people by working with psychologists/psychiatrists, running safety checks, and continuing communication with their patients. Their goal is to help their patients function well in their daily lives.

Human Resources

The purpose of a Human Resources worker is to keep a business running smoothly based on the company’s policies and systems. HR can work in areas anywhere from hiring to benefits. They keep track of employee records, legal information, and employee benefits. HR also handles conflicts in office and assists employees with their questions and concerns.

Rehabilitation Specialist

A Rehabilitation Specialist helps those with mental or physical disabilities to adjust to daily independent living. This could be someone with an injury, a physical illness, mental illness, or substance abuse struggles. A Rehab Specialist assists their patient with finding jobs that would be healthy for them to work, educates them about how their condition can impact them and how to function with it daily, and supports them in working toward a healthier life.

Case Manager

In basic terms, Case Managers help facilitate care to meet an individual’s specific needs. Many Case Managers right out of college work in the foster care or adoption system. Case Managers often do home visits and help to coordinate meetings and appointments for their patients based on their assessment of what they need.

The positions above are just scratching the surface. There is a plethora of jobs you can get with a psychology degree. Go out and share your skills with the world around you!

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