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How to Secure A Virtual Internship This Fall

It is hard to believe that universities across the country are already welcoming their students back. Some are returning to campus while most students are taking on their Fall 2020 semester or quarter from their homes’ safety. The pandemic has impacted more than the college experience and classroom setting – it has totally changed the landscape for students looking for internships. With more companies embracing remote work, students will likely have to look for an internship opportunity that they can obtain from home. If you are stuck in this boat, here are some helpful tips to secure a virtual internship this fall.

Don’t forget about your school’s career center

Even if you are starting this semester from home, your school’s career center is still available. Obviously, you may not be able just to walk in and ask for help from a career coach. Most universities are pivoting to offer the same experience and resources remotely. Visit your career center’s webpage on the university or colleges’ website and take advantage of the resources available to you.

These coaches can help you craft the perfect resume, assist with interview prep, and even help you secure virtual internships. Many local companies or organizations with strong alumni ties frequently post internship opportunities on your school’s student job board. So, just because you are tackling this semester from home, your school is still offering professional career advice and sharing job opportunities.

Partner with local businesses or non-profits

If you are struggling to find a more traditional virtual internship, you can partner with a local business or non-profit. There are thousands of local businesses and non-profits struggling right not due to our current economic climate that would love a helping hand. Make a list of potential organizations you think you can impact and offer your talents. Whether you are a proficient writer, social media enthusiast, or web developer, reach out and see if they need assistance. Consequently, there are dozens of ways you can impact a local organization with your talents from your home. Plus, you will be working with a real organization and be making a positive impact. So, it’s a win-win situation for everyone and a fantastic resume booster for you.

Tap into your school’s alumni network

Almost every university has a strong alumni network or program that you can tap into for virtual internship opportunities. LinkedIn or Facebook Groups are frequently a popular home for these networks. Reach out to alumni from your school and start networking. You might be surprised by how many beneficial connections you can build and job opportunities you can discover. Connect with specific alumnus within industries that interest you. Moreover, you can post in these groups and express your interest in virtually helping an organization. Utilizing your alumni network is an excellent way to secure a virtual internship and possibly even a job offer in the future!

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