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How To Navigate A Lengthy Job Application Process

How To Navigate A Lengthy Job Application Process

There’s nothing worse than uploading your resume during a job application, only to be met with a request to fill out all of the same details that were included on your resume. We know it’s frustrating! However, there are a few things you can do to make the process a bit less arduous. We’re diving into the reasons why some job applications are so complicated and how you can make it a bit easier for you.

Copy And Paste From Your Resume

While it is annoying, having to fill out the job application is practically inevitable. Having to fill out hundreds of separate boxes is a recipe for spelling errors. To avoid making any mistakes or typing inconsistencies, simply copy and paste from your resume! This will ensure everything is correct and in line with the information you have on your resume.

Save Your Answers To Any Additional Questions

Often, job application forms will include additional questions such as “Detail your experience with XYZ,” or “Provide any additional reasons why we should hire you.” Just in case you come across these questions again, it’s helpful to have an answer ready to go! As a bonus, if you save them in a Word document, you’ll get the added benefit of a spelling and grammar check.

Skip A Traditional Job Application Process Altogether

That’s right; it IS possible to skip the full job application process altogether! When you partner with a recruiting firm to find your next position, they champion you straight to the hiring manager. You will still need to complete a customized resume, but you can skip filling out never-ending forms. Contact us today if you’re ready to launch your career to the next level!

We understand it’s frustrating to have to deal with a lengthy job application process. However, sometimes they are necessary to help sort through thousands of resumes! Change your thinking to this being an opportunity to show your strengths and stand out from the competition.

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