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hiring for growth

Hiring for Growth

When looking to grow your company, hiring the right people for the right positions can be the difference between success and, well. . .not success. Make sure you are hiring to create the culture and growth you envision. Growth is only a few steps (and employees) away!

Hire for Culture

Look for people that will help push your company culture in the right direction. You can be honest that you are looking for a culture fit. If some skills are not necessary but can be acquired, you may want to compromise on someone having them right out of the gate. It is better to hire someone who brings the right energy to your company with a few skills to be learned rather than an expert who is not helping cultural growth in the right direction.

Hire at Growth Points

Hire the right people for the right positions. Do you see a need for a new department? Hire for one! Want to expand your offices to another state? Interview there! It is easy to want to keep things in the safety of your controlled office, but you cannot grow unless you take some leaps of faith. Trust that your new hire can help plant a presence in that new state while you have regular check-ins with them. Trust that the hire for the new department can run the show with a bit of help/support from the established departments. Stay flexible and be willing to shift expectations and timelines.

Attract the Right People

Writing job descriptions and advertising those positions properly is key to attracting the right people to join your team. Your descriptions should draw people in. Make sure to include the daily tasks of the position and your expectations for the employee as a part of your company. If they will be an integral part of your company’s growth and have the license to make decisions for their role, let them know! Freedom to assist in development is exciting, and more people will likely jump at the opportunity to participate.

Hiring the right people is vital to your company’s growth and prosperity. Reel in those excellent candidates!

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