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job market

Hiring Trends Employers are Struggling with in Today’s Job Market

job market

With the Labor Department reporting that there were over 7 million job openings in the month of August 2018. And with the unemployment rate remaining at 3.7 percent in October 2018, it shows that the market isn’t slowing down! Currently, the nation has more than one job opening for every unemployed person. This means companies need help filling their critical roles as soon as possible, in hopes of grabbing the most skilled and experienced candidates before their competitors do.

With the job market on fire, it’s a great time to be a candidate. But when it comes to employers… It’s hard enough task to find candidates with the right skills, but it’s even more challenging to be able to get them to take the job once offered. Hiring managers are becoming over-worked and stressed as they struggle to fill their critical roles. But thankfully, there are things employers can do to find those candidates and get them to actually show up on their first day of work.

Need Help in this Tight Job Market? You’re Not Alone!

As an employer, you’re probably feeling the pain from this candidate-driven market. With more jobs available than unemployed workers, it makes it hard to find the right candidates for your open positions. But that’s not the only thing you have to worry about anymore! There a growing number of excuses for why your candidates are ghosting you. Candidates are no longer able to relocate or they received another job offer, and of course, there’s the dreaded accepted the job offer but don’t show up for the first day of work.

If this makes your head spin, you’re not the only one. In fact, 60 percent of employers across industries are experiencing longer fill times for vacant positions due to the tight hiring environment. And what makes things worse is almost (23 percent) of employers have seen delays in filled positions up to three weeks or longer!

This is a struggle for all hiring managers currently because 55 percent of candidates give up and move on to other opportunities after just two weeks of not hearing back from a company. Which means moving quickly is important but with how busy everyone is, it’s almost impossible to be able to move this quickly, without help.

JSG Will Be The Difference

This job market for most companies is too crazy to deal with alone. But that’s what we here at Johnson Service Group do best. We have talented and skilled recruiters who are ready to help your company find the perfect candidates as quickly as possible. We have a proven track record that will help you streamline your hiring process and get you the right candidates when your team needs them. If you’re ready to partner with a firm that will put your needs first, reach out to us today.


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