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Big Career Move

Moving Up in Your Career

Sometimes, it is easy to feel stuck in your current role in your career. For a while, it may just be comfortable. However, if you want to progress in your career, you will need to push yourself a little and put in the work, possibly making some changes.

Face Time

Be sure to get face time with the people who are in charge! These may be people at the company you already work for, or they may just be others in your field you respect. Connect with people you can learn from, and do not hesitate to ask them for advice. Find out what they did to get to the position they are in now. Check out this recent article about networking!

Changing Jobs

You may be at a point in your current position where there is really no way to move up at your company. This requires you to push yourself a little and start looking for another job with growth opportunities. It may be necessary to do some networking to figure out which companies in your field foster growth within their company.

Continuing Education

Depending on your career path, it could be necessary to go back to school or enroll in more training in order to move higher in your field. Not only does this prepare you with more knowledge for the potential jobs ahead of you, but it shows your dedication to your career. Some companies will even help pay for you to enroll in programs at local schools while you work for them.

Although staying in your current role can be comfortable, moving up usually requires you to push yourself out of your comfort zone. This could mean putting yourself out there and networking, taking the risk to change jobs, or taking the time to get a new certification or degree.

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