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6 Steps to Help You Obtain a Successful Job Search

job search

When you’re on the job search again, it can be overwhelming. Especially, if you’re still working. But knowing what you need to do and what steps to take help you find the job you’ve been searching for is needed as well as reassuring. Here are six steps to make your job search more efficient and help you find a job that will truly make you happy.

Tailor your resume/cover letter

One thing you have to do with every new job you apply for is to obviously ensure your resume is up to date! However, you must tailor each resume and cover letter to the company and position you’re applying for. This way you help make your resume stand out, get past the Application Tracking System, and most importantly, get on the HR or Hiring managers’ desks.

When tailoring your resume and cover letter, you want to use keywords, experiences, and skills that specifically pertain to the position. If you’ve been out of school for a while, jobs that you had in college probably don’t need to be taking up space on your resume. So, make sure you put yourself in the best light you can by adding the most relevant experieinces on your resume.

Make sure you have good references

This may seem like a thing you wait to do until asked after an interview but having a handful of people you can add to your job application will be beneficial as you progress in the interview process. References can solidify your chances of getting the job, but if you fail to have solid references lined up, it can tremendously hurt your shot of nailing an interview.

Start your job search

Now it’s the fun part! Searching for your next dream job! This is overwhelming but there are tons of way you can make it easier. Make sure to use job boards and apply for jobs you have experience for. Even if there is a job you think would be fun, if you don’t have the skills applying will just be wasting your time. Which you do not want to do in this job market.

Narrow down your search

The next step during your search is to narrow it down! Using keywords and search terms specific to what you want will help you nail down your next job. This technique is essential because there may be various fields you have experience in, and sometimes, it’s just impossible to look at all of those jobs at once. So, narrowing it down and allowing yourself the opportunity to see if you like one category and field over the others will help keep your job search short.

Use LinkedIn

This is a must! LinkedIn is such a great tool to help you on your job search. You can find jobs on LinkedIn. You can use it to research companies you’re applying for. Market yourself as a talented top candidate that companies should be looking at.

It gives you a step up from other people who aren’t using it to their advantage. Networking can mean everything, especially when it comes to finding or someone knowing you and recommending you for an open position in their company.

Look to recruiters for help with jobs

Recruiters are a great resource to use when you’re looking for a job. They are out there working with companies who are wanting to hire candidates, just like you! Some recruiters work in certain fields, like Johnson Service Group, and others work with varying careers. This gives you an opportunity to find a firm that best aligns with you and your needs. Especially when it comes to helping you on your job search.

These six steps will help you decrease the time spent on your job search as well as significantly increase your chances of finding a job you love! And thankfully, it won’t be a forced decision. Looking for a new job can be frightening but in today’s candidate-driven market, you’ll be surprised with how many great opportunities may be thrown your way!

If you’re looking for a new career opportunity, check out our job board. We have hundreds of open positions and we want to work with you to help you find your dream job.

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