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committing to your employees

Committing to Your Employees

What does it mean to commit to your employees? To create a company culture in which employees thrive, a company needs to commit to treating their employees well and working together to meet their needs. Happy employees are more productive.

Work with their needs

Check in with your employees and learn about their needs. Would they benefit from a hybrid schedule? Do they feel more productive when starting work earlier/later? What kind of benefits keep them motivated? Catering to employees’ needs (within reason) leads to a happier and more productive workplace. Employees know where and how they work best and what makes them work hard! Tune into that and find reasonable ways to supply them with what they need.

Be flexible

No one benefits when either party is rigid. Before rejecting ideas from employees you may initially see as outlandish, consider what inspired them to suggest the idea. You may need to read between the lines a little bit to understand the reasoning behind employees’ needs. Every person is different. They have various stressors, different mental states, and individual family situations. This should be considered when evaluating requests and determining how to support individual employees’ needs.

Evaluate often

Reflecting inward on your company’s approach to your employees is a practice that should happen frequently. There is no shame in having a sort of “trial run” with some changes (those that can easily be temporary). See what changes produce happier employees and quality work. Work environments and expectations are constantly changing with the world. It is essential to reflect and adapt to the changing times to compete with the companies around you and keep your employees happy.

Committing to employees leads to employee retention. Your employees will notice when you have made efforts to improve their working experience. Invest in your people!

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