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thank you note

Sealing the Deal with a Thank-You Note

thank you note

So, you have just returned from a job interview, and you feel it went exceptionally well. Time to sit back and wait for someone to call with an offer, right? Wrong, your job isn’t quite done yet! You need to take advantage of this opportunity to further their belief that you are the best fit for this position or company. How can you do this post-interview though? A simple thank-you note can work wonders when it comes to creating a lasting impression. Don’t believe us? One in five interviewers completely dismiss candidates that don’t send a thank-you note or email. So, when you craft yours, make sure it encompasses the following:

Highlight Yourself

This does not mean you should pen a note bluntly stating, “I am the best.” A thank-you note is not another chance to pitch yourself. Instead, it’s a subtle opportunity to reiterate what you learned during the interview process and how you will make an impact in this role. Convey gratitude for the interviewer’s time and make a meaningful connection between yourself and the company.

It’s Timely

While sending a thank-you note is important, timing is key. The whole purpose of this note is to reinforce the idea that you are the best person this company could hire. However, chances are, you are one of many individuals vying for this job. To avoid becoming lost amongst a crowded pool of candidates, send a thank-you note an hour or two following your interview. Why so soon? Because following most interviews, everyone who was present often discusses you and your interview. That thank-you note elevates this conversation, reiterates why you are the best choice, and displays promptness.

Showoff those Soft Skills

There’s no doubt that hiring managers care about your hard skills. Often, they are what gets you from the resume stage into an actual interview. However, soft skills are not to be overlooked! While an employer could teach you things like how to use their CRM software, certain personality traits like critical thinking are challenging to learn. Employers look for hard workers; candidates who fit their company culture and provide value to a team. Your thank-you note is just another opportunity to showcase your soft skills and prove you will be a positive addition to their team!

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