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Keeping your Company Up to Date

Keeping your Company Up to Date

Candidates are attracted to companies that are keeping up with the times. Staying up to date is key to both employee retention and attracting new candidates. Read on for tips on updating your company without losing your original values and goals.

Company Culture

Work culture has changed drastically over the past decade. Work-life balance has become a significant priority among many in the workforce, as well as company leaders. While some companies still push their employees to work themselves to the bone, the culture has pushed back, demanding balance. Make sure to check your company and see if you allow for work-life balance in your employees’ lives. Ensure that your company supports the people that keep you running!

Company Branding

Clearly define who you are and what your company stands for. Your company has a personality—make it known! Many things can be shown through the company’s image, whether this is your logo, website design, or social media presence. Your logo and even your company colors should be appealing and up to date. Candidates looking for jobs on websites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter are more likely to apply to a company with an attractive logo. It subconsciously signals to the candidate that your company is aware of changing trends and keeping up with the industry.

Company Benefits

Keep up with the times when it comes to benefits. Many companies are offering Work from Home or hybrid schedules. If you can run your company partially remotely, consider allowing your employees to work from home at least part of the week. Check out what other companies in your industry are offering for PTO and other benefits. Candidates gravitate toward companies that support their well-being and time off.

You can draw great candidates in by simply updating your company and presenting yourself with transparency. Find out what candidates are looking for and provide it for them!

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