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How to Promote Your Jobs on LinkedIn

When it comes to selling to a company or recruiting for job orders, LinkedIn is a tool that can exponentially expand your reach to prospective clients and candidates.  When promoting and posting your specific jobs on LinkedIn, here are some best practices to help expand your reach.

Step 1: Find a Picture or Video

When you include a picture or video in your job posting, it adds something that catches people’s eyes and keeps them interested. On LinkedIn, it helps your ability to reach more people. When you add a picture on any post, your post is 12x more likely to be seen. And if you add a video, 5x more people will interact with it over any other LinkedIn post. This is essential when sharing a job because whenever someone likes, comments, and shares your post, it also is shared with their networks. Which then becomes this domino effect of how many people could possibly see your post.

Step 2: Write a Short & Sweet Post

The next thing you want to do is provide a short and concise description of the job in your post. You want to add the job title, location, and maybe one or two things they need to have to be a qualified candidate. You also want to make sure to put in your contact information, as well as the link to your specific job posting. This way they can contact you if they have questions or can head straight to the link to apply. Below are a few examples of great job postings on LinkedIn!


Step  3: The Marketing Team is Here to Help

If you need help with finding a picture, would like a job skin, want to have us make you a video, need some ideas on what to say, we are always here to help! Our job is to make your lives easier and help you find great candidates and clients. So please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need anything. Also, if you’re wanting to use pictures for your jobs, make sure to use royalty free ones. Below are approved sites you can take pictures from and not have to worry about stealing someone else’s work!

StockSnap: https://stocksnap.io/

Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/

Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/

Step 4: Share your Post

And the last thing to do is share your post. Once shared on your page, it will start to gain traction. Remember, we’re a team. The more we support our co-workers’ jobs as well as our own, the more people learn and know about Johnson Service Group. And before you know it, people will start to reach out to you, both clients and candidates, to see if they have an opportunity to partner with you.

We hope this helped you when it comes to how and what you should post when you’re posting a job on LinkedIn. It doesn’t need to be difficult. And with these tips, we hope they make marketing and candidates about your jobs more exciting and fun. LinkedIn is a great platform and if used to its potential, it could really help you find the people you are wanting to find.

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