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Santa brings you a new job

Read This if You’re Hoping Santa Brings You a New Job This Christmas

Santa brings you a new job

During the holidays, it’s easy to reminisce on the things you have and are wanting in life. It’s a time of happiness and joy for loved ones and time spent together. But it also exasperates things in your life that are not where you’d like them to be… Especially, if you’re unhappy with your career. So, instead of hoping Santa brings you a new job this Christmas, here’s how you can do it for yourself!

Update Resume

If Santa brings you a new job this Christmas without updating your resume, I’d be surprised (and you’d have to send your secret)! Resumes are your first impression; the first chance you have to make a company say, “hey, this looks like a great person for our role!” And, if you don’t make that impression, you will most likely not get an interview.

So, firsts things first, ensure you keep your resume updated as much as you can. This way, when you decide your ready for a change or a job of a lifetime falls in your lap, you’re not 10 years behind on your skills and experience. Because let’s be honest, trying to remember all of that is difficult.

The next thing you want to do is make sure you personalize your resume for the jobs you’re applying to. Yes, this is more work, but in the long run, it will help get your resume on the desks that matter and in turn, leave you with multiple offers to choose from! Now that doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Have a Reference list

You never know when an employer is going to want to ask for a reference list. (You obviously do not have to worry about this if Santa brings you a new job!) But if he doesn’t, they could ask for them after you’re offered the job or before your first interview. Which mean making sure you’re prepared with one is essential. If you’re currently working and afraid to put your current boss on there, ask a friend at the company to vouch for you or just use passed references. But, always make sure to check in and ask if it is still okay for you to add them to your list. This way, they are prepared, and well, haven’t forgotten about you!

Apply to jobs you want

Now, if you’re applying to a new position, it’s probably because you’re looking for a variety of things. And some of those things could include more passion for your work; more work-life balance; better pay and so on. So why settle for something less than what you’re wanting? Don’t apply to positions that don’t speak to you. Or, at least meet your criteria and are not like the position you’re wanting to leave.

Today’s job market is too hot to not be applying to jobs you will love. Trust me!

Use Recruiters

If you’re looking for more help, use recruiters. Here at Johnson Service Group, we specialize in almost every major career field out there. So, whether you love contract work or are looking for a permanent position, our recruiters can help you find your next big move. A move that will not only feel like the best present you could get but one that sets you up for success through the whole job search process!

Now, if you’re hoping Santa brings you a new job this Christmas, that may not fit in his sleigh… But some say this time of year is the best time to be looking. Not only is it because Santa could bring you some luck, but most companies have big hiring needs starting in the new year. And if you’re ready to make a move, you will be picked up in a hurry. Especially, in today’s job market.

We here at Johnson Service Group wish you the very best Christmas and Holiday season! And don’t forget us if you ever need help finding the perfect position for you.

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