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3 Strategies To Hire Top Candidates

3 Strategies To Hire Top Candidates

As we head into 2020, competition for top candidates is predicted to be more competitive than ever. Which is why you’ll need to bring your A-game to hire the talent you need to take your company to the next level. Here are three things you will need to do in order to compete in this extremely competitive hiring market.

Don’t Wait For Applications To Come To You

With an average job gain of 161,000 throughout 2019, today’s candidates have plenty of options. Additionally, employers are offering more benefits, higher salaries, and greater work-life balance to retain the employees they currently have. With all of the options on the table for people today, perfect resumes probably won’t come across your desk. This perfect storm means that you will have to actively hire qualified candidates. Task your recruiting department with looking for the talent you need and reaching out to them regarding your opportunity.

Partner With A Recruiter

As you know, internal HR and recruiting teams are extremely busy. They are often juggling dozens of open positions, each of which are of the utmost priority. To avoid the high cost of vacancy, and secure the talent you need, it is worth your investment to partner with a third-party recruiter (like JSG!). For a nominal cost, we prioritize your critical positions, actively recruit qualified candidates, and coordinate all of the hiring process details. Want to learn more about our recruiting services? Head here!

Make A Strong Offer

Once you have discovered the perfect candidate, put them through your streamlined hiring process, and be prepared to make an offer; make sure you come in as strong as possible. Candidates are often juggling multiple offers at once in this market, so it’s important that you make your best offer upfront. Be transparent about salary and benefits from the start. Additionally, be prepared for the candidate to come back with negotiations. If they have competing offers, you may need to match.

Ultimately, know that you don’t have to fight for your spot in this market alone! JSG can help you find and hire the talent you need to fill critical roles and achieve your immediate growth goal.

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