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Selling Yourself without Sounding Prideful

Selling Yourself without Sounding Prideful

Are you scared of sounding pridefully unaware in an interview? There are a few ways to communicate how great a worker you are while still sounding humble.


Instead of saying something like, “I am great at recruiting,” give quantities. Quantities = credibility. Saying something like, “At my previous job, I helped place over {number} of candidates throughout the year.” By giving statistics of your work, you are simply stating facts, not making judgments about the quality of work you do. Providing numbers can signal to the interviewer that you are talented at your job, without them having to rely on a subjective judgment.


Give credit to those you worked with if people helped you with certain achievements. If you worked on a team to reach a goal, mention them. If you talk about the skills you have acquired or grown, note those who helped you grow or learn. This shows humility and awareness of the importance of working with and learning from others.


If previous employers have said some encouraging words about your work that stuck with you, mention them to your interviewer. Once again, this gives your words more credibility without the interviewer blindly trusting your judgment about yourself. You could say something like, “My previous boss encouraged me to sell more because he thought I had a good rapport with clients, so I pushed myself and doubled my sales in 3 months.” Slip in a few bits of praise from previous employers if you can, even if it may not come very naturally.

Companies love employees who do great work while knowing where they need help. Show them your strengths while also practicing self-awareness!

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