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Staying Safe at JSG

Here at JSG, safety is of the utmost importance to us. Because of this, our Safety Team (led by Amanda Walton) is constantly seeking ways to keep our employees safe and learn how to best support them if an accident happens on the job. Read on to hear about what our safety team has been up to recently.

Best Practices Training

Over the past month, Safety has attended some events to stay updated on the latest safe work practices. At the end of April, the entire Safety Team attended the Illinois Chamber of Conference training class for Best Practices for Post-Accident Procedures from a Legal Perspective at the Connor Gallagher office. This training covered how to best investigate claims and support workers through legal documentation and communication. The Safety Team will continue to use their processes to maintain a safe and productive work environment for all JSG employees.

Occupational Safety and Health Training

The entire Safety Team also completed the worker occupational safety and health specialist training with the Berkley Labor Occupational Health Program. This four-part training highlighted promoting effective safety programs, as well as identifying and controlling workplace hazards. The program also focused on health & safety rights and responsibilities and workers’ compensation/OSHA.

JSG cares about health and safety!

Safety Team
Safety Team at Illinois Chamber of Conference training

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