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On Your Job Search Never Settle for These 7 Things

Job Search

When it comes to a new job search it’s exciting and new! But there are a few things you should never settle for on your job search. And most of them include how you, and your skills, mesh with a company who is interested in you.

Non-compatible culture fit

You don’t realize how important culture fit is to a successful career with a company. How they treat their employees and how the culture is can make you stay forever or want to run away as quickly as you can. So, before you get too excited about your job search and finding a good job, make sure you like the companies work culture. Because that can make or break your love for a new position.

Different values

Some companies are very vocal about their opinions or involve themselves in a lot of community outreach. This can be an amazing thing if you love what they are doing, but it can also point out your different values. And if they have different values than you, working for them will most likely not make you happy or feel fulfilled.

Unfair pay

You should never lowball yourself or your skills. You are talented, hard-working, and in a job market that favors candidates. Never settle for a pay that is less than you deserve just because you want the job.

Companies are always going to try and get great people for the least amount of money possible, that’s just how business works. So, don’t think that you can’t negotiate and that it’s the end of the discussion when they give you the first offer. Taking a position with unfair pay will only cause you to resent your job and the company.

Bad/overpriced benefits

Sometimes we pass over this very important part of accepting a new position. Benefits are a HUGE bonus when it comes to accepting a new job and they are something you can always negotiate. If you’re wanting to have kids, have a family, have health problems, or anything else that will require good benefits, it’s necessary that you make them a priority before accepting an offer.

Negotiating benefits will not only help you, but it will also make you feel more excited for a new job.

Uncomfortable interview

This is a tell-tale sign that multiple things are wrong. Maybe it’s because some people are uncomfortable with other people who are interviewing you. And this right here should be enough for you to run far away! But sometimes it’s just a gut feeling. Trust your gut!

Concerns about leadership

If you have any worries about who may be your manager, or they are even unsure, this should be a sign to you that they may have leadership problems. And when you’re on a new job search, you’re probably hoping that things are going to be easier, not more complicated. You also know though that employees leave because of bad management and leadership and you shouldn’t want to jump into a scenario like that.

Bad employer reviews

When you’re researching the company, let’s say on Glassdoor, and you notice way more bad reviews than good, you probably should question it a bit. Of course, there will be employees who had a terrible experience. But if it’s almost every employee… Then that’s a huge red flag! If a company has terrible reviews from it’s current and old employees… There is obviously something wrong.

Doing your best to not settle on any of these things is important because you don’t want to sell yourself short. And you also probably don’t want to keep having to look for new jobs because you settle on one of these reasons and it comes back to bite you. So make sure you do your research, and don’t say yes to anything that is less than what you’re wanting.

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