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Virtual Internship

How to Make Your Virtual Internship A Success

Starting a new internship is an exciting opportunity for many students to gain invaluable experiences and boost their post-graduate job prospects. However, virtual internships are becoming the new norm as students tackle this upcoming semester from the safety of their homes. An internship gives you a chance to gain some real-world experience in an industry that attracts your attention. Now, this experience may be different from your parents’ house or an apartment, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to make a strong impression in hopes of securing a job offer upon graduation. Here is how to make your virtual internship a success.

Connect with your new colleagues

Besides gaining work experience and putting your education to the test, one of the most important aspects of an internship is building your professional network. Establishing connections with your colleagues can have a lasting impact on your career and help take your job prospects to new heights. However, building these relationships can be more challenging with a virtual internship. As a result, you have to be more proactive about reaching out to people with your new employer.

Start reaching out to your new colleagues and introducing yourself. Send them a brief email giving them a quick background on you and your responsibilities in your virtual internship. Additionally, connect with your co-workers on LinkedIn. Pro tip: don’t just add them as a connection; send them a personalized InMail introducing yourself and express your excitement to work with that person. Building these connections early on will help make your virtual internship a success from the get-go.

Always ask for clarification

When working on an assignment or a project, it’s natural to have questions or be unsure about something. Never just assume what you should be doing. It’s much easier to ask for clarification when you get the assignment than to only assume something and finish it incorrectly. You want to put your best foot forward and complete your tasks correctly and on time. So, ask questions whenever necessary to ensure you are producing your best work! The end result will be better for everyone.

Don’t miss a deadline

It’s crucial to be conscious of all your deadlines. When assigned a task, ask for a due date if you do not receive one. Some companies will use scheduling software or calendar reminders to map out due dates. At other companies, you may have to be more self-reliant about your due dates. Get a calendar or a whiteboard and keep track of all your current tasks and due dates. This process will help you ensure that you are never late turning in a project or missing a deadline completely. In an office environment, you have more direct supervision with your deadlines. With a virtual internship, you have more independence, and thus, need to keep a closer eye on your calendar!

Are you looking to secure a virtual internship?

Are you looking to secure a virtual internship during the pandemic? It can be a little challenging to find one in today’s climate successfully. Lucky for you, we have collected a few tips to help you gain a virtual internship and receive valuable experience from home!

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