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3 ways to show your gratitude at work this new year

Three Ways to Show Your Gratitude at Work This Year

3 ways to show your gratitude at work this new year

Somehow the holidays have already come and gone, and we’re a week into 2018. While many of us have made resolutions already, there should be one more you should try to add: gratitude.

Gratitude in the workplace is not as common as most may think, and that goes for all parties involved. However, that can be changed in just three easy ways, no matter who you’re showing gratitude towards!

Gift Cards

Think about the last time you received a gift card to a place you really liked. Wasn’t it the best feeling? Thinking “Wow! This person really knows me!” As we move into a more technological world, the power of a gift card has been vastly overlooked. Just imagine that great feeling, but at work.

In the New Year, make it a habit of getting to know your coworkers, boss, or employees even more – then buy them a gift card to show your gratitude! $5 to the local coffee shop or their favorite fast food joint. Any surprise is a good surprise. Ask them if they prefer this or that, then go spend a few dollars on them! Not only will this earn you some extra brownie points, but it will show them how grateful you are for all of the work they do.


Picture yourself walking into the breakroom and seeing freshly baked cookies or a nice fruit platter. Not only are you happy about free food, but you feel appreciated that someone went through the trouble to bring that to the office. Why not do that for everyone else?

Break out the recipe book or call your mom. See what the best cookie recipe is and bring the results into the office. Write out a little thank you note or an inspirational quote, and let the people you work with know that you care about them and their hard work. Who knows? You may find the new, perfect recipe for your next family potluck! And if you need some inspiration, here are some of our favorite recipes.

Thank you cards

This may seem way too simple but trust me when I say it is just as, if not more, effective than the first two ways to show your gratitude. Just think about the last time you received a hand-written card. Maybe it was last month or maybe it was last year, but didn’t it feel great that someone took the time to write everything out to you?

Harness that feeling and duplicate it in the workplace. Go buy a cheap pack of stationary and take some time out of your day to say something nice about everyone. Thank them for a specific thing they do and they’ll feel extremely appreciated.

These are just three of my favorite ways to show gratitude in the workplace. They aren’t too difficult to complete and it won’t cost you that much to carry out, especially if you spread them out throughout the year. Remember: A little bit goes a long way!

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