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IT Insight: DocuSign, Firewall, and Indeed


Our dedicated IT department has a few announcements they would like to make. Here’s what’s who need to know.


Johnson Service Group is currently in the process of transitioning to DocuSign. DocuSign provides electronic signature technology and digital transaction management services for facilitating electronic exchanges of signed documents. For more questions, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Firewall Upgrades

The IT department is currently working on upgrading our firewalls. The new enhanced security will allow us greater protection of network traffic, and the ability to prevent suspicious attacks. The tool also alerts us of any suspicious activities from your individual computer.

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to call the IT Service Desk at 630.590.6545

Indeed and Bullhorn

The IT department would like to send out a friendly reminder of our new Indeed job posting procedures.

Our organic feed (free feed) to Indeed has been terminated by Indeed. We have since signed up with Indeed for their job sponsorship program. This program prioritizes our jobs to be listed in Indeed’s search results. In order to get your jobs to publish to Indeed, you need to enter the department tag at the bottom of your job description before clicking the “publish” button in Bullhorn.

Here’s how to tag your jobs for Indeed.

WHO publishes:

JSG employees who have access to the “Publish” button in Bullhorn.

WHAT is a tag:

A tag is a unique identifier within your job description (eg: #D100 or #D200 or #D999). You should enter #DNNN at the end of your job description to publish your job on Indeed. Your tag and cost per click are attached to this tag and each tag is unique to your department.

WHY tag:

By tagging the job with your correct department tag, the job will automatically be published to Indeed when you press “Publish” in Bullhorn.

HOW it works:

The unique identifier is #DNNN (NNN is the Dept number with no space). A unique identifier must be a set of characters not found anywhere else on our job record. Insert the unique identifier text into your job description to “tag” your job to publish it on Indeed. Remove the unique identifier when you no longer want to publish that job on Indeed.

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